If You’ve Never Blogged Before

I’m glad you showed up here to check it out! The usual blog is opinion based but the blogosphere (blog world) is chock full of aspiring journalists and writers cutting their teeth or proving their prowess. This blog is an unofficial Town Hall meeting where everyone (the whole community) gets to pose their opinions, questions and answers about what is going on in Blissfield Michigan.

Together the community should be deciding what our issues are and how to attack them. I have written a few articles about what I have learned and have shared them with you. You can choose to comment (or maybe just plain school me) about the article I’ve written, or reply to other comments by selecting the “reply” link under each comment. Go nuts! Love to hear from you.

The link to “Leave a comment” is located at the very bottom right of the post, if the post is on the first page you land on. The posts are listed in the right hand side bar as links to access previous posts. Older posts can be found using the month links, or category drop down menu.

To prevent your real name being published (recommended) with your comment, just put an alias like “truthquest” or “Concerned Citizen” (as an example), where it asks for your name. The email has to be an authentic email address owned by you but will not be published with your comment. I am the only person that will see your email address, if you think I might know who you are by the address you supply…get an anonymous email account like teddybear@yahoo or whatever.com.

Compose your comment, check for spelling errors and click submit. If you would like to receive updates to new comments check the little box beneath your reply before you click submit. This function is automatic with the wordpress system, something I don’t get to see but adds convenience for the user. Of course if you used a bogus email address, you cannot use this feature, nor will you receive a polite email to explain why your post will not be published if you attempt to abuse the blog.

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