That Stuff Doesn’t Go On Here

Hello Blissfield!

Yesterday I was out delivering fliers to get the word out about this new community blog. There was a good chance many people wouldn’t be home but I decided to knock on doors and introduce myself, to show people I am earnest and real.

I found out there are some real, honest and forthcoming people living here. I would also like to address this underlying current. Nobody belongs to a community more than, or deserves more consideration than anybody else. I don’t care if you are blue with pink dots, can’t rub 2 cents or put two words together. Everybody is equally important and everybody contributes. Everybody deserves to feel welcome and their concerns addressed seriously (if you object to this, have the courage to comment).

I’m ashamed to admit it takes me a while to evaluate some of the games people have been recently playing with me (too uncomfortably long). I’m a grown, middle-aged woman and have never spent adequate time to equip myself against sabotage or manipulation, especially for a volunteering gig. I didn’t even consider there would be malicious motives.

This was all too apparent when I knocked on the door of another middle-aged woman who obviously knew about me. She peppered me with questions, packed with as much condescension as her little frame could muster. The attitude was very reminiscent of a mother scolding the child down the street. Her head was tellingly tilted back as to peer down her nose at me. “What horrible thing happened to you that made you do this” she asked, followed by “Do you belong to a committee” and “what are you trying to accomplish here”. One of her last questions was “Do you own a business downtown?” The biggest question I couldn’t answer was what happened when I tried to join a committee. Finally she decided to inform me where I went wrong – “You didn’t keep quiet for the first couple of meetings – you know – so everybody could get to know you first.” I’m sure she just thought she was being assertive, showing her strength, I have other words to describe it.

She already had her mind made up when I tried to explain that before promoting Blissfield, we should fix a few things first. She told me that Blissfield is working just fine the way it is…THANK you very much. I pointed out where my email was listed on the flyer and told her this is where she can send the hate mail. A short throaty laugh signaled an erupting smile as she turned and looked down, she then said “I wouldn’t do that”.

I walked away from that discussion interrogation, although ill prepared for it, I found a few more pieces to the puzzle. Stay tuned, I will amazingly transform this little puzzle into a couple of valuable do’s and don’t lists. Here, you will be able to know if you are the perpetrator (as if you don’t know already) or the one needing tips for early protection against a barrage of subtleties and innuendo that end up screaming in your face.

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8 Responses to That Stuff Doesn’t Go On Here

  1. Annie says:

    Wow Robin! So you’ve caught on to the “if you weren’t born/raised” in Blissfield, or the surrounding areas, that you’re considered an “outsider”… IF you want to become a volunteer you have to follow their code of “silence” until they know everything about you. If you have “problems” the city hall and police dept. might help you…it may take a few complaints or more, but they’ll get to you sooner or later, depending on who you are, or who you know!?

    • Robin says:

      I remember hearing the “outsider” thing a few times. I have also considered there may be a delineation between haves and have nots or some combination of both. It would be more appropriate and productive to welcome people into the fold, or even thank them for choosing to spend their dollars and investing in the community with property purchase, upkeep and taxes, shopping local, etc.

      In my case, and I’m certain I haven’t been the only one, this attitude is almost laughable when you’ve also offered to put boots on the ground (work for free). Those that harbor any of these descriminating tendencies may have grown up with them, it could have been their parent’s attitude that they inadvertently adopted (benefit of doubt here). I sincerely request they take stock and reconsider their positions. After all, who, with any sanity would choose to invest in a community with those kinds of juvenile antics going on? How could anybody else take pride in their community? That’s like shooting yourself in the foot!

  2. Annie says:

    I remember moving into town a l o n g time ago…when they actually had a committee (2 women) who would call and then stop over to “Welcome” you into town.
    They gave me a book of coupons for the area stores, gave me a phone # to use if I had any questions, etc., which I found (as a very young women with 2 babies) to be the most helpful, and feeling more confident to get involved when my children went to school. Besides my close neighbors I had never made a “friend” here until my babies started pre school. It was a lonely few years…

    • Robin says:

      I don’t doubt it was a lonely few years. I’m not sure when they stopped that service, I heard the Chamber of Commerce was charged with that responsibility, maybe the service went by the wayside when the Chamber did. People like you know what a big deal a welcoming committee is. People that haven’t experienced the epic event of moving to a new town, can only assume its importance. The intensity would also vary from situation to situation; I imagine with two babies, it was also pretty stressful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. a concern citizen says:

    I liked your flier but to each there own….Your item on the Village getting into the real estate business is right on….we must remember the Village already owns a lot where you can not even grow grass on!!! (The O’Mara Lot for $300,000.00) We still have the same mayor we did when the O’Mara joke came about now the Green property. I wish I was at the council meeting when the council member stated their is not conflict of interest with him loaning (?) the Village money. If he work for the New York Stock
    exchange and had inside information he would be in jail as he sat in on ALL the exective sessions the council had. DID the average tax payer have the offered the them ? Also wasn’t it convient the Village adm had the vote on the property when the council member not pressent.

    Does anyone know about the business mgr. at the school telling the janitors they will have to take a $4.oo per hour pay cut along with no health ins?

    About the DDA…all this does is use your tax dollars from the general fund to help the business person fix up their buildings. Why should your tax dollars to spend this way. As a private citizen you can not get the money to fix up your home.

    • Robin says:

      I’m going to have to do some investigating and write a post about each of those issues. If any of our readers have first hand knowledge about any pieces to those puzzles (no piece too small), please contact me.

      1. You would think that the purchase of property by a municipal government would come with the blessing of the community. One would also think the deal was on the up and up, if so, it should withstand some intense scrutiny.

      2. If janitors and other perceived lower positions on the totem pole are the only ones taking pay cuts to save the school money, I object also.

      We as a community need to stand up for each other and for “what is right”; lest we get picked off one by one. If the least among us is treated poorly or unfairly and greater numbers come to his or her aid, the show of support would diminish confidence of those wishing to take advantage.

      Thanks concerned citizen for bringing these issues up and posing your questions.

    • Logan says:

      In addition to general fund money being used to fix up facades of buildings, has anyone understood why the additional State grant money was only offered to a select few business owners and not all businesses.

      • Robin says:

        Thanks for that information, a question I’ll try to get answered. Can you recall the date the State money got offered and to whom? My email address is on the bottom of the “About” page.

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