The Cool Part About Driving

Other than mobility and experiencing the advancement of technology, it’s largely about control, making this large machine doing what you want it to. Of course, making it do what you want – really well is the thrill for me.

There is nothing like navigating a curve and staying perfectly within your lane, or even taking that curve with a bit too much speed, where an exaggerated navigation is needed as you hug the inside yellow or the outside white, depending on a right or left hand curve, respectively. Throw into that mix; a blind hill, well…you’ve got a bit more challenge, and that translates into more excitement, if you’ve done a proper job of it. That may be pushing the limits, but so is driving in inclement weather and perfection comes with practice. For those just starting out (or looking like they are), the responsibility of it all is pretty cool too. As you practice, you master, the stress level goes down and the confidence rises. The best place to do this is in a safe or controlled environment.

The UnCool Part About Driving

It’s the responsibility of it all. Sure we all make mistakes, perhaps misjudged somebody’s speed and made things a little more difficult for another driver, like making them slow down when they would not have otherwise. There’s a difference between honest mistakes and being a “bonehead driver.”

Your vehicle is a dangerous weapon; it can turn from transportation to deadly missile in a second. Practice away but don’t do the curve and a bit too much speed thing in a neighborhood – that needlessly endangers other people. In fact, I suggest following the rules because best case scenario, you are only shaving seconds or minutes from your travel time.

  • Stop at stop signs, if you’re not afraid of hitting things smaller than you, you don’t want to find out what bigger feels like.
  • Slow down for curves in neighborhoods, some small kids don’t understand the dangers first hand; we would opt for a close call, given the choice.
  • Don’t drive on lawns, unless you’ve been invited. If your driving skills are that bad at navigating curves, save yourself now (and us), get a bicycle.

I couldn’t do this list without an honorable mention to my personal peeve, there are rules about these sorts of things…this is not an urban legend;

When approaching a passing lane, the right way to handle it is to stay right unless you are going to pass someone (yes this means to do the little jog right). Don’t speed up 10 miles over the limit just for the passing zone, so no one passes you (we can tell you’re not passing anyone, cause you’re first in line). “I may be slow, but I’m ahead of you” attitude is just not right, especially when others have a small window of the safest opportunity to pass you.

Photo by Paul Martin Eldridge

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2 Responses to The Cool Part About Driving

  1. Thrilled says:

    First of all, I think Blissfield is lucky to have someone to relate important information to the public…being a member of a community means sometimes making informed decisions that have great impacts on the future of ones, well…entire life really. Road safety, taxes, the populations’ positions, the village events, and what previous decisions have been based around…all these things need to be talked about among the people and now there is a voice and room to speak too…thank you.

    Oh yes, for all those drivers who don’t come to a complete stop before the sidewalk, please start, it shouldn’t take a kid on your hood followed by an apology to the parents in court before you relieze what could happen. After your FIRST COMPLETE stop at the sign or light (which is before the sidewalk)you then pull up to look for traffic after you SEE that tthe sidewalk is clear from both directions.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, I thought it was a good idea…your voice without the repercussive disdain, I’m glad you see the value too.

      Another important point I’m glad you made; the professional double stop is the proper way to handle a stop with a sidewalk, you’re exactly right!

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