I found your postcard in my yard today-

-it seems you are skulking around the neighborhood at night and distributing these since a friend of mine awoke one morning to one on her door. Just a few thoughts and questions for you: first you claim on your blog not to be a racist or at least not prejudiced against people with polka dots, but your card mentions a “self appointed minority” So, my first question is who are you referring to with that statement? The President of the United States who was elected or the President of our village-also elected; I ask this because your blog is locally based, but your inflammatory language on your card implies something else entirely. Is this just a ploy to get people to look at your blog, and subsequently your business website? That is a heck of a marketing plan if so. The next question is what exactly is it you are trying to say? You use a great deal of jargon (unintelligible or meaningless talk or writing aka gibberish), you seem to know all the “hot button” phrases to get people worked up, but I have read your blog a few times, and it says nothing. What is it that you are promoting if not just yourself? And if you are promoting yourself, why do it is such a sneaky way? You can leave comments on your blog anonymously, however you have to register with your email-no thanks, I do not want whatever it is you are selling showing up in my mailbox-it’s bad enough your card showed up in my yard.
Finally, if you believe in something, whatever it is, have the guts to stand up, state who you are and what it is you believe in. You are the definition of a coward: a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition pain etc; a timid or easily intimidated  person. This dancing around the issues that you are doing is awfully time consuming for the end result. Your blog is extremely tedious, and I repeat, it says nothing. Please stop distributing your garbage to people’s homes. You have a blog that should be your arena. If you want people to read it, advertise it in the paper. The Advance Classifieds are really inexpensive. I will file a formal complaint with the police station if any more of your trash shows up in my yard-which is private property.
So, Robin, will you respond to this on your blog? I really doubt it.”

Dear Blissfield Resident,

I’ll be glad to respond to this. Your letter is a great example why this blog exists. If you weren’t so busy trying to read between the lines perhaps you would have picked up a few more words to put together. All you really had to do was check the top of the page and click on the “About” tab. 

  • “skulking around the neighborhood at night” – I don’t think skulkers leave calling cards.
  • “claim not to be a racist” – I’m not, does the word minority always mean race to you, sorry to hear that? 
  • “inflammatory language” – I just described a problem that should be addressed in the community, I full-fledged expected dissent from those that benefit from the status quo.
  • “self-appointed minority” – See “inflammatory language” above.
  • “Please stop distributing your garbage to people’s homes.” – Are you speaking for the whole community (is it an actual appointment or self-appointed), If self-appointed I do have a problem with that one.
  • “have the guts to stand up, state who you are and what it is you believe in.” – Don’t you think this blog takes courage? It’s not difficult to find out who I am…you did. Were you hoping I do this in the Village Square or were you thinking more like the lion’s den?
  • “I have read your blog a few times” – If it says nothing but unintelligible gibberish, why are you reading it and why are you offended, feeling compelled to write me a letter?
  • “leave comments on your blog anonymously” – You’re assuming I have the ability to find out who you are if using an unidentifying email address and you’re also assuming I need to find out who you are. What matters is you know who you are, but the reason anonymity was even suggested was to protect those that wish to speak out.
  • “file a formal complaint with the police station” – What do you do about all those Republican Flyers?
  • “courage” – Writing an anonymous letter – return address as “A Blissfield Resident” – mailing the letter in another state. 

Thanks for making my point, in case some people thought I was making it up. Don’t you think it would be beneficial to use more tolerance and become a  friendlier community?

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5 Responses to I found your postcard in my yard today-

  1. mary ann says:

    robin i get your jargon keep going and thanks

    • Robin says:

      Thanks for your support Mary Ann, keep contributing so others can read your viewpoint whether it’s for/against topics I’ve discussed here!

  2. Another Resident says:

    What is the matter with you? Are you insane? You get a constant barage of stuff from the Republican party on your doorstep, I’m sure of that. But you just throw that away. But this small little postcard you feel the need to write to all of us and threthen police action… Are you so insensitive that you no longer have the ability to debate? Please don’t run for office as I would love to have you oppose me on any forum that your party decides that you could do well on. Apparantly you have no ideas, just a preconceived Utopia that if only those pesky realists would get out of the way of…false reality . You are clearly liberal, progressive, socialist, or even a statist. You believe that government is the answer and not the free market which has made America great for over 230 years. Answer me this… Name me a Socialist, Marxist, Communist government that the people thrive and their contribution to the world has or is renowned? Answer…It does not exist and never has.

  3. Annie says:

    I absolutely agree with Mary Ann!! Robin, I believe you are bringing up topics that are actually “touchy” subjects with some people. However, those of us who are a part of the “minority” stand behind you all the way! Where else in this world is there another country that has the freedoms we, as Americans, do? This person seems to want to have all the control yet all we’re hearing are threatening words! Why are you so suspicious of everything Robin is trying to bring out in the open to let everyone know they can also voice their own opinions? Why do you obviously feel Robin has another agenda other than this blog? I fully believe in Robin’s cause, does that mean you’re going to find out who I am so you can try to get your claws in me? LOL

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