Open letter to the miserable guy downtown

I was running errands and turned the corner downtown, taking my usual route to get back home. My first thought when I saw you standing beside your wife, waiting to cross the street was; you were in 99.1 degree heat with a healthy humidex factor to boot and I was in an air-conditioned vehicle. I stopped to let you cross the road so you could get where you were going faster. You both stood there for another moment and I made another gesture for you to cross the road. Instead of crossing in front of my vehicle as expected, you both started walking down the street towards the rear of my vehicle and you raised your hand with a swift upright finish, a gestured message of get the (insert strong derogatory sentiment here) out of here.

There are some people who don’t realize they are communicating with body language but others are well aware that a gesture can speak as loudly as words. You are in the second category of knowing full well what you were saying because it was also written all over your face. I’m pretty sure you were driving that shiny red Blissfield Township Fire Department truck that was parked behind you, with the fancy custom license plate. It’s also quite possible you got the privilege of using that shiny truck to go and pick up your wife at suppertime to take her downtown for a bite to eat.

These are the kinds of things that harden ones sense of consideration for others. If I had treated you with the same gratuitous disrespect you had shown me, It would have looked something like this: driving by you really super slow to force you in one direction, then mirroring each of your movements to block any further progress. You would have dictated the sequence of turns taken for the drive and reverse gears, simulating the same game my granddaughter likes to play when trying to get somewhere she knows she shouldn’t be.

Aren’t you glad I’m not like you?

I have two more questions for you. Do you always have that pissy demeanor…or just with people you don’t know? Did you know my tax dollars pay for your shiny custom truck? If I also paid for that attitude…I want my money back?

Photo by Salvatore Vuono

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4 Responses to Open letter to the miserable guy downtown

  1. none says:

    The person you are talking about I know. Also your tax dollars did not pay for hir PERSONAIL truck he paid for it with his own money from working in a hot factory all day.

  2. none says:

    Iam on that fire department

    • Robin says:

      I called the fire department to find out who it was that owned the attitude, they told me there were a few people that owned trucks fitting the description. Again I have to ask, how do you know that I was referring to the same person you think I am?

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