The Advance Op-Ed

I’m not sure what the headline means “Squawkers control news cycle, Whitehouse” but it’s pretty apparent that Tran Longmoore, the editor of our local paper is Liberal, indulging himself participatively in a right-wing media smear. Journalism used to be an honorable profession where bias was removed and facts were the basis. I don’t think it’s appropriate at all to be blaming right-wing media like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly for the Whitehouse, the USDA or NAACP’s inability to control their own knee-jerk reactions regarding the Shirley Sherrod video.

I also don’t think conservative media or the conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart should be smeared because all involved with moving the story neglected to watch the whole video or read the actual article. The original article was posted on In fact, Breitbart is an accomplished author, publisher and commentator, earning himself the Reed Irvine award Accuracy in the Media in 2010, hardly just the lowly blogger he was framed as in Tran’s article.

 Another point the Advance editor neglected to mention was that in the video, Sherrod explained her racism was due to thinking about all those “blacks” losing their farm land when she was faced with helping a white farmer that was about to lose his farm. She made no mention of her father being murdered by a white farmer…you’ld think she would have, if that was the case (it would’ve had much more weight). Meanwhile, the whole point of the video was to show the applause and approval of a black woman getting back at a white man. Breitbart was proving the bigotry of the NAACP, encouraging racism instead of denouncing racism among their ranks while reporting that Tea Parties had elements of racism that they should denounce. The video was in response to the NAACP’s bogus campaign to brand the Tea Party as racist.

Furthermore, the right-wing media crew didn’t break or even discuss the story on air until after Sherrod was asked to resign. Bill O’Reilly was the first to report on the story, although he also took the story out of context, he apologized soon thereafter…nary a smirk in sight, let alone “too busy laughing” to apologize.

It looks like the editor that needs an editor is in no position to be denigrating a blogger. The smarter thing for him to do was to avoid alienating his conservative readership base. I’m not even going to address all the other inaccuracies of Tran’s liberal rant, this article would be much too long when I’ve already made my point.

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2 Responses to The Advance Op-Ed

  1. Logan says:

    I seldom read The Advance due to the lack of support I feel it has for some of our businesses. After reading this liberal editorial, I will be a long while before I read it again. Perhaps the author could have researched the timeline from the video, through the firing and the time anything was reported by “right wing” media. Has the author not noticed the pattern of “knee-jerk” reactions and comments made by our President? “Beer Summit” anyone?

    • Robin says:

      Good one! Now you can add lack of support for the conservative view too, a double whammy if you also own or work in one of those unsupported businesses.

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