Fallacy of Composition

I recently wrote a post about phony or crony capitalism going on in our community called “It Takes a Village“. It has become increasingly clear to me that we have a small group of people intertwined with most of our public officers, setting each other up for opportunistic and self-serving reasons under the guise of doing what’s best for the community. This group is pushing through their agendas and counting on your lack of involvement to get it done.

Since posting that article I have received two responses from two different people who attempted to confuse, distract and deceive the reader by:

A) refusal to address the purpose or main points of the post except in an extremely broad brush generalization.

B) trying to bait and switch the focus to an entirely new topic; positives we have going for our community as if they were somehow responsible for those positives.

C) discredit the author and forum through false statements.

Those replies were a prime example of fallacy of composition because the rebuttals were deceptively stated to give the illusion that since some good things happen and since some good people make those good things happen – they are themselves, good too.

In both Kay Brown’s and keepitpositive’s replies there were a lot of loaded words and phrases like “this is pretty strong stuff” and “the problem with blogs and gossip” or “Wow – this is getting out of hand”. Since there were too many of these infractions to be structured into a sentence, I’m just going to list the rest:

“Half truths become fact, repeated”

“We all see what we are looking for…”

“there are always a few who choose to look at the glass half empty…”

“They want to find fault with those who do try to do good.”

“False statments are thrown around like candy to hungry children. Again, I ask, Who has spoken directly to the people whose name are being thrown around in these bloggs?”

“The gossip persists and the damage is done?”

“anything I write will be taken to task.”

Give me some proof, provide some examples…just back it up with something. I specifically asked, “Please take the time to let me know what you specifically consider are the half-truths and false statements, we can address them.”

Since they have fallen silent, I’m left to my own logical assumptions that those remarks were manipulation, damage control, just plain control, but also an admission of guilt. I’m not going to get into the out-of-context biblical references (unless prompted) but I will tell you that my finite wisdom has granted some understanding about what is going on here. Wise people know when they are being manipulated to advance a hidden agenda and that trying to talk honestly to those people is a misnomer. It’s best to just call them on it and get it out in the open.

Image “Gossip” by Norman Rockwell

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28 Responses to Fallacy of Composition

  1. keepitpositive says:

    I’ve not gossiped or given any false statements, I’m simply stating that positive things do happen in Blissfield.

    • Robin says:

      I don’t know if you have gossiped; I never said you did. Your statements “Wow – this is getting out of hand” and “anything I write will be taken to task.” are both considered loaded phrases (fallacious), and they imply that Robin is doing or saying something wrong without backing it up with reasoning, logic or evidence. In essence, you have omitted the critical information for your argument but left the reader to believe I am wrong, I’ve gone too far or overstepped some bounds and think only negative about Blissfield, therefore anything I say can be dismissed because I am only negative.

      A fallacy by composition is committed by making the point that positive things happen in Blissfield when it had no bearing regarding the post, unless I mentioned nothing good happens in Blissfield. Otherwise, the purpose to make that statement is an attempt to redirect or change the focus of the post. It’s equivalent to saying all of humanity is good because we have the Olympics, or I am good because there are others that are good – here’s the reason they are good.

      The reason I had previously posed questions you did not answer regarding your statement was to determine why you felt the need to make those statements. For instance, if someone told you that Robin is negative and views everything in Blissfield as negative, then you have fallen prey to manipulation at the hands of a manipulator. Based on the fact that your comment came on the heels of Kay’s comment by which she also committed a fallacy of composition is the reason for suspecting your view may just be conforming to group thinking, then you would be on a bandwagon and have not thought through your defense.

      Using your own logic and critical thinking is a great tool against both manipulation and group bias thinking but, if you independently posed your sentiment then you would be deemed an instigative manipulator.

      An underhand way of promoting an opinion is too common and also commonly viewed as counterproductive to any discussion or debate. For Blissfield to gain harmony between factions we need to learn the proper way to debate using reasoning and logic. We can learn polite discourse but again, the negative (problems) need to be identified before we can even attempt a fix. I’m not an expert with much to learn myself so, together we can provide support for each other to become better citizens, a better community and better people.

  2. keepitpositive says:

    How do I start a section on this blog that comment and recognize positive people/things happening in the Blissfield community?

  3. Kay Brown says:

    Sorry Robin, I have not fallen silent just yet, I’ve been busy with “real” life. What am I admitting guilt for? Who am I manipulating? Damage control for what? Hidden Agenda, I didn’t know I was that smart!! You sure seem to think you know me.
    A)”Refusal to Address”-why didn’t you say that to “Another Resident” who brought my name into this and missed your purpose ? Check it out, I’ve addressed your focus.
    B)”As if they were somehow responsible”-I am and so are a lot of other really good people. Bait and switch, give me a break!
    C)”discredit the author”?– you have already done that to yourself. Please be a big enough person to come tell me in person, what false statements? Insecure people talk about others and not to them. Call me. Or come over, the door is always open. You know that’s the case Robin…. Remember? I stood up for you when other saw right through you and your stated intentions. I was wrong.
    “Loaded words and phrases”, really? I’d say true words and pharses. We choose what kind of a person we want to be, how we want to live, how we see life and how we want to treat others.
    Example: your statemenats about the water tower are incorrect in many ways. Responsible people know that if they want answers, just pick up the phone and call. Don’t waite to be spoon feed and blame others for your lack of effort.Call me, I’d be glad to fill you in. Unsavory Politics, are you sure? The community elected good people into office, now we have to trust them. Are there problems, yes, but this isn’t the way to resolve them. By name calling and criticizing people who are at least are trying seems so foolish. You only keep the pot stired. But maybe that’s your hidden agenda?
    I’ve done enough psychiatric nursing to know when to stop the craziness. An empty can always makes the most noise!! So from this point on, say all you want to about me and others. After all, there is freedom of speach. However, what you say is your OPINION not fact and I hope people remember that.
    I don’t have the time or energy to play games like this, “He said, She said”. I won’t read this BLOG or respond to it. Have a Ball!!!

    • Robin says:

      One last hoorah hey? I’m not saying you are or are not smart, I suspect you are, but I don’t know you well enough to come to any real conclusion about that. One doesn’t have to be smart to learn coping mechanisms. Learning how to manipulate or to be passive aggressive, going underground to get what someone wants, needs or thinks they need could be as simple as stumbling upon finding what works.

      Oops, just had a eureka moment…and deleted everything I was writing in response and decided to go with this instead:

      I don’t pretend to know you at all; I know what you have shown me. It’s time to sit down and take stock because I can tell the story, although you are not the only perpetrator. Instead of you playing games with people why didn’t you just draw the shades and lock the doors to your open meetings and save some people the grief.

      You played a good game Kay because I liked you and really wanted to trust you; it took this little exchange to get the last piece of the puzzle, finding the pole for all those red flags. You looked so sweet and kind.

      You did get one thing right though Kay, I do like to stir the pot when it needs stirred; otherwise, what settles and gets exposed to the heat too long gets burned. It wasn’t a hidden agenda, I’ve even introduced myself as the pot stirrer. You obviously didn’t have a working plan to deal with that kind of person.

      This blog is for all those that have tried to contribute to the betterment of our community without ensuring Kay Brown gets the credit and got cut off at the knees. Who mistakenly gave Baden Powell the credit for starting the Scouts?

      I guess your anonymous letter didn’t garner the desired results, I didn’t just quietly go away. I guess you win some…and you lose some.

      • Sandy Meeks says:

        When this blog first appeared, it was the topic of conversation for a large number of citizens. And I don’t remember hearing anything good. Shock, horror, disdain, disbelief, scandalous ! But by now, I would hope, there are some community members who read this who are taking a second look at what Robin has to say. I know I have. And, we need to overlook what I agree was a premature misstep on her part. We’ve all commited fauxpas.
        In this day of political correctness, which is waaaay overdone, we recoil at opinions given in a bold, defiant manner. But just b/c we wouldn’t say it that way, does not make it wrong. Robin has brought up some very good points; b/c her objective is to make improvements, she, of necessity, must bring up the negative, or what she sees as wrong, first. The discourse can begin there.
        But I’m writing to comment on part of the exchange b/t Robin and Kay Brown. Kay has stated that she is no longer going to read this blog, but if I was a betting person . . . !
        Having recently experienced exactly what Robin makes reference to in a reply to Gwen Dusa, I, too, had served for many months on a committee that Kay initially invited me to join, Friends of Historic Blissfield. I absolutely loved the work that we were doing. Most of you reading this know that I was born and raised in Blissfield/Riga and I am passionate about this community. My Dad owned a business in downtown Blissfield for some 43 years. I eagerly worked with many other volunteers to help Jim W. prepare our application to Michigan Main Street. Fast forward to Blissfield’s acceptance as an MMS community and NOW the real work begins. Believe me, MMS does run a tight ship and you DO meet their deadlines. And I understand this; they have to, as there is so much to learn/accomplish and so many communities to work with. They have assigned the first quarterly meeting to Blissfield on Dec. 7 – 8, 2010. I volunteered to arrange to find an appropriate location to hold the meetings for 1 1/2 days for 20 + (day 1) and 50-60 (day 2). I went about my business, kept 5 committee members apprised of my “research” along the way. I met w/ pastors and owners, visited Blissfield’s B&B’s. Called the airports. Approx. 23 days went by. After I’d set up a meeting for our committee to look at the 2 most favorable locations, I learned that Kay had sabotaged all my work and declared that the MMS meetings would be held in her newly purchased building. And clearly that was her plan all along when she made a vague, under – her -breath comment one day, “don’t make any selections until after Friday.” which at the time, meant nothing to me. But she knew that she was likely to purchase the old Tagsold’s Furniture Store by then. She rolled along w/ her plans as if she didn’t hear when I offered to find the location. Having the courtesy to tell me was no where on her radar; apparently my time was not at all valuable. It only took Robin 2 meetings to see thru it. It took me nearly 2 years.
        You made the statement about your own intelligence, Kay, and I won’t argue that, but I do believe you have an agenda and often a hidden one, at that. I saw you sell the group, and by extension, the Village, on a several thousand dollar community survey. And who was to gain financially from this survey? Your daughter and her friend. In October, 2008, Tran wrote an op-ed in which he named you and the Chamber as being responsible for delaying the selection of the logo designs for the water tower. Council had in front of them several designs for which the designer was not going to charge. But you pushed the issue and got the project awarded to an out-of-town design firm for $1800. I wonder if someone in your family benefited from that one? Why did council allow you to manipulate them like that? That should never have been allowed to happen. An agenda? Maybe. I won’t bore the readers w/ the other examples.
        Well, I sent a terse email to the committee after Kay sabotaged my work and I resigned; she sent an email apologizing to me. No, I didn’t reply. Why? Because you, Kay, took no responsibility at all in the email for what happened. It happened “b/c the minutes didn’t get out in a timely manner.” And you were busy, living “real life”. In your attempt to be in control of everything that happens in this Village, you overextend yourself.
        Your forte’ is your enthusiasm and ability to recruit volunteers. You do make people feel welcome in your home; yes, the door is always open. You’re very generous. But, darn, you have to learn that your position isn’t always the right one. You need to learn that dissent isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Volunteers volunteer b/c they know they have something to offer. They need to be appreciated for what they can bring to the table. Open your mind to different ideas.

        And now for some separate comments about location selection mentioned above:
        The group that sent me forth agreed that the site should be handicap accessible. To me, that is a no-brainer. Well, what happens b/c someone wants to hold the meetings in the newly purchased building? MMS – Lansing was called to find out if anyone “handicapped” would be attending. Does that sound self-serving? The answer, as I was told, was that there had not been anyone yet attend who was “handicapped.” How many readers believe that “handicaps” are always visible? What about pulmonary or lung conditions? What about heart conditions? Neuromuscular diseases? Weakened individuals? We all know them. Calling Lansing w/ such a question is repulsive. There is no elevator in that building. Just steep narrow stairs. Up for the meetings, down for a break, back up for meetings, down to use the restroom, back up, down for lunch, back up for meetings, and so it goes. To my way of thinking, it is absolutely inconsiderate and selfish to host the attendees in a non-handicap accessible building. I don’t care if it is free. You hold yourself out to be a nurse, Kay. Shame on you for not considering those who don’t use crutches.
        I expect that the appropriate Village officials will see that this building meets necessary specifications before opening. There will be food served to wedding celebrants. Is there proper egress for large crowds of people upstairs? If employees of agencies and the MMS manager are to have upstairs offices at that site, isn’t handicap accessibility a requirement now that ownership has changed? The Fire Chief is your daughter’s father-in-law, but I know that he takes his job very seriously!

        • Robin says:

          Sorry that you were forced to experience this too, I know the skills you offered are valuable to any organization. If your intentions are focused on doing something good it’s easy to miss someone else’s unpleasant agenda – you automatically assume they are in it for the same reasons.

          The open door, make you feel welcome and “call me” is part of the lure. One on one encounters are optimal for proper manipulation, that’s where you can get spoon-fed negative information about the “others” that are doing you wrong and yet another chance to prove who is on your side. Imagine how easy it is to have enthusiasm and an ability to recruit when you are amidst building yourself a little empire.

          The over the top compliments, “you are perfect”, “you’re too good”, “you saved my life”, “I want to pay you for all the work you’ve done for me”, when I’ve only helped with a little bit of paper work combined with coming to my house to perform damage control – bearing flowers and fudge after missing the first meeting. This only lists a few examples, but all were indicators I was being played. If this scenario seems a little déjà vu to anyone else, use your head and gut instincts, not your heart to assess.

          If I didn’t pick up on the coolness at other inappropriate times and the intel she was providing while collecting intel from me via the nature of personal questions, I may have just kept going – thinking it was great she thought I was perfect. When you believe someone thinks that highly of you it usually creates a bond of loyalty that prevents you from seeing the forest for the trees.

          It’s important to understand the connections and who benefits from what, you have provided so much more understanding for that purpose and I thank you for your courage.

          I agree with everything you viewed as pertinent with your task in securing a facility to host the Main Street meeting, your due diligence and regard for handicapped accessibility was spot on. Not every disability is visible; in fact I have a friend with MS that refuses to use her handicap parking permit because she doesn’t want to deal with the jeers people give her. Furthermore, even if the attendees were all specifically invitation only, who can determine that nothing would happen to anybody that impairs physical mobility between now and then? If it wasn’t an invitational affair and anybody was welcome, why wouldn’t you prepare for the unknown in this age of awareness?

          Shame on both Kay and Darlene…both knew better, Darlene is supposed to be a retired physical therapist. How about shame on Jim Wonacott and those who also facilitated?

          To this day Sandy, I am unaware of my premature misstep. Perhaps you could provide that information so I may have a chance to address it and perhaps make amends.

  4. Another Resident says:

    I read your commit Sandy and I know how you feel. I agree that Kays building should be handicap accesible. I also think it should be checked for mold. The reason that building sold the first time around for $50,000 was because the rafters in the ceiling upstairs had lots and lots of mold. Also the back wall facing the parking lot and the wall facing the village offices were solid black with mold. I knew several people that were interested in that property but they wouldn’t bid on the building with all the mold. I think it should be checked for what type of mold it is..
    I know they are painting upstairs so I bet the mold has been painted over.
    If that was my building I would not let anyone upstairs because you don’t know the long term effect mold would have on someones health.
    Also, who gave Kay Brown the power to pick the building for the Main Street gathering. Doesn’t that have to be voted on by the DDA. Was this decided behind closed doors?

  5. Another Resident says:

    I had to make another comment. Again, this is where the tax dollars will come in. Free advertising for Kay and their vendors. Also, is Main Street for Kay only? I thought it was for the whole community. I think the businesses that has been in town for years and years would of liked the same opportunity that Kay is getting. Also Kay maybe some of the other businesses wouldn’t mind having the Main Street gathering in their building, or maybe some of the other businesses may not mind having the Main Street Director set up shop in their store. Have anyone else been asked? I don’t think so You are too good to go into certain stores. You stick your nose up in the air and won’t even acknowledge certain business owners in town. How can you have any say to what is going on with Main Street is puzzling. Again, I will say Main Street is only going to benefit certain businesses.
    Remember Main Street is about our community as a whole. It is not just for certain businesses or individuals to cash in on.

    • Robin says:

      Agreed, if I owned any of the businesses in the entire commercial district, I would be mad as (insert a really hot place here). This is another ethical issue called partiality and favoritism only compounded by the conflict of interest of allowing Darlene Southward’s recent appointment. Kay has obviously got a few key people in her back pocket…maybe she’s got an in with one of the council members. A troubling scenario that was recently laughed off as doesn’t happen by George Brown.

      Kay Brown told me that Lynn Southward is fiercely loyal to Darlene, in the context that if I oppose one, I’ll have to deal with the other. Based on the chain of events that I have witnessed, Darlene could also be Kay’s right hand man, so to speak. Kay also said that if A. Ray Jones and Art Weeber were not voted back on the council, then George would not want to be on council either. It didn’t make much sense to me at the time, but I’m gaining a clear picture about who the network might be. Along with Jae Guetschow and Lynn Southward, these council members also meet at Kay’s house or the Stables for her open volunteer meetings. I can’t be the only person that has been privy to any of this information. All this means we are doomed to expect more of the same, unless we can get leadership in that’s outside the network. It takes a Village to recognize what is wrong and accomplish something like that.

  6. Logan says:

    I am sorry that Sandy has now experienced the same treatment several of us in town have dealt with for years, However, I am delighted that more and more people are becoming aware of the self-serving agendas going on. It seems incredulous that the location for meetings and the office for our new Manager would be determined in this manner. When that last survey was done with unnecessary cost to the taxpayers, I asked what the purpose of the survey was. I have answered three of these so called “surveys” in the last few years and they all ask pretty much the same thing. Each one has cost huge amounts of wasted taxpayer money. Why is there no accountability for this money? What happens to the info from each of these surveys. Does the village keep spending money on them until they get the answers THEY want.

    Great points were made that there are several other buildings in Blissfield that would love to automatically get the type of business and assistance it looks like Kay’s building is going to get. I personally saw all the mold in the upstairs of that building and chose not to bid on it until the Health Dept or someone determined its safety. On another note, will that building also benefit from thousands of facade dollars that certain businesses in town are awarded. It seems like that could be a waste of money unless the safety of the building is determined first. Things should be fixed from the inside out, not prettied up with a coat of paint, and I don’t mean just that building!

    Another question that I would like to ask is how much DDA/Village money will be directed to Kay’s building and what kind of business/vendors will she have. If she is going to be renting space to “vendors” isn’t that in direct competition with several of the other businesses in town. For that to be legal, wouldn’t the same money have to be granted to every other business of that type? I don’t understand how our Village “Leaders” can continue to pick and choose who they assist.

  7. Sandy Meeks says:

    I did not realize that mold was an issue w/ that building. It must be present, as by now several people have mentioned seeing it. You’re right, there are furious fix-ups going on in there !
    Who is the local person in charge of such inspections? What department? Must it be someone from the county? If there is the potential for someone’s health to be compromised by either visiting or having an office in that building, Kay should not be allowed to railroad the opening of it through.

  8. Logan says:

    My thoughts exactly, but as history shows, this elite group seems to be able to railroad anything they want through – examples include several already mentioned items such as: huge facade grants being offered to a select four businesses (other businesses in town were not even approached with the opportunity) , the town logo issue, repetitive surveys at the cost of taxpayers, certified letters going out to select (not all) buildings concerning upkeep/repair of windows, the village purchasing property with “chosen” private individuals (sure seems like this is unethical at the least or illegal), the village not supporting businesses holding an art fair but closing down one of our main streets for a full weekend for “Art at your Feet” that very few artists participated in (as well as supporting this group with a building), the list goes on and on.

    I’m not sure who should be contacted about the possible health issues in that building. Perhaps someone reading our blog has that knowledge.

  9. Another Resident says:

    For the Main Street people that are visiting in December I understand that there will be some type of food served. This is another reason why Kay should not be allowed to have her building as the main headquaters for these people. According to the Health Department she is not allowed to serve prepared food or drinks in her business. Even if she has a food handlers license it doesn’t matter. Food handlers license is basically for restaurant workers. She will not be allowed to have any opened food, coooked food, coffee, tea, hot chocolate-nothing. Food is not allowed to be carried in a business and served to the public. Even if it’s free it is not allowed. The hot dogs being at the mini park for the celebation of Main Street was totally illegal. If someone would of complained to the Health Department it could of been a $5,000.00 fine. She can hire a caterer who would have the license to serve and cook food but it still has to be keep at proper temperatures. If she doesn’t hire the appropriate caterer and serves food herself she needs to get a license from the Health Department and the building and equipment will need to be inspected by the Health Department. She will need to do this every time she decides to serve food out of her building because she is not a restaurant. Someone told me they saw a coffee urn and full size refrigerator being moved in the building. That’s a no-no to the coffee urn. No coffee, tea, hot chocolate or hot water can be served from it. If the Health Department gets enough complaints they will start getting fines. That’s one thing on my agenda. If you want to know all the rules for serving food out of a business call the Health Department in Adrian. The phone number is 517-264-5213. If people get up and start doing something to stop these people we will eventually start seeing a change in our town. I think they should obey the laws just like the rest of us. Also, Sandy the Health Department might be the place to start with the mold issue that was/is in the building. Our Village still needs to go by Lenawee County laws and they have no control over Lenawee County Government.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks for the info, man this blog gets me annoyed, “the village not supporting businesses holding an art fair” – is this different than the time when the Village threw as much red tape at you guys as they could for wanting to hold a sidewalk sale? Were you not threatened then with the health department being called if you also served food at that event?

  10. Logan says:

    The Art Fair suggestion was prior to the discussion about sidewalk sales. It was during Yuletide that the Health Dept issue came up. In previous years, several businesses served snacks, cookies, cider, etc. to customers during the Yuletide celebration. With the threat of doing something not in line with Health Dept guidelines, the businesses revamped how food was offered – probably not a bad idea. It certainly is an issue Kay should look into if she is planning on serving coffee or food at her building. (By the way, it’s probably against the Health Dept guidelines to serve hot chocolate and cookies when Santa arrives in town unless it’s provided by an appropriate caterer.) New businesses and the village should be abiding by the rules just like the established businesses. There is a reason the current businesses don’t have coffee pots on for customers.

    • Robin says:

      I recieved an email that gives further information regarding this, it states:

      “I was the one of the persons that put on the sidewalk sale. I was going to serve hot dogs and Kay told me I better check with the Health Department about serving them. Me and my husband did that. The rules are very strict about serving foods or drinks out of a business due to the fact they are not a restaurant. Restaurants have a very strict guideline they must follow with temperatures and refrigeration. Temperatures must be checked with thermometers. Serving coffee or tea cannot be served in a business according to the health department. Everything must be individually wrapped. Things like cookies can’t be served either unless they are individually wrapped. The hot chocolate Kay serves at Yuletide at the Christmas tree lighting shouldn’t be done because it is against the health department rules. If anyone doesn’t believe the rules are this strict call the health department. My husband and I took classes for a food handlers class and you might be surprised what isn’t allowed. A food handlers license is only good for serving food not preparing food.
      Anyways Kay told me to check with the health department and I did. Maybe now that she owns a business she should check with the health department about the serving of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or snacks. The health department told us we are not a food service business and that’s why these rules would be inforced on businesses like ours and also, they said if we were caught breaking these rules we would be fined.”

  11. Robin says:

    It looks like these rules only apply to those not in the elite network. They knew full well what the rules were, but broke them themselves when they found it convenient for their events. It also looks like ideas are not supported unless it is their idea.

    I suppose that Darlene Southward’s Art auction would be included in the event list of Yuletide and the celebration for Michigan Main Street that served food and drinks. More information can be found in a new post here: https://blissfield.wordpress.com/2010/08/31/gander-disagree-with-geese-about-whats-good/

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  13. Me says:

    Whining or crying to the council or any other city official in this town will not produce any results. You can whine and cry to the health department and that won’t produce any results either. You can also whine and cry to the local newspaper and that won’t produce any results either. The health department rules has nothing to do with council or any other official in this town. The rules for food is made by the County not Blissfield government. There are county rules of government Blissfield government must abide by. There are also certain State rules Blissfield government must abide by. They can’t set rules for serving or cooking food. They can’t say yes you can serve hot dogs, punch, tea, coffee or donuts. That’s up to the county. As far as I am concerned everyone should abide by these rules. They were made to protect the public. I believe what is good for one is good for all. I don’t care how long ago it happened. Nobody needs to be treated that way. I think there are double standards in this town. I think more and more people will take a stand to change this town. I think this blog is great place to start. I am hoping a group will be formed to help prevent things like this from ever happening again. I will also be one of those to turn anyone in to the health department if they are caught serving food or drinks without a permit or inspection. If anyone serving food or drinks aren’t doing anything wrong then I don’t think they will mind if people start checking to make sure they are legal.

    • Sandy Meeks says:

      You have hit the nail on the head, Me. Yes, there are things we do, things we overlook b/c it makes us feel warm and fuzzy. In the situations we have focused on here, the County is where the buck stops ! I’m glad you support this format as a good place to have discussions. I absolutely agree. We just need more people to be aware of it and to contribute their thoughts. ( It can be real intimidating to go before Council, although it is a lot easier than the days when you had to sign in and stand up at the podium. It’s not like that any more. And, I feel that the Council members we have now are willing to listen. Well, that’s another topic. ) No ones’ thoughts are more important than any others’. You can remain anonymous to all but the “blogmaster”. Tell us what you think !

  14. gwen dusa says:

    Hello All,
    At this month’s DDA meeting, it was discussed where to have the meetings for the MMS meetings taking place later this month. It was determined that they should take place in different locations in downtown vs using the meeting room in the library all day. I was asked to find a location that can be used for about 20 – 40 people from 8 – 9:30 a.m. I’ve contacted the Senior Center and D& P Cable. Neither are available. Any suggestions?

    • Sandy Meeks says:

      As long as they are in Blissfield, why does it matter what building they are held in? I know MMS prefers the Main St. area, but not all things are possible at this time.
      Why not former New Beginnings or the Fire Station? The Fire Station is a wonderful place.

  15. Me says:

    Dorothy-First of all get the quotes right. Your quote “My dear, I heard there is black mold in that building.” “Yes, indeed, it must be so, because so-and-so paid only $$$ for that building some time ago, and that was probably the reason.” This is wrong. No one mentioned it was black mold. There is a lot of mold in that building upstairs. I saw it and so did a lot of other people. As far as your quote-“And, you know, I saw someone taking a coffee pot in there; no doubt they will be illegally selling beverages.” “I know what you mean, those people will do anything they can get away with.” I don’t remember anyone saying those people will do anything they can get away with. The health department rules are rules that cannot be broken. So Robin posted a link so she can look up the rules for serving drinks and food in a business. So Dorothy you made some quotes and didn’t copy them right. So who’s right and who’s wrong. Time will tell. Next time get your facts right before accusing others of not having the correct facts.

  16. gwen dusa says:

    Hi Sandy,
    Thanks for the suggestions – great ideas; however, I’ve read the blog too late to use this time around, but I will relay your ideas. Perhaps they can be used when we have our next MMS meetings in December.

    • Sandy Meeks says:

      I posted here a bit ago that a person choosing to appear before council no longer has to sign in nor do they have to stand up at a podium. Now, I find out that they have changed the format back to that. I don’t know exactly when or why. It hasn’t been too long ago when they were discussing how nice the informality of being able to raise your hand and speak from your chair was. Go figger !

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