The New Kid on the Block

November’s not far away and we’re getting another opportunity to vote in our Village leadership. Only one other person threw his hat into the ring to run opposition against incumbent Jae Guetschow for Village President. I’d like you to meet Mike Gunter (he’s not new and not actually a kid), he’s more aptly – new to the race and I’m just, I guess…older.

Mike is the son of the late Arthur “Butch” Gunter who was well-respected and very sadly missed since passing in March, earlier this year. For thirty-five years Butch served our community as a Police Officer and for twenty of those years he was Chief of Police. I’m sure Butch was already extremely proud that his son has demonstrated the same dedication and love for a Village he spent a career protecting. It’s a shame he’s not here to share this moment of pride, you know – so we can see the wide beaming grin.

I had a chance to speak with Mr. Gunter last Friday about his vision for Blissfield and he had a three-point answer. When I asked what motivated him to run, he said “I’ve been pondering the decision for the last couple of years but felt I wasn’t quite ready and still wanted to gain a bit more experience, I feel ready now.” “You know, I am driven, I’m never satisfied, always wanting to accomplish more…every time I think doing one more thing will be what allows me the opportunity to sit down and reflect, I find something else I want to do,” he said. He admitted he has always been that way. Well lucky us, I thought before prodding him for more information.

If you take a look at Mike’s schedule you’ll understand what driven is, I was pleasantly surprised he so graciously took the time to talk with me, amidst his normal workload and helping his family. His demeanor is approachable and exceptionally pragmatic.

“Change starts at the top,” he explained “and that’s where we need to begin making some of those changes. If I have to work extra hard to prove my credibility then so be it, but I’m going make some positive changes for Blissfield.” Mike also stressed the importance of keeping the budget balanced and in check, fixing the water issues, driving commerce and doing whatever we can to promote job growth.

His list of recent accomplishments started with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan. Since he was 19 he has served as a volunteer firefighter for the Blissfield Township Fire Department and works part-time as an EMT for Huron Valley Ambulance. Of course there’s still his full-time job as an Estimator with Servpro Monroe/Dundee out of Ottawa Lake. The most notable and relevant experience Mike has to his credit that he brings to the table for the Village President position, comes from serving since May, 2003 as a Trustee on the Village Council.

Actually, I have seen Mike in action with the council on a few occasions and considered him very competent; his statements reveal intellect and a level of concern that would impress any resident. I am convinced he has exactly what it takes to be a great leader; he’s a go-getter and a visionary with a great deal of common sense. How could you not like that?

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5 Responses to The New Kid on the Block

  1. Logan says:

    Glad to see someone is “stepping up to the plate” Good Luck!

  2. Annie says:

    I’ll be looking into the candidates’ interviews in the Advance!! The sooner the better on that too… It’s too bad others don’t step up to the plate! ME? I happen to be disabled and wouldn’t be able to hold up to any office/committee tasks. If I weren’t, I would think about considering it.

  3. Me says:

    Maybe they should of done a background check before hiring this person. I found this within 5 minutes on the internet.

    Michael Sessions, one of the youngest mayors ever elected in the United States, pleaded no contest to “malicious annoyance by writing” Monday in Hillsdale County District Court. His prank, a misdemeanor, against his
    former campaign manager Brandon Thomas earned him 40 hours of community service.

    Sessions garnered worldwide fame as his $700 budget write-in campaign earned him the Hillsdale, Mich., mayor’s job at the age of 18. Constant news coverage and the reading of Top 10 list on the Late Show with David Letterman kept the newly elected Mayor in the spotlight. Sessions beat incumbent Mayor Doug Ingles by two votes after a recount found no new votes for Ingles and disqualified 62 votes for Sessions.

    According to court documents and Hillsdale County Prosecutor Neal Brady, the Hillsdale Daily News reported that, Sessions now 19, used his home computer to hack into the Eastern Michigan University computer network to delete Thomas’ My Space and AOL AIM accounts. He also sent an e-mail posing as someone else to campus authorities casting aspersions on Thomas. Sessions also sent an e-mail to Thomas’ mother posing has her son’s roommate alerting her of Brandon’s “unhealthy academic lifestyle.”

    Brady said EMU officials followed up on the e-mails and once they discovered the source, referred the case to the Michigan State Police.

    Sessions admitted his wrongdoing in a press release given to the Hillsdale Daily News before Monday night’s City Council meeting. Attorney David M. Blanchard of Nacht and Associates of Ann Arbor is representing him.

    “Even though I acted childish, I am still determined to do the adult thing and take responsibility in which I already accepted the punishment,” he stated in the release. Sessions said he understands his actions have seemed to prove his critics right that his youth would be an issue.

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