Gander Disagree with Geese about What’s Good

Just to drive home a point and give you some background information, I attended some meetings with a group so nice, they named it twice. This group intertwined with Village Officials have previously laid down the gauntlet about Health Department regulations involving serving food and drinks to the public when non-network businesses had initiated planning a couple of fun advertising events for the downtown business core.

From this still shot, those you can see that I recognize involved with the group whom attended the meetings are from bottom left: Renee Gordon, Jae Guetschow, Vicki Schmucker, Darlene Southward, Margaret Goble, A. Ray Jones, Dorothy Steedle, Kay Brown, George Brown, Art Weeber, Lynn Southward, Christine Burtle and Andrea Cueto. Somebody else that I did not see at the meetings but knew about the Health Department regulations and didn’t call them to complain is standing in the center with his back turned, wearing a green plaid shirt is our own Jim Wonacott. To view the video, click here.

The Art Auction event was organized by Darlene Southward (wife of DDA Chairman) through the ’Friends of Historic Blissfield’ committee that also goes by the name of ‘Infrastructure and Sustainability’ committee to raise funds for the committee. The event was held April 23, 2010 at the temporary location of Royal Expressions, owned by President Guetschow’s wife, Debbie Royal.

The table set up in this photograph is loaded with food and goodies that I helped prepare in Kay Brown’s (wife of Councilman George Brown) kitchen. Along the back wall is a bar station/table set up for self-serve wine at the affair. At the time, I was unaware there were regulations set in place for food service (others in the photo may not have known either). I’m guilty for assuming everything was properly handled. Many, if not all of the decision makers did know as evidenced by being the first to make the rules known to others outside their group who wanted to do the same thing for their own events. The group outside the network followed the rules; the network group doesn’t believe the rules apply to them. A discussion about this is in the comment section of a “Fallacy of Composition” post that was published on this blog.

Sure they could probably argue that (despite success of the auction was pumped up by The Advance), there were only a few unaffiliated members of the public that attended. Most of the guests in attendance outside the event organizers or families were the artists that generously donated works of art for the cause. It was open to the public nonetheless.

Another more recent event hosted by some of our leaders was an announcement celebration in the downtown mini park July 14, 2010 where hot dogs and refreshments were served, also without securing a Temporary Food Handlers License, here are some of the Adrian Health Department guidelines.

Am I the only one that finds something wrong with this picture, what’s good for the goose should also be good for the gander. Why don’t we all play by the rules?

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4 Responses to Gander Disagree with Geese about What’s Good

  1. anonymous says:

    If business felt they were wrongly denied a chance at a hot dog stand, then they should have appeared before council, or contacted the local newspapers, or written letters to the editor. At the time.
    Crying about this kind of thing months after it happen is petty and useless.
    If people think there are real injustices being done, they should address council at the public meeting.
    Doublestandards, if they exist, don’t get fixed by whining and moaning on an obscure blog.

    • Robin says:

      That’s funny; it’s not hard to understand from your comment why there are double standards. You almost got the point but didn’t understand the application or the ramifications, or more likely since I’ve just proven something you can’t disprove, you decide to trivialize misconduct with denigrating language about all other parties but the guilty ones. Is there a statute of limitations on misconduct? What do you mean “if they exist”, I just proved some.

      I didn’t read any crying, whining or moaning. I read describing a scenario where the rules were raised – and they abided by them, it doesn’t really matter whether it was explained in some obscure blog or not. But, I can imagine how much you’ld want to see it that way.

  2. a concern citizen says:

    Good Post. You hit the nail on the head. This is most of the crew thats meet the last Thursday on the mth. at George Brown’s. “The Blissfield Click”

    • Robin says:

      I’m glad you approve the post. Though the message is really sad, hopefully enough people will wake up and realize things aren’t as blissful as they could be. You’re right, they do meet at the Brown’s and I managed to land myself right smack in the middle.

      It’s good to hear from you and see you’re still among the readership!

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