Board Reaffirms Other Things Too

“Where does the inquisition stop?” The short answer to Jae Guetschow’s question about the purpose of the Blissfield Blog is; When the community decides to work together, you know – play nice, work as a team.

In the September 22/2010 edition of The Advance (page 16), an article was written about the famous Hillsdale mayor picked for the Main Street post (good article Tran). Sorry, I cannot provide a link to the online version of the article as it is not yet published there; however, you can read about Britton’s homecoming ceremony.

The context of supplying the information about Michael Sessions was not an agenda to destroy the character of someone, it was a suggestion to perform a background check. A simple google search brought the information right up and was subsequently shared on the blog. I personally felt the information was more of a reflection on our governments lack of vetting skill.

Jeff Juby said, “we shouldn’t let the tail wag the dog,” In light of this I feel like asking, “is there even a dog over there?” Does that mean private opinion shouldn’t influence public decision? As a Constitutionalist, I understood government works for us not the other way around. I also think government officials should be living in those glass houses they speak of. I just assumed the more transparency – the better. I’m behind the current push for more openness and democratizing government data.

Guetschow goes on, “Does the DDA or every other employer simply reject for consideration any candidate with a misdemeanor record (including traffic tickets and jay walking)?” Well, I don’t know Mr. Guetschow, were we talking about traffic and jay walking tickets? A future consideration might be to have appear on the application for employment – a relevant question like “Have you been arrested or convicted of a criminal offense?” Hopefully you would get an answer.

Mr. Guetschow, the participants of this blog you are calling vindictive anarchists are standing up for what they believe is right – pushing for more accountability and responsibility in our leadership. Being the Village President does not guarantee everybody is going to like what you do.

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2 Responses to Board Reaffirms Other Things Too

  1. Seedless1Sweety says:

    Just thought I should take a second and say whats up to everyone today. Looking forward to the site and what everyone here has to talk about.

    • Robin says:

      Glad you took that second to drop by, just jump into any discussion. I’m starting a page for people that just have random questions or comments, so you can even start your own topic.

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