If They’re Lying to Me – They’re Lying to You

President Guetschow, along with (obvious cronies) George Brown, Art Weeber and Lynn Southward are advocating the taxpayers are mandated to supply our President with as many grants as he applies for – for development of his personal property.

At a Public Hearing last night on October 25th held by our Village Council, I felt compelled to get up in front of council and state that the five grants Guetschow/Royal has been approved for within the last two years has gone to Guetschow/Royal while most businesses haven’t received one and that there are more deserving businesses (I’m personally not in favor of anyone getting grants). I just wanted to state the unfair favoritism for the record.

At the October DDA meeting where Guetscow inappropriately argued his case, again – and was approved for a $14,000 dollar facade grant (his third one). Jim Wonacott then announced the budget for the Facade Grant program was depleted for fiscal year 2010-2011.

At the Council meeting, Lynn Southward addressed the Council and stated the fund was not depleted.  Who’s lying? In a concerted effort to contradict me, they contradicted themselves. I’m sure these tracks are going to get covered; you can look for transfers from the Village Office to the DDA Facade Program.

George Brown tried to make the case that Kathy and Bob Valdez owned the building. The building is under a land contract Mr. Brown, the legal owners are Guetschow/Royal. The legal title owners and holders are the legal owners of the building. I’m sure Mr. Brown knew this bit of legal information; the Village Attorney was sitting two persons down from him.

Note to Kathy Valdez; Since I’ve never seen you before, I don’t know if you always look that way or those wild eyes were just for me because you feel entitled – show me the title. (explanation: when I was addressing the Council standing at the podium the Valdez’s were talking behind my back, when I turned around to speak to them Kathy’s facial expression while she was answering me was interpreted as telling me I was crazy.  It was probably a ‘had to be there’ type situation.) A council member invited them to the podium to state their name and address along with their comment but they refused to stand up and state it for the record. Also, if they are claiming they own the building, they should have brought the title.

Art Weeber then tried to make me verify to whom and when the grants were received, saying he didn’t believe my “inference”. I looked at Mr. Weeber and asked, “you don’t know who’s received grants?” After naming the grants that were doled, Mr. Brown could only count two. Only one grant was from 2008, 4 grants were just approved this year, two this October and were personally approved by Weeber and Brown. That’s a pretty short time for grant amnesia guys, or are you telling me the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

Oh, and before I forget…if you weren’t at the meeting, you missed the big show of Guetschow handing the gavel over in slow motion to pro tempore and good friend A. Ray Jones to absolve himself of conflict of interest. Yeah, a gesture like that is pretty amusing after you’ve already represented your interest; the damage has been done and the grants already approved. I trust you now (sarcasm here).

I don’t know why our community is this apathetic, or why our choices for Village Council are so limited but it looks like we’ve only got two real choices that are worth keeping – Mike Gunter and Mark Burgermeister. Even though they’ve been outnumbered, I’m just thanking God we’ve at least got two…and thanks to both for being upstanding.

If you are looking for someone principled for Village President Vote Mike Gunter in November!

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10 Responses to If They’re Lying to Me – They’re Lying to You

  1. What in the Hell? says:

    So, are you saying that Valdez doesn’t own the Cakes N Shakes building?

    Look lady …. Even if you did have your facts straight, and you rarely do, you’re never going to have any support in this town when you say things like this:

    “Note to Kathy Valdez; Since I’ve never seen you before, I don’t know if you always look that way or those wild eyes were just for me because you feel entitled – show me the title.”

    Show some class.

    • Robin says:

      Yes, Im saying the Valdez’s are not the legal owners. If you were selling a building on land contract would you not hold on to the title until the building was paid for in full? Do you think Guetschow/Royal would have turned it over?

      Just so you know, you’re the one to benefit from a community that gets involved or stands up against what’s wrong, it’s not about support for me. If you think I’ve missed the mark on facts, perhaps you can prove otherwise instead of making a blanket, sniper type statement.

      I responded to Kathy’s message, if you think it’s classy to ignore it because you’ld choose to do so, that would be a personal decision that has nothing to do with class. I’m sorry you think communication should be one way…but wait, unless you just showed a lack of class by responding to my message.

      • Robin says:

        Here are some other accounts of the building owner from the building owner;

        “Cakes ’n Shakes moved into the building in 2005.

        Royal Expressions owner Debra Royal owns both halves of the building and is selling the cake shop portion to the Valdezes on a land contract, said Jae Guetschow, Royal’s husband.

        Guetschow, who is also Blissfield’s village president, is hoping the building can be repaired. “We’d like to have the retail space come back,” he said. “We don’t need any more gaps downtown.”

        Valdez said he’s not sure whether he will rebuild there.

        “It’s too early to say, but we won’t be here for a long time,” he said.”

      • Robin says:

        After some thought, I’d like to apologize for not giving proper explanation regarding the Valdez comment. It certainly could have been put in better context.

  2. T. Saxton-Jones says:

    honest to God, robin you are a rude person! – you need to get out of here.

  3. saxtonjones99 says:

    there is nothing to put together except your lies – even the government found nothing wrong. they concluded that you are a liar!

    • Robin says:

      Maybe you should stick to the facts; you’re letting your emotions cloud your judgment. Of course, feel free – anytime, to send me a copy of the official conclusions from the government.

  4. saxtonjones99 says:

    by the way – still waiting for you to “author” your piece of crap response to that long note.

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