Is Jae Just Jaded?

Maybe he is…have you read the Q & A for the candidates in the Advance?

A career built on getting paid with government money by spending government money, I mean ‘taxpayer’ money, may not have fostered much (if any) appreciation for the funding side of the fence. The money train too often gets viewed as an endless track by government employees. Government has become so huge and convoluted, it’s almost impossible to figure out who’s spending what.

I understood Guetschow’s comments, “a nameless, faceless, negative third grader”, because a fourth grader gets it, as he has recently stated in the Advance, was aimed at me. Now, that’s why we need some dialogue Mr. President, to clear up misconceptions.

It’s obvious I have a face but I can understand if you’re quite used to seeing two faces on people, those just having one might throw your count off. I have a name too – everyone does. Making up names for me seems rather redundant, you could have even used a file number or my tax I.D. number to dismiss me without guilt.

Maybe third graders are more in tune with detecting things that are amiss.

I realize our government has done some good things. I’ve pointed out in previous posts, there’s also a history of not always making the right decisions by our local government. For example, tripling the strain of a sewage treatment plant that wasn’t designed for adding an Ethanol Plant didn’t appear to be well thought through. Or, attending meetings at Kay and George Brown’s home to have pre-discussions that should have been held at council meetings wasn’t a good idea in my view either. Hopefully Tran will publish my letter to the Editor this week, if not check back here for more info about this.

As for the “anarchist” and “they’re in the minority” comments you’ve made…well, disparaging comments leveled against your critics proves you’d rather shut them up than listen. That’s a pretty suspicious attitude from someone in a leadership position.

An  opinion about something negative doesn’t turn someone into a negative person. Disagreeing with your philosophy, policies or politics doesn’t make me negative, nor is it a negative opinion, it’s disagreement. It’s always possible that I’ve been misinformed, but I was taught talking about where we went wrong was considered the first step to get something fixed, it’s a huge positive.

From spending time with the elite network I’ve come to recognize usage of the term ‘negative’ now means an individual’s opinion cannot be swayed to align with theirs. Although transparent, it’s quite humorous actually.

For the record, I’m in favor of a smaller, more efficient, more manageable and less expensive government. I’d also like to see the corruption addressed and disposed of because I believe corruption undermines a democratic process, while adding unnecessary cost.

My response to your calling me an anarchist and saying I’m in the minority: What you call anarchist, in reality is anti-communism, anti-socialism and anti-marxist. If a Village President can’t recognize pro-republic, pro-democracy and pro-constitution, then our problems are greater than I initially feared. The role of our Representative Government is to vote and operate according to the desires of the constituents. Yes, officials have the power to think and act like they know what’s best for us because we’re too stupid to get the larger picture. If they don’t represent the will of the people, they get voted out.

The things that I’m in favor of are not in the minority, but the perspective of an overwhelming majority. At this point in time, I’d think that most people get that if we don’t stop spending and become more fiscally responsible we’re still digging a hole for an already tanked economy. By the way, we got here by politicians that were convinced they knew what was best, hence all that went into bursting the housing bubble, among other things.

When it comes to spending other people’s money you should have expected some critique. These same views are shared by many Republicans, all the Conservatives and all of the National Tea Party along with most of the Libertarians and quite a few Independents. Just to drive this point home a little further for you. Even socialist countries are getting into the conservative groove, from the NY Times – Great Britain Plans Deepest Cuts to Spending in 60 Years. If news from our side of the pond is more convincing, a recent Pew Research Survey found that Nearly 80 percent of Americans say they do not trust the government to do what is right, read more here.

Mr. President, you can rationalize it any way you need to, but 80% of Americans doesn’t sound like a minority from what I learned in my 4th grade math class.

I would like to end this post by thanking everyone who is planning on getting out to vote November 2/2010. Congratulations to all the young adults that get to vote for the very first time!

John Hancock 1770-crop“I [urge] you, by all that is dear, by all that is honorable, by all that is sacred, not only that ye pray but that ye act.”  Founding Father John Hancock

Quote courtesy of – check out their Judeo-Christian voter guide here.

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