T’is A Good Day!

Thank You Blissfield!!!

Congratulations Mike Gunter!

It looks like the silent majority is not so silent when they have a turn out like this to vote. God Bless America!

Assuming there are 3,000 people living in Blissfield with one-third being of voting age, 1,065 is a great turnout…very impressive.

 Photo by Evgeni Dinev


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4 Responses to T’is A Good Day!

  1. concern citizen says:

    You had a good letter in the Advance. It was nice that Mike won. IS was also nice that Randy Kelley got beat!!!!

    • Robin says:

      Thanks, the letter was submitted with proof to back up my statements. I stayed up till 3:00 am watching the results; this was a very exciting election with more hits than misses across the Nation. Mike and Tuckerman both won by a pretty good margin.

      I’m not looking forward to what will happen in the wake of the Federal Reserve printing $500 billion- $1 trillion or buying up government bonds. Devaluing the US dollar and increasing inflation is what I’m expecting from it. However, I’m looking for more jobs on the horizon – we can only hope!

  2. Annie says:

    It’s time for change and fresh air running Council! HOORAY!!! Annie

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