Speaking of Spending…and bailouts

The ‘Michigan Main Street’ plan was hatched in the private dwelling of George and Kay Brown’s, basically behind the scenes and in the background with a select ‘invitation only’ list of our esteemed lawmakers – these are whom I’ve deemed the ‘Blissfield Elites’, some refer to them as ‘the clique’. Not because they are better, more intelligent or wealthier than the rest of us but because they deem themselves to be so. They’ve earned this by operating as an exclusive network. Friends of Historic Blissfield (FoHB) claimed responsibility for MMS involvement in our community through a publication they made explaining what they are and why they exist. I don’t think how and what they’ve enacted is even legal and binding.

It looks like FoHB is very much an ‘Acorn’ type organization that was working with the Liberal minded portion of our government to promote implementation of a liberal philosophy agenda, it wasn’t just about beautification of Blissfield. I’m actually thinking the elites are all Liberals as this bit of research will show. Most importantly, a conservative group would not ask for and receive public funding for beautification projects they view as important but would have campaigned for private donations to fund them. As far as I can tell, even their adopted ‘Make a Difference Day’ agenda is more narrowly scoped for making things look pretty than helping those in need, as the national event intended.

Perhaps implementing MMS was to give some teeth to the committee for beautifying, actually legitimizing the unnecessary spending campaign. Now they’ve got a whole organization on board cheerleading the effort. Of course to be fair, MMS warns theirs is not a grant program, but they’re carefull not to make the connection they’re affiliated or are the marketing arm for those that distribute the grants. MMS also claims that MSHDA (Michigan State Housing Development Authority) doesn’t use taxpayer funds to fund their programs, they sell bonds and notes. Are these the same bonds and notes the treasury just bought for 600 billion? You may have heard about quantitative easing and monetizing the debt.

Does the entity Fannie Mae ring any bells? MSHDA helped cause the housing crisis by getting people into homes without any or little skin in the game, those were probably the first homeowners to face foreclosure. MSHDA came in to help through stimulus/bailout money from the Federal Government and distributed funds to those lucky enough to get some financial help to stay in their homes.

As I’ve pointed out before, those that are in opposition to the spending/bailout cycle that we’ve allowed our government to orchestrate are called negative, anarchists or the 20% that don’t want to do anything, etc. Well, MSHDA and Michigan Main Street have their own terminology for responsible people and they know just how to deal with us. They call those people ‘Cave People’. Isn’t that sweet, we get a special nod and special handling.

Bad Press?

You bet, want to know how often that happens? I’ve tried to find negative press about Michigan Main Street – the reason – I wanted to know what the down side was, I wanted to know why certain communities have bowed out of the program…but I found out why I can’t find any negatives to MMS. Because they’re not allowed to have any. If you belong to a MMS committee, once you leave a meeting you’re to support any and all decisions that the committee has made. No documented differences of opinion, just happy faces to the community. In fact you’re not allowed to take anything viewed as negative to the DDA/MMS Director. I guess the fires the director was supposed to be putting out all the time (I got this from the Board Training Session they held) would come from, hmm… where would those fires come from? I’m stumped on that one.

Anyhow, I also found a reason why President Guetschow was such a fervent supporter of Main Street…

Main Street communities are given preference for grant funding – yup, puts them right up there at the top of the list. Oh, we’ve got people working on Historic designation too, it was suggested (or required) by MMS.

But the bottom line from this particular ‘Cave Person’ is the program is not free. Have you read all those Blissfield Village Newsletters for the last two years telling you there’s no cost for the program? Other than the $20,000.00 they had in their budget for hiring a Main Street Director. Somehow they magically found $8,000.00 more to throw in and even that number will surely increase – with benefits. (more spending in another post)

Since I paid for a FOIA request to see a DDA financial statement May 28/2010, the budget for hiring a director to manage the MMS program went from $20,000.00 to – $50,750.00, my additions are in the right two columns  FY10-11 Budget Main Street 

MSHDA of course counts this as creating a job.

Bills paid for the program coming out of the Village Budget is actually costing us. DDA spending is also costing us when those funds could either not be captured in the first place or better spent elsewhere.

Does anybody know why a government housing organization is involved with economic development? I think its to create more housing, whether the community needs it or not. I think they know that we’ll watch the left hand while the right one does it’s magic.

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4 Responses to Speaking of Spending…and bailouts

  1. Fred Flintstone says:

    My goodness you are brain-diseased creature.
    You had your chance to run for office, didn’t you?
    If you wanted to be taken seriously, you should have offered an alternative. Because the government and DDA sitting back and doing nothing wasn’t doing a damn thing to help downtown.
    You should have offered an alternative. And you should have worked toward that goal, and tried to win people to your side. But you won’t do that. You sit in your living room and laugh away as you snipe at people who, while you may disagree with, are still obviously trying to work toward the betterment of the community. Your personal attacks have made you so bloody radioactive that nobody with a 10-foot-pole would touch you.
    You’ve backed Mike Gunter and Mark Burgermeister, two worthy councilmen. But do you think they’d be dumb enough to associate themselves with you after the nonsense you’ve been involved with?

    You’ve dug yourself a nice hole. And you just keep on digging.
    Happy shoveling. Let us know when you reach China, if you don’t burn in hell first!

    • Robin says:

      I’ve posted this comment (I should have posted the other 2 also) to show how vicious liberal elites can be in pushing their agenda. You guys don’t even read the alternatives presented throughout the posts I’ve written. A conservative solution is just ignored by you guys; throwing money at something over and over again is the only thing that constitutes a solution to liberals. If someone’s not wasting time energy and spending someone else’s money, it can’t be a solution, right? Now its your children’s and grandchildren’s (borrowed) money. Pretty selfish huh? I’ve been working towards rectifying that goal, I’ve been doing something and I’ve focused on what’s best for the whole community not just the elites.

      What about the solutions I’ve literally brought to those making decisions, like the one I took to Lynn Southward for instance. The single most productive thing they could have done has been ignored for decades – it could have been the most cost efficient as well, giving back the front door parking to all the businesses along the 223 corridor, which would have even alleviated parking issues for the whole downtown district. Instead they reduced more parking by streetscaping in an attempt to beautify. I’m sure they thought then they had hit the magic bullet then to end economic decay. I’m sure that effort was going to cause entrepreneurs to flock downtown to open businesses ’cause look how pretty and inviting it would be. They drove out the best anchor store they could have had by taking those parking spots (read about Gilson’s in the Advance). Now they realize the importance of having a big draw operation, hmm, I wonder how they’re going to convince a large operation that parking is no big deal. Tell me again how feuding with the businesses that are already existent and operational helps, but I’m the brain-diseased individual – not much sense there, is it?

      I may be radioactive to the elite network but don’t underestimate the many that support my views, perhaps you missed the elections and the principles that swept so many Republicans into office. There’s many more of us than there are of you. Go back to the post “The Problem with Elites” and view a Bill Whittle video or two.

      “Because the government and DDA sitting back and doing nothing wasn’t doing a damn thing to help downtown.” They’re doing the wrong damn things (that’s what you conveniently missed), they’re adding insult to injury. The DDA needs to be dissolved and government needs to let businesses look after themselves, they know what’s best for themselves because they have the expertise government doesn’t have. Give them all tax cuts instead of supporting the DDA and select facade grants. Government needs to serve in a supportive capacity not obstructionist (ordinances preventing them from holding their own events, for a great example). “That government is best which governs least” – I think this was a quote from Jefferson or Payne. Not only is the principal correct but our Founding Fathers are the ones that shaped my philosophy. Considering the extraordinary brilliance that came from them, I think that bodes well for my team.

      Stay tuned, there are more solutions and alternatives to come, not that you’ll recognize them. I recommend some skin thickening for a better look at the big picture.

      Your socialist agenda will reach China way before I do, we’ll just spend our way there if you’re not challenged.

  2. Logan says:

    I originally had high hopes for the Main Street program; hoping it would pull our community together. It didn’t take long to realize the same small group was running the show and that other opinions were not wanted. The same businesses are getting the advantages and I, for one, am sick of it. I’m thankful that most of the businesses in the village stand on their own feet and don’t rely on public money to stay open.

    • Robin says:

      The elite network just divided themselves up to head the four different committees, kind of like musical chairs – the community is the one left without a seat. MMS just sided with the numbers that were willing to get involved for the success of their program (they could have done so much).

      One has to assume that if the businesses are not treated fair, the residents are not either. In order to have all treated fairly, the network must relinquish their stranglehold on the community. Since there’s a fat chance that will happen, a few other measures can be adopted. 2) The network banned from any position of authority or decision-making capacity. 3) Non-network community members sign up and outnumber the network making a stand. 4) The network gets neutered by dissolving the DDA. There may be more options, if you can think of one…let me know!

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