Now That’s Leadership

I missed the council meeting on Monday night, I missed it because it wasn’t posted on the village website, I even went to look.

George Brown just motioned council to appoint Andrea Cueto to the vacant chair position on council and A. Ray Jones seconded it.

I’ve noticed this strong-arm pattern at Council and DDA meetings. If we just push things through, nobody gets a chance to think about choices – yes, put it to a vote and cross your fingers when we get to the discussion part. If we can throw in an emergency deadline, well that’s even better. It’s worked quite well for Obama.

The tactic is nothing less than network thuggery, and it has worked.

Something has changed, did the tact work?  No…not this day. Andrea Cueto came in 4th in a 3 man race, she wasn’t an automatic shoo-in for Village Council just because her name was on the ballot. The Village President gets to make the appointment and Council yeahs or nays the appointment.

If I were a betting woman, I’d bet the change in leadership has brought new grit to the council, a new community centric grit that’s not at the mercy of the network anymore. And – I’ve got to say, I’m liking it real well.


I also have to say (read this part a little faster); Get a grip on yourself Mr. Brown and have a little more respect! I understand the plan for getting one of your own into that seat didn’t run as smoothly as planned but that’s no reason to act juvenile, cursing in a council meeting and storming out. Walking out of a meeting in that manner means you’re intellectually incompetent to verbally illustrate your point of view (which you can’t actually do anyway when you’re just wrong). Demeaning your opposition and getting belligerent only shows your true colors. Now, this is going to hurt you more than it’s going to hurt me but, I also strongly suggest you do take your bat and ball and just go home. Then, go straight to your room and think very hard about what you’ve done. You’re so grounded.

Photographer: Arvind Balaraman

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6 Responses to Now That’s Leadership

  1. concern citzen says:

    check mike gunter’s facebook page….the lady(?) in question put the following on it
    F–k you Mr. Pres…….

    • Robin says:

      The characters are providing clarity about character, not once have I heard language like that from the hamstrung community about them. They also gave a whole new meaning to their new (shortened) name I’ve recently dubbed them, the “F” group.

      It’s their retaliatory viciousness that hijacked the community and prevented proper dialogue and communication. Mike Gunter, Mark Burgermeister and anyone else that was in agreement stood on principal and the letter of the law. It was the network that threw the tantrums when they didn’t get their way. Neither Gunter nor Burgermeister said Andrea wouldn’t be considered but the network is trying to label them as a “good ole boy” club when Margaret Goble and Vicki Lombard had served on council, not to mention turning the tables and accusing them of the same thing they were doing for the last few years…what gall.

      I forgot to answer Georgie Porgie’s “damn first question” because I think I have an answer; Everybody else that would’ve stepped up to the plate, knew they’d be wasting their time if they weren’t a part of the network, duh!

  2. Snoopy says:

    I have been doing some research and find the following information helpful in deciding if George is right or wrong with wanting Andrea on council. The information comes from the Handbook for General Law Village Officials. I have found out there is nothing stipulating that Andrea is automatically on council because she ran in the elections. In fact I don’t see anything that stipulates that she should even be on council because she lost the election. She should go through the proper procedures for appointment to serve on council. Council voted 3 to 2 for her not to be appointed to council, so as far as I am concerned she should not be allowed another vote. It doesn’t matter if Art wasn’t there to vote. The vote still counts. She also rescinded her letter of application. Anyone in The Village of Blissfield has the right to be on council. It doesn’t matter why they did not run for the election. In fact that could be a touchy question if asked why they didn’t run for council. There might be some legality if that question is asked. Get over it George the elections are over and it doesn’t matter how many votes she had. I will also post on a later date the proper way for trustees to conduct their selves at council meetings. What George did was not the way an elected official should behave. I believe he owes the residents of Blissfield a apology for his conduct.

    Elections – Filling vacant seats
    Q5 How are vacancies on the council
    According to section 62.13, the council
    appoints a person to fill a vacancy occurring
    in the office of president, trustee, or any
    other elective office. The appointee serves
    until the next regularly scheduled election.
    If the appointee is serving in the first year or
    two of a four year term, the next regularly
    scheduled election should include a council
    position for two years, to fill the remainder
    of the four year term.

    Elections – Running for office while in
    office or employed by village
    Q17 Does a trustee have to resign from
    council in order to run for president?
    No. If the trustee wins the president’s seat,
    then the trustee position must be filled by
    appointment until the next election.

    • Robin says:

      Yes you have been doing some research Snoopy! I’d be interested in knowing more about the legalities about the question of not running. It seems to me that an extra seat was not open until after the election, whereas Gunter’s seat was newly opened after winning the Mayoral/Presidents seat. One could have assumed the seat would become vacant but until it actually happened, the seat was not legally open. Running for council in the election is different than having an open seat after the election, which is therefore subject to appointment at that time. Is it not obvious that less interest was shown for council consideration before Gunter won as opposed to after?

      With a newly elected President I’m also thinking it’s understandable (and desirable) they take some time to review proper procedure for appointing a new councilmember. It’s responsible to prepare and follow correct procedure as opposed to hastily winging it, thus encouraging regrettable and may I say – preventable mistakes, wouldn’t you say?

      I’m in agreement strictly from a courtesy point of view, that George owes Blissfield residents an apology for his conduct but he also owes Council and the President an apology too. I’m looking forward to your research about trustee conduct.

  3. T. Saxton-Jones says:

    Maybe they didnt put it online because they didnt want you to go to it – you are a freakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Robin says:

      That would be a pretty dangerous game Saxton-Jones. Violating the open meeting act just to prevent one citizen from going, give your head a shake. Thanks for letting us know how you would play it…hey – that sounds like a network or F-group thing to do. Go figure.

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