TSA Solution

I just had to share this, in case you missed it!

An outside-the-box-thinker friend of mine sent this to me.

Thanks, Bob!

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5 Responses to TSA Solution

    • Robin says:

      I wasn’t gifted enough to write a song and produce a video about it, but thought this solution was pretty brilliant. American ingenuity is rather humbling, isn’t it?.

  1. Sandy Meeks says:

    This is truly a grand solution to the screening/pat down problem ! Kudos to your friend, Robin !
    I spoke w/ many, many travelers the other day, and as I aksed them all their thoughts on the recently over-reported problems w/ airport screening and w/o exception, no one had any objections whatsoever to the screening process. Not one. As w/ so many other of our current everyday happenings, the media are truly the ones who get those happenings all blown out of proportion !

    P.S. Seems that “random topics” is only a reflection of Robin’s and my thoughts about issues. Where is everybody else? Maybe she and I need to start a fight, get mean and nasty, so people could take sides ! C’mon everybody !

    • Robin says:

      It would thwart the terrorist problem too! I don’t want to fly because of the pat downs or the naked scanners, could you imagine your naked imagery on wikileaks? What about the pervert potential, you can’t rule that out in any profession. I don’t like it. I also believe there’s a false sense of security factor as well. Call me names, but I know for a fact that many laws and measures don’t really solve the problems, they only seem to solve the problems – for human consumption. I heard the scanners don’t detect plastic explosives, so that would render the personal invasion unnecessary. Plus, if muslim women are the only ones that can be patted from the shoulders up, what’s up with that? But, I digress, I’m in agreement that the topic is totally over-reported.

      About needing to start a fight: clearly you’ve been harboring some resentment about some contentious point I’ve made. I say, bring it on and let me have it. Lord knows, I need to be put in my place on occassion too! There’s a blogger by the name of Ben Hoffman that doesn’t like conservatives, calling them dummies and accusing them of ruining the country. He left a denigrating comment on Burst Updates blog and I jumped in. You can pile up on me there or come to my defense, it all depends how you view things.

      Blissfield is just really, really shy, I have about 2,000 visitors each month, only a few consider commenting. Maybe my next post will bring them out of their shell (I say that for every new post).

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