You’re Entitled

“Just thinking out loud” or “it’s just my opinion” – “take it for what it’s worth”, “just putting in my two cents”…is redundant information.  Having to preface everything I utter with stating the obvious, just doesn’t feel right. If sounds emanating from my vocal chords are congruent with the formation of words and my lip movements, then it indeed originates from me so it therefore must be my opinion. It may have been determined long ago that including these type statements would cushion the blow of disagreement, but it feels like I’m denigrating my opinion before I even state it. If I have taken the time and effort to put together a few thoughts in order to verbalize what I believe to be information that may benefit someone, how would that translate as offensive?

I’m not a social expert, I don’t have the statistics or the neat little graph but doesn’t everybody have at least one or two opinions about any given topic? Whether right or wrong all should be valued and encouraged. If your opinion is to hold water though, it should also withstand debate. At the end of the day, it’s vitally important to get the facts straight, indulging in dialogue is one sure way to get that done. For that reason, I try to include as many facts as I can when writing or verbalizing my opinion, others do too.

If we were perfect we wouldn’t have any issues.

Have you heard about mass delusion? This is a social science phenomenon that causes a spontaneous belief in imaginary threats. One person makes one misjudgment or wrong assumption and somehow it turns into an enduring reality by a whole group of people. The only way to deal with misjudgments is to actively judge for yourself and do your own analysis. Then it would be good to talk about it. Why not give as many people as much correct information as you can? A lie can travel around the world before the truth even gets up in the morning.

A couple of comments about the letters to the editor in this week’s Blissfield Advance.

I’ve seen little evidence that everyone working together is a “Main Street principle”, it wasn’t a network principal, it should have been, it should be yours – it should be every ones. In fact, our Founding Fathers had designed a system for self-governing principles. If we can’t conduct ourselves with honor and integrity, a lack thereof will surely subject us to government defining every little infraction with regulations (more wealth for government and lawyers).

Vacancy on council addressed;

The democratic vote by the people – voted the incumbents back into office, it certainly does matter if you end up 4th in a 3 man race. There were only three seats up for election at the time of the election. After the election, another seat became vacant, which at that time (see below) is filled by appointment by council. A vacancy is different from an election. It does matter which seat, one seat does have difference to another. The incumbent seats were elected to 4-year terms and Gunter’s newly vacated seat is a two-year term. Gunter’s seat wasn’t up for election in 2010; his seat was up for election in 2012. Only three seats are up for election in any given election year, all are not replaceable when the next election is due, they are staggered. If you still advocate the seat should have just been handed over to Cueto, what about everybody else that ran in all the previous elections. Would McCain be next in line for Obama’s seat since he got the next 
highest amount of votes in the 2008 one man race?

Act 3 of 1895
Section 62.13 of the General Law Village Act – A vacancy occurring in the office of president, trustee, or any other elective office shall be filled by appointment by the council, and the appointee shall hold office until the next regular village election. All vacancies in any other office shall be filled by the president, by and with the consent of the council.

According to a staff writer at the Advance, “It is time to heal and move ahead”. Healing and moving on comes with acceptance. Understanding the facts does much to move toward acceptance. If lies, impropriety or misinformation are not addressed, I doubt burying it as a bygone would douse a smoldering fire; I think that fans the flames. If we can’t call each other out and debate, we would be ignoring a powerful tool that helps us help each other to be more accountable and honorable citizens, not to mention keeping 
ourselves moving forward and working together.

We have a prime opportunity to build something special, something  unusual, something 
that can set us apart. The easiest thing to sell is something you believe in. Why not 
just build something we all can believe in?

Photographer: renjith krishnan

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