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Residents may have assumed a false sense of well-being because the city continued to provide decent services and relatively safe neighborhoods. Bell is sprinkled with neat parks and athletic fields. Roads are freshly paved, and most sidewalks are free of the graffiti and fliers that litter many nearby cities. City Hall is flanked by a skate park and a brightly lit soccer field.

“Everything was good, I thought,” says Rodrigo Rodarte. “For 31 years that I lived here, I never went to a city-council meeting.”

He was busy raising two children and running an export business. Now, he is gathering signatures for the recall and is a regular at council meetings. Later, he will try to stop by two community meetings scheduled for the same night.

Mr. Rodarte looks at a lush lawn at the house where he is about to ask for a signature. “My yard…I should be watering it. The trash needs to go out…” Then, with a sigh, he says, “Later. I’ll do it later.”

Bell Scandal Serves Up a Civics Lesson” – via The Wall Street Journal, by Tamara Audi

Civic responsibility is time-consuming, it takes time to educate yourself about the process and familiarize yourself with the issues. You have to allot time to go to council meetings. At the end of the day there is an upside, you’d be involved, standing up for something. Bell California stood up for nothing and fell for anything.

If you don’t feel like reading the WSJ piece, watch some video.

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