Have you heard about the 9.12 project?

There’s a 9.12 Forum, a part of the Tea Party that meets in Adrian Michigan. There are 9 principles and 12 values these Americans try to live by. You can subscribe to the Lenawee 9.12 Forum’s mailing list by visiting their website. This is a group of non-politicos that decided it was time they started learning politics and get involved. These were the quiet majority, it’s the people (we the people) that are saving our republic…and our liberty.

Since they’re a grass-roots organization, they ask you sign in at the door when you attend, and they discreetly hope for donations. These meetings are usually held at the Christian Family Centre, 1800 W. U.S. 223,  6:30 pm – 8:00 pm. This meeting they’ll meet in the cafeteria of the Lenawee Christian School, which is attached to and north of the Christian Family Centre.  Come in the north school entrance off Wolf Creek Hwy. and park in the north parking lot.this is what they have on the agenda for the next meeting.
Presentation:  January 13, 2011 / Adrian, MI 

“Illegal Immigration in the United States”

Speaker:  Robert Najmulski / NE U.S. Field Representative for the Federation For American Immigration Reform / 30 years Law Enforcement experience:  Orange Co., CA…Los Angeles Co., CA…Allen Co., OH / Creator and Lead Investigator on NW Ohio Criminal Alien Task Force / Allen County Sheriff’s Office Deputy of the Year 2007 / Recipient of Governor’s California Commendation Medal for actions in the 1992 Los Angeles riots

Overview:  Illegal immigration is an increasing problem in the United States and has staggering effects on our economy, education system, medical system and national security.  Due to a noticeable decrease in the enforcement of our immigration laws at the federal level, the number of people entering our country illegally is on the rise.  This is not a problem exclusive to the southwest and border states; every state in the union is feeling the effects of illegal immigration while certain elected representatives in Washington DC continue to push for amnesty and benefits for illegal aliens.  States and local municipalities have the right, duty and responsibility to address this problem.  While the issue will not be solved overnight, it cannot be ignored. 

Topics to be covered:

  • Introduction to FAIR
  • Illegal Immigration Overview at the Federal and State Level
  • FAIR Cost Study:  Fiscal Impact at the National and State Level
  • The “Border War” – YOUR State Border is Affected Too!
  • The Unsecured Border and National Security
  • Criminal Alien Activity at the Local Level
  • Role and Responsibility of Local Law Enforcement
  • Criminal Alien Task Force – A Success Story
  • Legislative Answers and Efforts
  • What YOU Can Do to Help Address Illegal Immigration

Here’s a video they played at the first meeting I went to, it had almost 9 million views on YouTube in 10 months. Caution: viewing may cause a lump in your throat, choke you up or will make your eyes a bit more wet than usual.

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One Response to Have you heard about the 9.12 project?

  1. Sandy Meeks says:

    This is just beautiful ! And thanks, Robin, for sharing the information about Lenawee 9-12. It is a wonderful organization. Welcome to everyone.

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