Lame Blame Game…fodder for a lynching

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I saw an Arizona tragedy unfold last Saturday January 8th as a gunman open fired at an outside town hall meeting. A week later, I’m sure everybody is aware of the horrific details and most recognize the attack was a random act of unnecessary extreme violence. 

It doesn’t matter what the victims political affiliations are or were, every loss of life is equally grieved and every violent attack is grievously hideous. Many of the names of the victims that were shot haven’t even been released to date. All those that were forced to witness the violent chaos were also victims, left with that imagery replaying in their head and nightmares…repeatedly. I recognize the State of Arizona is mourning also, but all should know that heartfelt prayers are sent from all over the nation, and the world in empathy for their pain and loss.

There is no excuse.

While people were fighting for their lives, I watched something else that made the previous act of insane evil, even more heinous, Left flank politicos went on a modern-day lynching campaign to pin the murders and assaults on their political opposition. The myriad media formats were ablaze with fingers pointing, accusations were fervently hurled across the internet saying “Right, you own this one”, “Blood on your hands”, “Defensive?” They even named names – Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, talk radio, the Tea Party and those on the right-wing. Some of the victims were Republicans, a CNN report couldn’t even interview the original hero, they called him “one man who was grazed by a bullet grabbed the gunman”, Joe Zamudio, another hero that day even told CNN who he thought was the real hero but CNN couldn’t get us that name. The biggest hero’s name is Bill Badger – 74-year-old, retired Army Colonel – Republican.

I wonder if Clyburn, Dingell or Durbin got their news source from Sheriff Dupnik who instead of providing the facts in a press conference, Dupnik was certain the rhetoric from the right was the cause of the incident. Maybe they get their “facts” from this guy – Mike Malloy. I can’t even use the word “spin” to describe fact versus calculated fiction.

Glenn Beck Is Instructing His Listeners To Kill The President

Here’s what actually transpired and the results of the Secret Service investigation…

Cop buff no threat to Obama

Mike Malloy references this Glenn Beck video as a plot to assassinate the President. I watched that particular show; again, I watched the video, I didn’t relate it to an assassination of the President in any regard. Glenn was speaking against the subversion of the court system and likened it to the subversion of congress (healthcare bill, executive orders, czars, EPA, FCC) – rendering our judicial system irrelevant. Beck was speaking against the Presidents own assassination program.

Here’s the (liberal source) link that Beck was commenting on;
Olbermann on Obama’s assassination program

Here’s the update for the same story; the follow-up confirming the story;
Confirmed: Obama authorizes assassination of U.S. citizen

But I digress.

This time was not the time where President Obama jumped to conclusions and had a press release to state “pundits were just acting stupidly”, no – Obama was to address the situation at the memorial for the deceased four days later in Tucson.

Armed with a finely crafted speech and a fine ability to read it (unemotionally), an army of political strategists, handlers and campaign tactics with a slogan developed in 2008, “Together We Thrive”, from Obama’s “Organizing for America“. Yes there were profound reasons why the memorial felt foreign and uncomfortable to many. The conservative media thought (or pretended) it was largely due to the audience’s uncommon reaction to an otherwise and normally somber event, it must have been fulfilling Tucson’s particular need at a time when they needed to come to grips about senseless violence…to heal, to move forward from here. They suspected Obama must have been just as surprised as they were to witness a rally atmosphere from this event.

One article swears the University paid $60,000 for the 10,000 T-shirts at the event, another article refutes this. Some sources show a picture of the JumboTron that prompted  student’s applause, others contend the school applause was close captioning. There is much debate going on about it.

The most disturbing thing;

Our political system is one grand game – a war of ideology and dare I say idiocy. When a Country has gone so far off the track and evolved into a Country that’s not led by a Commander-in-Chief but by a group of self-professed intellectuals that contain no resonance of moral fiber and no detectable sense of humanity.

In the wake of this tragedy, lawmakers rushed (during their week off) to scribble out and propose new legislation with emotion as the engine (wasn’t this an argument why some people thought a woman shouldn’t rule the country – they were too emotional?). This is not only a display of being too emotional; it’s a display of irrationality. This new legislation is based on false accusations and woefully void of fact. Even under the guise of protecting the public with more gun control and banning symbols and metaphors, the fact remains — you cannot protect yourself from the “crazies” in the grassy knoll.

The winning team wins who puts out the best ad campaign and who can create the biggest buzz, fabricated or not. Is this not propaganda? No wonder Sarah Palin has been favored by so many, she is one of a very few that seem real. No wonder the left flank has tirelessly tried to demonize her; she has threatened the very core of their grand gig. She is not the figurehead of the Tea Party (everyday, middle America), they adopted her. This past week and a half, sparked by the senseless massacre in Arizona, then the senseless political fallout that ensued, I have been quite disturbed, and shaken. I am appalled and disgusted by what has become of politics and the American way. Thank God the sorry climate and insanity gave rise to a powerful group, guided by principles, ethics and the most important lacked element that’s been plaguing the deconstruction of a nation – a moral compass.

Long live the Tea Party!

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