A Lesson on Friendship

Dear Former Friend,

You can fool all of the people some of the time, or some of the people all of the time but there is no escaping yourself.

One thing you repeatedly spoke about was an appreciation that I didn’t judge you; I didn’t know you were hiding essential behavioral information that should have been judged.

Realizing what you’ve done prompted remembrance of things that should have served as warning signs. Even though hindsight is 20/20 it serves up valuable lessons going forward. I should have been judging your character. Your attitude about many things were entirely selfish, I chocked them up to an abnormal little quirk – a selfish streak to be overlooked because there was something deep inside to be treasured – there had to be, I thought. Our friendship was in my mind only, it was my mistake alone. I kept foolishly giving you the benefit of the doubt.

If I paid more attention, I would have concluded your allegiance with others was as transitory as your perfidious lust. Knowing you are a serial cheater would have been great information to have. I would have readily known the proportionate level of trust to supply. Obviously tis was a closely guarded secret for those in the know. But again, I had warning signs.

You’ve mocked your marriage with multiple affairs and furthermore, mired your other relationships in the process. Friends and family were caught in the middle, subjected to careful construction of the one-sided “I deserve better” version, lulling them into advocacy. Perpetually looking for them to say you deserve better – as some sort of permission to cheat. After unfolding the untold portion of this story (until now), I’d like to say – of course you have a bad marriage – it’s bad because you’ve desecrated the union, over and over. It’s a miracle you still have any semblance of a marriage? If that wasn’t enough, you’ve aided your extramarital accomplices in desecrating their marriages,
devastating not only yours, but their families too.

As it works out, sometimes stupidity is appreciated, because good things can come from insipid behavior.

This is one of those times.

What you gave birth to in your twisted attempt to throw me under the bus with your esteemed network, was a wealth of information that begot understanding. Whatever distorted danger you manufactured as a warning about me, it was issued to protect your latest depraved affair and prevent me from discovering the truth. This provided me with an undeniable clarity to the group and those players’ immoral character. Your iniquity outed theirs.

They rallied the troops to protect their well-connected member and their agenda – against me, they engaged in games of sabotage and manipulation. Oh the wicked web, and so many claim to be Christian. Most of them, including you are “Christian” in name only, pretending to be upstanding citizens that care about their community. The group also betrayed one of their own, a longtime community member and were themselves, considered a “friend”. Yes, there’s plenty of shame to go around.

Most of my earlier posts were about unraveling the truth, writing about things while still on a course of learning the “why” behind the way I was treated. If you’ve read some of those posts and felt something was missing – this is the reason, it was given by somebody I considered a friend.

I imagine a couple of my opponents weren’t quite as devious, they could have been
unwitting cohorts that jumped into the fight to criticize me without even knowing the reason.

Nevertheless, it probably goes without saying I no longer consider you a friend, but thanks for shedding some light. Not only about you, but on others I might have made the same mistake with. I do value the lesson and appreciate the opportunity to re-evaluate the
method and importance of choosing “friends”.

Image: dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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29 Responses to A Lesson on Friendship

  1. T. Saxton-Jones says:

    Robin – why arent you putting the comment online?

  2. T. Saxton-Jones says:

    honest to God – if you slam kay brown, the royals, the valdez’s, or george brown, or the southward’s you are going to get it from the town. We are not going to stand for you speaking of them like crap. They are nothing but fine citizen’s. You are not a fine citizen, hardly even a citizen of the country in our book. You need to get real with yourself. I do not appreciate how in the hell that you are disgustingly speaking of my good friends. What the hell do you get out of this crap? They did nothing to you. Let me tell you something else, you say they are wasting your taxpayer money, the hell they are! they only person that is wasting our taxpayer money is you, with your false accusations against the members of the council. You are costing the federal government money to come in to investigate to find not a damn thing. I cannot stress how in the hell that you diss the brown family, they put their time and money into this town along with the others just named and ask for nothing in return. We dont even pay them for their tireless amount of hours of service for the town. Kay brown makes a valid point, if you got a damn problem with her, CALL her, stop slamming her online. She is a fine citizen. The Royal family and the Valdez’s have too much work on their mind to even bother with your damn crap, so leave them alone and let them do what they do best, by helping our town become a great destination….frankly for that to happen, we need to find a way to get your butt out of here. Too bad we can ask the council to evict your fat butt! Now you leave the southward family alone too! They are too busy with your crap to even bother with you.

    • Robin says:

      I would suggest try reading the post again and think about what you’re reading, try reading it without defensiveness and bias. These are not fine people you are defending. Then again, you might have some perverted definition for the word “fine”. Obviously they aren’t busy enough to refrain from playing miserable games with people and taking advantage of their positions.

      You know, even with my obvious distaste for their lack of morality and good judgment, I wouldn’t want them to leave. Even though you’ve demonstrated close-mindedness through much vitriol and vehemently opposed what I’ve written, I wouldn’t want you to leave either. I wouldn’t have even stooped lowly enough to condemn and insult someone’s heritage or where you or they came from because you/they spoke their mind. Whether or not you view what I have to say as “crap”, I am going to speak my mind and I am going to voice my opinion about whatever or whenever I feel something is unfair or corrupt. You and your friends might have gotten away with bullying people into silence, but you’re not getting away with it here. I don’t care if I’ve spoken out against your friends, if your friends are in the middle of it; they put themselves there by their own actions.

      So, I guess you’re going to hear about it – and stand for it you will.

      If my accusations are false, then you shouldn’t have any problem supplying me with evidence or facts to prove otherwise, right? Knowing how Kay Brown operates – no, she does not make a good point. Kay Brown had many chances to be honest and she didn’t feel the need, so I have no idea what point there would be to “call” her. However, since you and the network are so tight, why don’t you go have a heart to heart with them? Since they’re such good friends of yours, maybe they will come clean with you and fess up to their misbehavior.

  3. saxtonjones99 says:

    you are crazy

  4. Logan says:

    Please note that there are several people in town that are glad Robin is speaking up. I, for one, think an investigation is long overdue.

  5. saxtonjones99 says:

    frankly robin – im really amazed at you. Kay brown is a fine citizen of the town. you guys used to be friends. then you stab her in the back just because she has the time, ability, experience, and effort to make the town look nice. i seen kay many times take her time sweeping the town, attending meetings, offering insights on what to do to improve town, make clubs, create the make a difference day, get her children involved in the community, even put some money of hers into the town, all for the sole purpose of making it attractive. Kay does not ask for anythign in return, all she wants is for those, not just her family, but the community to benefit from a nice community. she cares deeply to make a difference in other peoples lives. In fact, Kay purcahsed that building downtown to create a business here, to attract what blissfield used to be, a destination for fine antique shopping. we lost that when the country store went out of business. now pretty much no one comes to town to shop downtown. Kay saw an opportunity when the building went for auction, she was the ONLY person who made a bid. Her insight for the town, it was to create a more business friendly atmosphere. Her purchasing that building has led to 3 new businesses to our town, not one belongs to her. Thus, that creates taxes for a state that is suffering in money. Kay should be proud of herself, people are finally enjoying the new store, some are coming around the state to come here, in fact, theres a major blog going on aruond facebook talking about the store. Frankly, the new store is 10 times better than the old country store.

    I cannot believe you would go after a woman like Kay Brown, who prides herself in making the town better for the community and asks for not a thing in return… Do you even do a thing for the town other than slam it in you forsaken damn blog? I don’t see your butt out there sweeping the streets, planting flowers downtown, offering insight, painting the senior citizen building, donating money to light a bridge, donating money to tear down the old canning company to offer commercial space for a business willing to locate in our town…the only woman that did all that is Kay BROWN, along with George…. you dont do a damn thing but sit on your butt in the house watching television…because your a lonely old woman just like sandy meeks, who is also a jerk for what she did to our library.

    • Robin says:

      Kay Brown exposed herself, unlike you (instead of using emotion and ignorance), I assessed her objectively, I paid attention to her interactions, actions and dialogue with me and others. I witnessed what Kay Brown showed me. Kay Brown cares deeply about Kay Brown. She has carefully crafted her public persona to fool people like you. Kay Brown tried to “work” me for a very short time, which hardly constitutes a friendship.

      Sandy Meeks stood for something, something honorable. Sandy took a stand against corruption – that takes courage, boldness, ethics and intellect to make such a stand. If given a choice to align myself with someone like you who foolishly falls for anything or someone who displays independent thought and takes on the good fight, Sandy Meeks wins…hands down. You have much to learn from her grasshopper.

      I cannot believe you’re so insulated and naive!

      • saxtonjones99 says:

        Lorena –

        Not true at all. If Kay did care only about Kay, she wouldnt be volunteering her time and money to the town. That speaks that she cares about the town and others. Actions speak louder than words, Kay is someone to care about others. Do you even volunteer your time or money to anything to the town? Please explain what you do…

        • Robin says:

          The name is Robin, what part about “public persona” do you not understand? Kay was building a little empire, of course she would. I’ve exposed her based on her actions, did you read the above post? Kay was involved in that…do you think that was upstanding?

          Volunteering has nothing to do with exposing corruption, unless I missed a memo…hmm, nope – not a prerequisite.
          “Please explain”? Does this mean – please play nice? Did we somehow find some long lost remnant of manners, or some facsimile thereof?

    • Sandy Meeks says:

      T, no one can take you seriously when you disparage an individual personally – that’s very declasse’. What it says, is that you have no solid facts to substantiate your claims. And there’s plenty of evidence in your above offering.
      I thank you for according me such power “…for what she did to our library.” Our library has never been in a better position than it is now! It is a spectacular resource in our Community; the Director and his Staff, the Library Board and the holdings and services that Schultz-Holmes provides are nothing short of remarkable for its size and budget!

      I’m sad that you tarnish the Saxton name.

      • saxtonjones99 says:

        Sandy – I hate to tell you, but that library is crappy now. The service sucks, its never been better since you made it hard on Sue Berryman and Margaret, thus leading them to resign from the jobs that they were holding. You made it majorly difficult for them to even work with you. They were exceptional employees. I miss them working there. I never stepped a foot in the library ever since. I am so disappointed in you.

        Also, my name is not even Saxton! You old hag.

        • Sandy Meeks says:

          If you’ve “never stepped a foot in the library ever since”, how do you know the service is crappy? Surely someone w/ your obvious intellect would never accept hearsay as fact ??!! Oops, I’m stooping way tooo low.

          I don’t care who you REALLY are, you’re still tarnishing the Saxton name !

  6. saxtonjones99 says:

    i think you are a jealous person – you live in a shack of a house…while those you slam live in a fine house, they got there because they worked hard for it. If there was a job that required you slamming people, you would be a millionaire. You are a jealous woman.

    • Robin says:

      You just keep throwing spaghetti at those walls, who knows, maybe someday something will stick. Good luck with that.

    • Robin says:

      “you old hag” is not an acceptable way to speak to a Lady. There is etiquette used on social media, it goes something like this; if you don’t want to bring credibility to an argument, just engage in name calling and you won’t be taken seriously anymore. A good rule of thumb is to speak to them as if you were face to face.

  7. saxtonjones99 says:

    i did a background check on you – after all i got all the money to do so, since we own a major business in town…one that has more revenues than your reported revenue online of crap. Why in the hell do you call yourself Robin when your real name is actually Lorena D. Soff? Are you trying to go into seclusion from the Canadian government? You are a crazy psycho 44 year old woman… Too bad that the D in your middle name doesn’t stand for Dick? it should… Lorena Dick Soff. By the way you look a lot older than you actually are, maybe your evilness is making you look so old, just like smoking does.

    • Robin says:

      It’s a good thing you put your “A” team on that background check! Maybe you should harness all that rage and vengeance and use it to pretty up downtown Blissfield. After all, that’s the most important thing, right? Why not put your piles of money where your mouth is and donate to the Design Committee for Michigan Main Street. I’ve got a list of new fixtures the Downtown needs. Or, you can build apartments for Guetschow/Royal downtown. Heck, why stop there – build apartments for everybody! Why not new facades all around too?

      Then maybe, we could all just love each other. All our issues would be fixed and we can all live happily everafter.

      • saxtonjones99 says:

        For your information, my business does support the community, especially the schools too. I am not going to name what our business does, other that we own it. I am not telling you what we do because it would help you figure who t saxton jones is. I will tell you that I am a part of the rotary, thats all. do you like the ice skating rink we donated to the town? many do, are you going to slam that too?

        – you are a dope, the community cannot make itself “sparkling” when you are the center of the attention.

        • Robin says:

          I wasn’t asking what your business does, neither do I care. What I’m hearing is; you are upset that the rental rehab grants weren’t paid by MSHDA (taxpayers) and you are blaming me, right? Even though you stubbornly advocate Guetschow/Royal should have/deserve the grants and you’ve admittedly got piles of money and could pay for the apartments, you refuse to, but expect others to, because you gave at the office.

          I like the ice rink. If there were kickbacks involved with the deal, I would slam it.

          And for your information, you have successfully slandered, smeared and desecrated the name of a well loved and wonderful person that is now deceased.

          In Loving Memorial:
          Lorena Dawne Soff

          Her family does not appreciate nor deserve you supplanting her middle name with the word “Dick”. Ray is extremely insulted!

    • Logan says:

      It’s too bad someone that owns a major business in town has to use nasty language. That’s a lovely example for our town. It reminds me of the inappropriate lauguage used at the DDA meetings. I was taught that swearing is a sign of ignorance. By the way, my sister’s nickname is Robin. My Father gave it to her as a sign of affection.

      • Robin says:

        Swearing is a sign of ignorance and so is name calling. When someone has to resort to tactics like these, they’re lacking the intellectual capacity to properly illustrate a point, or they just plain don’t have any facts to substantiate their argument.

        I’ve never heard of Robin used as a nickname…but I like it! That’s a cool bit of info, thanks for sharing it.

        • saxtonjones99 says:

          Whatever, Lorena. You do that same kind of stuff. You are just a mentally insane woman. Everyone seems to agree with that, every time that your name is mentioned, its dripping with disdain.

    • Sandy Meeks says:

      The Lorena D. that you found during your highly touted (by you) Internet search was the late wife of Robin’s husband. You couldn’t even get that right.

  8. Logan says:

    Dear Saxton
    I have a question: When the Old Country Store went out of business, how did we lose fine antique shopping in Blissfield? The Old County Store didn’t sell antiques. I’m not sure you have any idea what your talking about

    • saxtonjones99 says:

      They did sell antiques, not a lot of them, only their selection was much better than the other stores that are down there. It was that store that drawn people from all over to come. There are a lot of nice stores downtown, but majorly in antiques, that country store has a variety of stuff for you to pick around. Its so similar to what is in the building right now, only more reasonable in price. The business is enjoying great success!

      • Logan says:

        It shows how little you know and understand. The Old Country Store sold mostly gifts and REPRODUCTIONS. Of the several times I was in the store, I never saw an antique. If they sold so much, why are they no longer there?

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