Ogden Wind Farms

Ogden Township Supervisor Jim Goetz has called a special meeting for Monday March 14, 5:00 pm at the Ogden Township Hall. When asked, Mr. Goetz was unable to specify why the meeting was called.

My guess is the meeting is going to have 
something to do with Wind Farm development. If the public wants more information about the issue and affect the direction of the decisions, please make time to get to the meetings. Educate yourself regarding the pros and cons before a turbine gets set up too close to your home. There’s no doubt the Wind Energy developers would want to install as many turbines as they can in our area and the best person to stand up for your rights is you.

Last Thursday evening I attended a public hearing at the Riga fire hall on Riga Hwy. There were approximately 160-170 other people there and many lined up to speak their views both for and against the proposed wind farm. The meeting was to gather public input regarding zoning ordinances, the most contentious issues were the setback distances and noise by decibel levels created by the turbines. Riga has laid out a 26-page amendment with some copies on hand at the meeting.

Wind energy is clean, its renewable, but it is not efficient and it is not environmentally friendly when it comes to raptors, birds and bats. WLMB -TV 40 Toledo was also on hand and spoke out against the proposed project. A new negative we learned was how the project would negatively affect television and radio station signals. This was what Eugene Champagne was referring to when he complained about his television reception and the wind energy developers bought him a new TV and dish but the problem remained. A Blissfield Advance article quoted Mr. Champagne, read the excerpt here. Interference will also affect Doppler Radar and the Emergency Broadcast System. Here’s a statement made by WLMB on their website;

Information about Windfarm Interference

Due to the fact that four Michigan townships in Lenawee County are currently considering allowing an Industrial Wind Turbine Complex to be built, with rotating blades reaching between 490-497 feet in height, WLMB initiated a study that measured the level of signal interference to WLMB-TV 40’s viewers. 

What we did not expect to find out was that the proposed Industrial Wind Turbine Complex would also likely effect the reliable reception of the other Toledo Television broadcasters, namely: 


According to the distinguished RF (Radio Frequency) Consulting Firm of Meintel, Sgrignoli & Wallace, in the conclusion of the report (page 6) on the effects of the proposed wind turbine projects in Riga Township,  Ogden Township, Palmyra Township, and Fairfield Township, as well as the balance of WLMB’s viewing area,  the report concludes with the following (verbatim): 

“It is also noted that those areas adjacent to the proposed turbines and areas north and west of the proposed wind turbines would likely experience similar impairments to receiving the other Toledo television stations using over-the-air antennas.  These areas would likely encounter similar degradation of television reception and the EAS messages associated with those impaired stations.”

WLMB is confident than when the elected officials of each of these township are fully aware of the Public Safety issues (i.e. interference or degradation of the EAS (Emergency Alert System) messages, AMBER Alerts that are broadcast when children are abducted , and local weather)  that they will make prudent decisions to safeguard their citizens so the public safety, for each and every citizen, is in no measurable way imperiled.

Soli Deo Gloria,
Jamey Schmitz
President & CEO

WLMB has also provided the study and other documents on their website for public consumption.

  1.  Interference Study based on 84 FAA approved sitings for wind turbines in Lenawee County
  2.  Letter from the National Association of Broadcasters 
  3.  Letter from the National Religious Broadcasters 
  4.  Letter from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters
  5.  Letter from the Ohio Association of Broadcasters

Image: seaskylab / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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2 Responses to Ogden Wind Farms

  1. Robin says:

    Drop the wind, solar and ethanol subsidies; drop subsidies period. Here is an article that mirrors my thoughts on solving our energy crisis that’s allowed speculators to escalate the price of crude which in turns dramatically increases the cost of everything else. You have to click on “comments” to get to them, they’re well worth reading too. Solving US Energy Problems

    • Robin says:

      The special meeting was called specifically to appoint more leaseholder members to the citizen’s advisory committee. Since 10-15% of the county’s population are leaseholders they were fairly represented by having one out of five leaseholders on the committee.

      This is a link to an Adrian Telegram article about the move at Monday’s meeting.

      “Though Goetz and Gentz both acknowledged on Monday having signed wind turbine lease agreements, each declined to comment about a possible conflict of interest.

      Goetz also proposed Monday that three more people be appointed to the citizen committee after he said he took complaints that the committee was not a fair representation of the community.

      After several minutes of discussion among themselves about whether or not the committee was an accurate cross-section of opinions on the wind turbine issue, the board voted 3-2 to keep the number of committee members the same. Goetz and Gentz voted no on the matter.”

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