Renewable back-up costs are controversial

From a site called published by Junk Science, an amazing author named Steve Milloy whose been at the forefront of debunking the whole GW, AGW, C02 is bad – propagandist attack on sensibilities of everyday people of the world, most notably starting with Al Gore who’s made millions with his scare torch. Read Milloy’s bio.

Even though all who have manufactured and upheld the costly assault should ultimately be tarred, feathered and ushered through the streets, their wealth should be confiscated to compensate for some of the idiotic economic harm that’s been levelled from their 
orchestrated charade and serve as a warning for future false prophets.


Steve Milloy provides the controversy of renewable back-up costs in this post, he states,

“It will cost between $2-$15 billion over the next 15 years to construct the gas pipeline infrastructure needed to provide back-up generation for intermittent renewables (i.e., solar and wind), according to a report from the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA). The utilization rate for the back-up generation is estimated to be around 15 percent or less.

According to Restructuring Today, “The report assumes 105 GW of renewables will be built in the next 15 years and 88 GW of that will be wind. The main driver for that growth is state standards… If all of that were backed by gas plants, 33 GW would be needed including 21 GW that have yet to be built… The study looked at energy storage such as pumped hydro and flywheels and found those technologies are more costly than balancing with gas, at least for now. It did not examine DR for smoothing intermittency.”

The wind industry countered that, “The power system always has had large amounts of variability and uncertainty due to large swings in demand and traditional power plants tripping off and removing 1,000 MW or more of supply instantaneously… Combining all those sources of variability together statistically has the effect of making smaller ones such as wind intermittency statistically negligible,” reported RT.”

And just for fun you can read his post, Granholm’s plan to screw consumers and taxpayers, Note: Oh, we’ve been screwed with for a while now.

But if you’re stuck believing, on the fence, suspicious or simply don’t know what to believe about the AGW claim behind the renewable farce that’s been forced upon us, feel free to peruse or greenhell blog’s archives. Consider starting with Milloy’s most recent bit of genius that’s Intoducing Global Thermometer, it’s a can’t miss, scientific eye-opener! Here’s a ready list of debunking articles from

To be perfectly honest, I would’ve looked forward to warmer temperatures in our Michigan winter. I’m sure many northern climate dwellers would have welcomed increased warmth, if only for the break from high heating bills.

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