Emilio’s Tex Mex Cafe

Pal Guerrero opened up Emilio’s Tex-Mex Cafe 5 years ago, he’s been getting up every day from starting to building a business in Blissfield Michigan. For the last two weeks Pal has answered his phone, attempting to dispel a vicious rumor that’s been plaguing the local business.

One sure way to hurt a business’s bottom line is to start a rumor that the business is closed or closing. The last couple weeks have been uncharacteristically slow for Emilio’s, something Pal certainly didn’t deserve…or need.

I don’t know who powered up the devastating blow, but the buzz on the street could not be more wrong.

Emilio’s is open for business, they’re not even considering closing the doors.

What really should be in order is some community spirit, we are such a small community, we have to watch out for and support each other. Things like this just shouldn’t be happening, we simply shouldn’t allow it.

I’m hoping the misinformation about Emilio’s didn’t originate with a Weekly Administrator’s Report that’s included in the agenda packet for the Village Council’s April 25th meeting. At the bottom of the report, under the heading “DDA/Business Activity” and sub-heading “C. Business Activity (ongoing)” is the statement: It appears that Emilio’s Tex Mex Restaurant has closed.

One call to the owner to confirm this information could have been made before anything was printed in black and white, that’s what I did.

Related to this issue is one more thing I find dismaying on Emilio’s facebook page. Not only did someone post an advertisement for the Hathaway House’s Taco Tuesday but also the Hathaway House decided to have a taco day on the same day Emilio’s has their taco day. I’d like to see more community cooperation and consideration. I’d like to see more professional courtesy.

You can help reverse some of the damage by visiting Emilio’s for a meal or indulge in their Tuesday’s weekly special – 5 tacos for $5. Together, we can fix this.

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