27 Responses to Hathaway House’s New Billboard

  1. Peter Baker says:

    I hesitate to even dip back in to this argument, but what on earth is the problem here?

    Even if the Hathaway House and Dinner Train weren’t paying for a portion of the billboard, it would still be worth including them on it. Face it, they’re the main tourist draws that Blissfield has. Antique shops were included too, and they’re not paying anything for the billboard, because it’s worth including them. Try to think about it from the point of view of someone that doesn’t live in Blissfield; what would get someone to visit?

    And, if the Hathaway House and Dinner Train are paying a proportionate portion of the billboard, what exactly do you have against it? It can’t be a waste of taxpayers money if taxpayers are saving money!

    But I will agree, CBS needs to get out there and clear some of that foliage.

    • Robin says:

      With all due respect Pete, I’ve already answered all your questions. The antique stores are not listed by name, nor is there a photo of their business on the billboard. There isn’t enough room on the billboard to list any business by name. The only thing that’s legible from any kind of distance on the billboard is the word “Blissfield.” All the other information on the billboard needs to be much larger, hence reinforcing the need for representation of the Village as an entity (as a whole).

      A representation of the village with something catchy, colorful and cool would prompt people to visit (from a tourist perspective). Generally, tourists are drawn to things that don’t cost a great deal to experience. Something fun that appeals to a wide variety of pocketbooks, something for everyone and something unique is what draws tourists. That sounds like the whole village to me. The Hathaway House and the Dinner Train is only for people with deep pockets…that doesn’t have wide appeal. If it’s not fair, it’s not right!

      Taxpayers shouldn’t be subsidizing advertising for only select businesses, especially not for a business that curry’s favor from taxpayer money over and over again. What part of this is so difficult to understand? How would you feel about consistently losing contracts to some else – only because they are politically connected?

  2. citizen against cave people says:

    I also drove by the billboard. The sign is too busy, too much going on. There was another person with me and because he was driving, the only thing he noticed was Blissfield. All I saw was the word Blissfield from a distance. As I got closer I did see the picture of the Hathaway House and train. I quickly started looking for the exit 5 written on it and never found it even though I knew it was there. When I was closer I saw the word antiques but that’s all the time I had because we were doing the speed limit. Also, I disagree with Peter Baker. There’s more draw to Blissfield than the Hathaway House and Train, and it really doesn’t matter if they are the biggest draw or not. There should have been a picture to support all of Blissfield not just Art Weeber. I heard they could take the sign down in 4 months anyway so it doesn’t matter now. At least someone in town sees our point of view. Also, none of the other businesses were given an opportunity to participate with the billboard. You also want to know what would get people to Blissfield? You may think the Hathaway House and Train will, I think it’s antiques that will. Take the antique shops out of Blissfield and we will have a ghost town.

  3. randyweeber says:


    Whatever your thoughts are on the billboard? Fine. But you might want to reconsider your position regarding my father and his supposed “self-serving” nature. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you honestly believe this, then you obviously do not know the man. He may have some other attributes that people don’t care for– and being his son for 38 years I could tell you a few– but if he is not the single greatest steward for this village, then I don’t know what he is. The man has worn a “Believe in Blissfield” button, on his shirt every single day, for as long as I can remember. He believes in the idea that what is good for Blissfield, is good for the Hathaway House, and what is good for the Hathaway House, is good for Blissfield.

    The cost on this billboard was split equally amongst three parties: the village of Blissfield, the Hathaway House, and the Old Road Dinner Train. Yet the billboard doesn’t represent that equation, does it? Far and away, Blissfield is represented, head-and-shoulders above the other vested parties. And knowing my father, and knowing Mr. Dobronski– two shrewd businessmen– they understand that if Blissfield wins, they win. And any other reasonable person will acknowledge that getting people to come to Blissfield is the single greatest obstacle; and that once they are in town it is up to every individual business to put their best foot forward and get these visitors to come back again.

    That you titled this blog “Hathaway House’s New Billboard” shows me that you feel the best way to promote change in the village is by raising the ire of whomever you deem to be the “F-Troop.” I don’t agree. I think that the best way to promote change is to show a little diplomacy in matters, and make a sincere effort to come together with people, knowing full well that you are coming from different political spectrums. Attacking or antagonizing those whom you do not share similar viewpoints with only creates a larger divide, causing even less to be accomplished.

    We share different viewpoints, but I am more than willing to sit down with you, whenever you like, to discuss how to make this village a better place to live. I can be contacted at randy@hathawayhouse.com or at 486-2141.

    Randy Weeber

    • Robin says:

      It’s good to hear from you Randy. I will take you up on the offer to sit down and discuss making Blissfield a better place to live for everyone with you. I’ll be in touch. In the meantime, don’t make me go out there and survey the town to get consensus about your father’s motives. I wouldn’t describe Mr. Weeber and Mr. Dobronski as shrewd as much as I’d describe them as crafty. Your father begged to get his name on the billboard and all of a sudden, Dobronski wanted on there too. No other business in town even entertained the idea of being showcased ahead of everyone else.

      I agree that what’s good for the Village is good for the Hathaway House, but I don’t agree it’s always the other way around. For instance: There were a few people that were working hard to get the Farmers Market downtown, and increase the foot traffic downtown. This was before Michigan Main Street was brought in to accomplish the same goal (supposedly). The people that were working on it were soon told after they started that someone was handling it, they requested information and got the same answer a few times. To their surprise, the next thing they heard how it was being handled was the Hathaway House was starting a Farmer’s Market, not downtown, but in front of the Hathaway House (right across the street from the one that had been operating for years…on the same day too).

      How do you think that turned out for the rest of Blissfield?

      My shining a light on the F-Troop situation and calling them out for their hidden agenda was something that had to be done before we can work together. People have to find out they’re not getting away with something, it’s a crucial step to move forward. If someone doesn’t get told they’re being unfair, they will continue being unfair. I tried diplomacy first. Diplomacy doesn’t work when you’re arrogantly ostracized and sabotaged. I’ll be diplomatic again when I detect an open mind, a willingness to cooperate, be inclusive and be fair. Some can give me lip service; say all the right things but I pay attention and respond to what they do. You my friend, may be different – you have already shown promise. I look forward to extending the olive branch back to you with hope we can work together.

      • kmpinkel says:


        I believe this is a personal issue you are taking against the Weeber family. I do not live in Blissfield, but I do go there weekly. Why? What for? What draws me to your quaint Village? The House Market. I live in Adrian and every Tuesday drive to Blissfield, instead of frequenting my own local farmer’s market. I do this because I get quality foods, organic foods and if I choose, a well priced meal for my whole family. I do not have deep pockets. I have eaten a meal at the Hathaway House once. Rode the Dinner Train once. Eat at the more reasonably priced Stables on several occasions.
        While I am in Blissfield, I occasionally get gas fro one of your local gas stations, and have even purchased flowers from Royal Expressions, attended yoga classes at Bliss Yoga and have eaten at Mario’s.

        Your responders have all stated that all they see on the sign is “Blissfield”. Is that not the Village getting more bang for their buck than the other businesses represented? Tell me what drives your local economy? How much money does the Village make from the antique stores? How much does your Village make from the restaurants?

        But most importantly, if you really have the best interest of the Village in mind, why would you say such things about individuals that you obviously do not know? I have known Art for about 5 years and feel pretty confident that your issues are maybe with your own lack of motivation to work as hard as he does for the community. Instead spewing daggers of venom perhaps you should shut up and show up. Art’s United Way picture was downtown Adrian for months, where is yours?

        • Robin says:

          Kmpinkel, while I appreciate you adding to the discussion, you’ve confused me. How could this possibly be a personal issue I’ve taken against the Weeber family when by your account I don’t even know Art Weeber? Truly, I know even less about the rest of his family, but Art is one of our Village Trustees and I go to Council meetings.

          Surely you’re not so naive to ignore the political game of joining many boards and committees to cultivate a good guy image and name recognition as well as schmooze and advertise a business? Art is on the United Way board and he got his picture posted for winning the United Way’s 2008 Stubnitz Award…imagine that.

          “I am so shocked and humbled,” Weeber said at United Way’s annual meeting.
          Weeber’s friend Frank Baker spoke on his behalf.

          “His community is one of his top priorities,” Baker said. “If you ever need a volunteer, ask Art.”

          Among several community activities, Weeber is on the board of Lenawee United Way, the Blissfield Village Council, the Blissfield Foundation for Educational Excellence, Blissfield Chamber of Commerce, Blissfield Rotary and also owns the Hathaway House and Stable in Blissfield with his wife, Mary.

          Fortunately, I’ve “given” for the sake of “giving” – not to capitalize from it. I also haven’t “given” to hook up with some willing sod that doesn’t mind defiling his marriage because I’m looking to desecrate mine. Nope, no ulterior motive and no grandstanding here, so I doubt you’ll ever see my picture hanging in Adrian for months.
          Here are some reviews of the Hathaway House:
          http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/208/1481573/restaurant/Michigan/Adrian/The-Hathaway-House-Blissfield – the Urban Spoon rates restaurant’s prices, Cheap Eats ($) | Moderately Priced ($$) | Affordable Fine Dining ($$$) | Fine Dining ($$$$)

          They rated the Hathaway House as a pricey $$$$.

          There’s quite a few things our quaint Village needs, including more retail. I would like new businesses coming to town feel like they’re getting a fair shake and I would also like the existing businesses to feel they can be heard if they decide to contribute. I hardly expect the word “Blissfield” on a billboard qualifies as advertising for the Village. Even at a third of the price, it’s no bang for the buck.

          Obviously, you have not read any of my other comments or posts. Instead of cheerleading everything, no matter how mediocre or unfair, I refuse to stick my head in the sand and pretend all is well and good. I call a spade a spade and have no idea how you get spewing venom and daggers from that.

  4. Peter Baker says:

    “I also haven’t “given” to hook up with some willing sod that doesn’t mind defiling his marriage because I’m looking to desecrate mine. Nope, no ulterior motive and no grandstanding here, so I doubt you’ll ever see my picture hanging in Adrian for months.”

    Sounds pretty damn venomous to me. Not to mention confusing and out of line; whose marriage exactly are you talking about there?

    • Robin says:

      It only sounds venomous because you choose to hear venom. Because you have chosen to believe I have launched an attack, you have counter attacked instead of looking at the truth of the matter and the facts.

      Observing behavior and commenting on it is not out of line. However, to clear something up for you, I wasn’t referring to your marriage (if you’re married) or Art’s marriage. I have observed within the F-troop circle that looking for an affair was another impetus for so-called volunteering in our community.

  5. kmpinkel says:

    Firstly, I no where stated you did not know Art Weeber, so you have confused me. Surely, your not so jaded as to think that anyone who does anything for his community, business and county is all self-serving, you yourself state that you give for the sake of giving. Who are you to judge one’s heart and motivation? Surely any business owner should be vested in their community, if one wants the community to be vested in their business. That’s how relationships work.

    As far as your quote, “I also haven’t “given” to hook up with some willing sod that doesn’t mind defiling his marriage because I’m looking to desecrate mine.”, surely, you jest! I’m not sure what you are getting at and it is unclear who the sod is and which marriage you are referring to, but I can guarantee the recipients of generosity are less likely to agree with you.

    We all capitalize when we give, including you!

    Your billboard examples you created all say Blissfield, one even promotes the train! Yes, your downtown needs retail, my downtown needs retail, but it is no way the Hathaway House’s deterring growth. If anything, that is a cornerstone of your community. It did not start with Art Weeber, nor will it end with Art Weeber. Anytime you call someone shrewd, crafty, manipulative and self-serving-that is poison. Words are mightier than the fist. From your other posts, which I have read, you seem to want to build a strong community with a vibrant downtown-I applaud that. But I question how one can build while another is tearing down? Venom can kill and maim, and so can your words.

    But in closing, there were many other individuals United Way pictures around town of self-serving sods: Allan Britton, Ben Negron to just name a few…and Art and Mary also won the Maple Leaf Award this year too! One thing that really shows me that you do not know Art Weeber, truly and personally, is that he would be doing these things without the rewards and he does them every single day for every day people. The only person who seems to be grandstanding is you and your audience is now less one.

    • Robin says:

      This is where you said I don’t know Art Weeber “why would you say such things about individuals that you obviously do not know?” It was obvious I didn’t know him, you said. You were right, I don’t know him personally. I do know what he has shown me. He has shown me he has a dim view of ethics. As a councilman he should have a keener understanding and adherence to ethics than the average person. I hope you read about the Farmer’s Market reply I made to Randy Weeber, if not, here it is again.

      “I agree that what’s good for the Village is good for the Hathaway House, but I don’t agree it’s always the other way around. For instance: There were a few people that were working hard to get the Farmers Market downtown, and increase the foot traffic downtown. This was before Michigan Main Street was brought in to accomplish the same goal (supposedly). The people that were working on it were soon told after they started that someone was handling it, they requested information and got the same answer a few times. To their surprise, the next thing they heard how it was being handled was the Hathaway House was starting a Farmer’s Market, not downtown, but in front of the Hathaway House (right across the street from the one that had been operating for years…on the same day too).

      How do you think that turned out for the rest of Blissfield?”

      That’s just one example of stealing somebody else’s idea and using it to benefit the Hathaway House and screw everyone else…by the way some of the farmer’s that have been selling produce in the Frosty Boy parking lot have been doing so for thirty or forty years. I call this a major kick in the teeth to everyone involved. Furthermore, if I’m not mistaken the Hathaway House is getting another award from South Central Michigan Works for innovation. I’m thinking the innovation award is for opening up the market in front of the Hathaway House.

      My supporters don’t look for recognition when volunteering or giving to their community and they still believe in professional courtesy. If we don’t stand up to demand it or even expect it we’ll be lost in a quagmire of declining morals. We need to know if people can be held accountable to moral standards because the people that can’t be held accountable are those that don’t have a moral compass. It’s time for us to wake up and fix it, or lose it forever. You can live your rose colored life and refuse to look at what’s wrong.

      I choose to fight.

  6. Tran says:

    When you have a signature business in your town, these things happen.
    Go talk to towns that don’t have signature businesses about the things they’d do to have one and then write about the wisdom of this.

    Hope everyone in Blissfield is enjoying their summer.
    Go Royals!

    • Robin says:

      Hi Tran,

      We have missed you, are you still at the Saline-Milan Patch? I hope they’re treating you well and you’re enjoying your summer too!

      For the record, I don’t want to lose a signature business…I don’t want to lose any business. We’ve lost anchor stores downtown because we made poor decisions and if we don’t learn how to be inclusive and fair we’ll lose others. Yes, these things happen but it doesn’t mean we should just accept that it does. Shouldn’t we look out for each other and keep putting our best foot forward as we correct the things that have been harmful?

      I don’t think we can afford repeating mistakes, we’ve got to value everyone equally because they all matter.

      • Tran says:

        Who made the poor mistakes that cost Blissfield the downtown businesses? In my five years in Blissfield, I never saw a shred of evidence suggesting downtown businesses don’t close down because of exclusivity and unfairness.
        The closed because the economy was terrible, or the business plan wasn’t that great.
        Sure, I think people should look out for each other. I think people like Art are prime examples of that. Cherish the people who work hard and are generous of heart. Don’t find reasons to vilify them.

        • Robin says:

          Tran, in the 70’s Blissfield conceded to MDOT to remove all the front, on street parking on the 223 business corridor. There are only two business left that face 223. Both surviving businesses can be accessed from Lane Street. There is a higher mortality rate with businesses on 223 as opposed to Lane Street. It’s not too likely that only those with poor business plans open on 223.

          In your five years as a reporter, do you think victims of exclusivity and unfairness are going to call you up and give an exit interview?

          We lost at least one great anchor store as a result of this poor decision – Gilson’s Hardware. Gilson’s either had to move or lose business. There was a write-up about their 100th year celebration in the Blissfield Advance. There is another article written by Nancy Gilson, she writes, “In 1976, when parking in front of the store was eliminated, Eddie and his wife reluctantly moved the business to a modern building outside town, where it remains today.” http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/life/stories/2011/01/10/century-old-hardware-store-still-a-soft-spot.html

          There is no doubt Art Weeber works hard. I fail to understand how being in opposition to poor decisions is considered vilification. The billboard in question should have advertised for Blissfield, not Art Weeber. Art Weeber didn’t do whatever he could do to allow the Farmer’s Market be moved downtown where it could benefit a greater number of businesses, he did whatever he could to open a Farmer’s Market in front of the Hathaway House. As a council member, his actions were entirely different from what his “Believe in Blissfield” button means and what he says are his motives. I didn’t create the discrepancy.

          I’m more in favor of right being cherished, wrong being fixed and all residents/businesses being valued.

  7. jeff says:

    In response to Robin, et al comments: My wife lobbied before council on several occasions concerning the value of a downtown farmer’s market. (the real downtown-Lane St., not Art’s downtown-Main St.) She was patronized and stonewalled ( an oxymoronic approach the council and village administrator have used successfully on this and other suggestions my wife has made on possible downtown events). Some of the reasons given included: “the sidewalks aren’t wide enough”, “liability for the village”, “interference with traffic flow”, even “children would run wildly in the streets”. (I’m not kidding!) Mr. Weeber willingly joined the nay-sayer ranks, so we must conclude he found no value in the idea as being good for Blissfield or good for the Hathaway House. Well, wouldn’t you just know it, within months the political machine kicks into high gear, variances are given, and a farmer’s market appears at “The House”. ( If black linen tablecloths, herbal teas, and jewelry constitute a farmer’s market these days-sorry, but I prefer my produce on rickety tables and rusty tailgates offered by farmers in “Osh-Kosh’ not entrepreneurs in Izod. Call me old-fashioned.) I don’t think it’s vilification or character assassination to point-out the following facts: Mr. Weeber not only poo-pooed a down-town market–he created one to benefit himself. He then had the gall to enter the downtown store my wife manages and ask her to post a flyer for his market. Shall we continue with the motives behind opening the same day of the week ,directly across the street, from a genuine market that has been struggling to succeed for years. While we’re considering obtuse logic, how about ‘Taco Tuesdays’ at ‘The House’ . This special menu feature has been a mainstay for a downtown restaurant for the past several years. Is this an overt act of capitalizing on other people’s hard work,or just stupidity? I don’t think Art Weeber is a stupid man.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks for sharing Jeff, very well said. You have verified to our readers that unfairness and exclusion does indeed exist, not something I’ve fabricated or is limited to one or two difficult people. A whole lot of creativity goes into shooting themselves in the foot, which unfortunately shoots all of us in the foot. Your story immediately makes me think our government officials are vertically challenged, like the chicken hawk – you’re too short boy, the good ones go right over your head.

      I have done interviews all over Blissfield and heard many great ideas to help Blissfield. I could repeat stories that’ll make you cringe too.

      This really is a serious matter, this weekend I met a long-time resident that calls Blissfield “an evil little town.” I was hoping for just dysfunctional. We could all move out to let them wallow in their creation or we could make some significant changes. Watching one more business or family move out of town is ludicrous and disheartening…especially if it’s within our control to prevent it.

  8. BG says:

    My husband and I approached a Village Official about the farmers market being downtown in the spring of 2009. We were told someone is handling the farmers market. We waited and nothing happened and we approached the Village Official again and he again told us someone was handling it. I was with the Village Official when he measured the S. Lane St. parking spaces for vendors. The Village Official also told me the farmers market could not be held on the same day as the farmers market at the Frosty Boy. He said he didn’t want to reck what they had going. So it was agreed upon at that time it would be on a Wednesday. I thought the farmers market was going to happen. Well nothing happened. I didn’t hear anything else about a farmers market until I was at a council meeting when they approved Mr. Weeber for a variance for a farmers market at the Hathaway House. What a slap in the face to the downtown that was. If the person or persons that had volunteered to work on getting the farmers market downtown wasn’t able to complete the job my husband and I were willing to do the job. The Village Official knew this. It appears by the previous blog there were other volunteers for this project other than my husband and I so they can’t use the excuse there wasn’t interest or volunteers. In 2010 Mr. Weeber opened his farmers market. Self serving? In my opinion yes. My husband and I have also made several suggestions for events in Blissfield and the best reason they came up with was we couldn’t have the events because there is no insurance to cover volunteers. In fact, do the volunteers on the Main Street committees realize they have no insurance covering them if someone gets hurts from something they may have done? We took this to the DDA and they agreed there was no insurance for volunteers. Only the DDA board members has insurance. I was told if I planted flowers in the urns on S. Lane St. and they had sharp edges and a kid grabs the sharp edges of the flower or greenery and had to go to the hospital they would probably sue the Village of Blissfield first then there would be a investigation to find out who planted the flowers and sue them which would be the volunteer. It appears they don’t want any new volunteers because when they do get new ones they run them off or scare them away. I know I won’t plant flowers after that statement. As far as it goes for the billboard, the farmers market and the catering job for the Village of Blissfield by Art Weeber I believe all of these are a conflict of interest in which there are rules for this by the Main Street Program and also rules for conduct for the Village of Blissfield. Art Weeber probably should read these rules. He is an elected official and a volunteer for Main Street so there are 2 sets of rules he needs to follow.

    • Robin says:

      That’s very interesting BG! I’m betting the F-troop didn’t get the insurance spiel to prevent them from volunteering. It sounds like the Village insurance would cover who they chose to cover. I helped with the flower planting last year; Darlene Southward wasn’t a DDA appointee, neither were the grade five students or the parents and teachers that helped. No DDA members were hands on with the planting. Lynn Southward watched and performed an interview with Tran Longmoore for The Advance though.

      I have understood they do want new volunteers, but only if they hold the same views as them. Only if selected persons will further their cause and not challenge them. Only “yes men.” In a representative democracy, it doesn’t sound very representative or very democratic. If a system isn’t either of what it was intended to be, it is corrupt. If Blissfield feels they deserve better, we should consider dissolving the DDA. A privatized entity would make much more sense and guarantee the majority of business in Blissfield is represented. A Chamber of Commerce or a Business Association funded by those that see benefit get benefit – optional contributions from the business community, not mandated for all taxpayers to contribute through tax increment financing.

      Art Weeber used his position for personal gain; his actions were a conflict of interest and could possibly be justification for recall. I believe if he hasn’t bothered to familiarize himself with the rules or codes of conduct, he would be further derelict in his duties.

  9. Concerned Taxpayer says:

    Bravo for these comments. It is so great to see that there are individuals that see what is going on in the Village. I don’t understand why the F-Troop thinks those who work daily to keep Blissfield alive, and not at the cost of taxpayers, are ignorant or stupid. We see the self-serving, partiality, and conflict of interest going on. Kudos to the businesses that don’t resort to those tactics!!

    • Robin says:

      I agree Concerned Taxpayer, kudos to the businesses that don’t resort to those tactics! In addition, bravo for the commenter’s sharing their unfortunate experiences. Waking up and smelling the decay is the community’s first step. Deciding to do something about it is the next. If we’re considered an evil little town, I think most people would want that changed.

  10. Traveler says:

    For the record, I noticed this move at the white house to take over the farmer’s market, and considered the obvious self interest long before I discovered the comments on this blog. I have not once purchased an item at the new Hathaway Flea Market, and will not in the future. I do my business with the farmers behind Frosty Boy, Borchardt’s Market, or with Mr. Salenbien at his stand at 223 & Crockett Hwy. I sure hope none of my taxes go to pay for the fancy white tents at the flea market.

    • Robin says:

      Traveler, I’m happy to learn you have also considered the obvious self interest. I don’t think your tax dollars have directly paid for the fancy white tents. If you consider the Hathaway house has been receiving facade grants through the DDA and subsidized advertising, one can easily say those tents have been subsidized with your tax dollars indirectly.

      The vendors from the Blissfield Farmer’s Market behind the Frosty Boy were invited to move over to the Hathaway House; however, Pat Hinde has donated the space for them and each vendor pays $35.00 for the season. The fee goes entirely for advertising costs. The Hathaway House initially asked for $100.00 dollars for a shorter season and have since increased it to $150.00. The Hathaway House would also not tolerate the farmers selling produce from their trucks, they were required to drive up, unload and park their trucks elsewhere.

      I would gladly support a business that demonstrates professional courtesy and respect for others. It’s important to let merchants know why you don’t support them and give them the opportunity to make amends and get it right. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

  11. Robin Gould says:

    My family and I took our mother to Hathaway House for her 90th birthday this past sunday, 31, April 2013. The service was very mediocre, the salads looked like they came from a bag, my fish was just warm, the ham my husband had was nothing to rave about. Our waitress would come, then disappear for quite a while, come back, disappear so that upon her next return we all wanted to grab her to get our order in. They could of cared less it was our mother’s 90th,a milestone, we brought our own beautiful cake which they charged us $18.00 for small plates and the knife my husband cut it with! The dinner cost just over $300.00 for 8 people, ridiculous .The gratuity was added to the check,what a joke, especially when the tip should be based on service and quality of the meal. I will be sure to tell anyone and everyone about this experience! Never to return, should have just gone to Carraba’s, dinner would have been better, and the service better and friendlier! Wasn’t sure where I could comment on this place and found this site.

    • Robin says:

      Congratulations regarding your Mother’s 90th milestone, I’m saddened to learn the event was marred by mediocrity and indifference. If one pays for 5 star quality, one should rightfully expect to receive 5 star quality. Feedback should be welcomed like free advertising/consulting to businesses. I hope yours gets read by the Weebers!

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