Windfall Review

If you missed the screening, you missed a great documentary! Windfall was a beautiful piece of cinematography, filmed in a picturesque community.

The filmmakers took great care to chronicle all sides of the wind farm issue, including people who were for wind turbines before they were against them. It was illuminating, packed with opposing views in a struggling small town. Most audiences living in rural America could relate to this film on one level or another.

Is it green energy or greed energy? A warning we’re left with is to carefully consider offers from corporations that pop up from obscurity and deliberately broadside less defensible markets. What initially sounds good does need time to evaluate. It’s a compelling story that reminds us our decisions have impact on our neighbors and how easily a community can be fractured.

I would watch it again!

Thank-you Director/Producer Laura Israel for this thought-provoking project. Thanks also to the town of Meredith in Upstate New York for letting us into their lives for a brief glimpse.

Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition did a wonderful job putting this free event together for their respective communities, including ours. They had the foresight to provide a question and answer session with one of the directors through Skype at the end. It was a thoughtful, classy addition.

Please support your local watchdogs, they’re working hard looking out for your best interests. Every small donation helps. 

To learn more about Windfall the Movie, visit their website:

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2 Responses to Windfall Review

  1. applesofgoldprov2511 says:

    I was very thankful I had the opportunity to attend this movie. I agree it was a tremendous film showing the complexity of what communities go through when they have to consider whether something is an asset or not before allowing to become part of their lives. While watching it was somewhat of a review of the ethanol struggle. I wondered why more board members and commissioners did not come out to view the movie. When I have to purchase an item that is costly I do as much research as I can as to be able to make the best decision.

    Although I am late to respond, I thank you now for your contribution to windmill information and posting the notice of the film.

    • Robin says:

      The movie certainly typified what happened to our communities, it was a really good film (and timely for us too). I have to wonder about the same things you do…for the same reason, nothing gets done around my house without proper research. However, I’m not spending someone else’s money.

      Better late to respond than never, comments are always appreciated. Thanks for your sentiments!

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