Wind Energy Raises Electricity Rates

More than Cap and Trade will necessarily skyrocket electricity rates, renewables do too.

Wind power needs a back-up energy source because the wind doesn’t blow all the time. Wind produced energy has to get tied to the grid at a great expense. If that’s not enough to understand the reason for the rate hikes – traditional sources (fossil fuels and coal) and new renewables are naturally going to pass expenses on to consumers. Electricity rates are being raised all over the country.

In an email sent to me by someone who saw this on the state of Michigan listserv:

Consumers Energy wants a MASSIVE rate hike.  Guess someone has to pay for these turbines…us.  The developers have talked ad nauseam about the money that will be injected into the local economy by leaseholders having more income…what about everybody else not being able to afford things anymore because energy costs are sky-high?  How would that balance out? 

If you would like to help coördinate doing something about this, please contact me by email and I’ll put you in touch with a local organization.

From the pdf link below:

• Consumers Energy Company is seeking authority to adjust its retail electric rates to provide additional revenue of approximately $195 million annually above current electric levels, if the Michigan Public Service Commission approves its request. In addition, Consumers Energy Company is requesting approval to implement or modify several cost recovery mechanisms or proposals if the Commission approves its request.


Consumers Energy states that factors contributing to the requested increase include “ongoing investments in electric utility generation and distribution assets to comply with environmental and legal requirements” meaning wind turbines.

mpsc-notices : Consumers Energy Company, Prehearing The preceding document was uploaded to the MPSC website today.

If you would like to view this document, you can find it here:

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4 Responses to Wind Energy Raises Electricity Rates

  1. mjweir says:

    Oh MY! 7.70 a month to have clean renewable energy. 7.70 a month to be able to breathe on into the future? 7.70 a month so no one has to die in a senseless war fought in the middle east to feed the greed of big oil? 7.70 a month to boost green energy in Michigan, a state that has been decimated by the loss of one of the biggest and least accountable polluters in world, the auto industry. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs?

    I’d pay five times that to banish big petroleum forever. I’d like my children to be able to live on this planet. I’d like the corn and wheat and beans around Blissfield to grow year after year. I like rain in the summer and snow in the winter not blazing hot days that steal your breath and bland gray winters that stretch on endlessly marked only by their drought.

    Michigan is an amazing beautiful state. Why can’t Blissfield lead the way in clean renewable energy? This is a parade that will soon pass by. By all means, vote against it. It’s folly but do so, anyway and do so at your own risk. In the coming years when other towns are enjoying prosperity and growth little Blissfield will sit alongside the road with it’s rusted equipment and shuttered biofuel plant sorry that no one was clever enough to hop the train when it passed by our door.

    Make no mistake, green energy will come if Blissfield chooses to participate or not. The question now becomes will we become part of the solution or will we hang on to the past and continue to be the problem.

    • Robin says:

      Hi MJ,

      Green Energy…that sounds so…nice and friendly, especially if you’ve bought into the Gore Man Made Global Warming Scam with its flawed science but brilliant marketing! If you can breathe and grow corn and beans now, what makes you think your kids or Blissfield couldn’t tomorrow? Unless of course the footprint of the massive turbines don’t cut our agricultural land in half and our crops have a decreased yield because there’s not enough C02 to grow a good crop. I think its Scheme Energy. Wind technologically is a step backwards, not forward.

      You must have a great paying job to afford paying five times yesterday’s energy costs for something that hasn’t been proven to be green or cheaper than fossil fuels. If we drilled for oil we would have American jobs (full time) that can’t be shipped off-shore. Let’s not forget government dollars is what’s making wind “viable”…they’re forcing viability. Just like they did with ethanol. We’re paying for that viability, add that to the $7.70. We’re also paying for sky-high food prices because higher energy costs drive the costs for everything else up. Like I said, count your blessings you have a great paying job because your kids would otherwise starve before they cease to be able to live on this planet.

      If that’s not convincing enough there’s a slew of other reasons, among them is this little point written by Walter Barnes that did a bang up job putting information together for people like us. He writes, “But two extremely important principles underlying our system of laws are the following: a) laws exist to protect the fundamental rights of interests that are weak and divided – typically individuals – from abuse by the rich and the powerful; and 2) laws exist to protect the fundamental rights of the minority against the tyranny of the majority – which is to say that some issues should not be subject to a referendum because doing so would impinge on individual rights.” read more here;

      It’s not the government that comes up with cutting edge technology, it’s the entrepreneurs and inventors. We have natural gas that’s a much better alternative than wind that’s also cleaner than coal or oil, what about geothermal and hydro? Oh yeah, environmentalists nixed hydro. Environmentalists forced deep water drilling too where it’s the least safe to drill – that didn’t work out very well…and government was the safety board on that one.

      I believe there’s more to the middle eastern war than protecting our oil supply we purchase, like the war on terror since 9/11 for instance. However, you’re fooling yourself if you think there isn’t plenty of greed to go around, green energy isn’t exempt from greed.

  2. Traveler says:

    MJ- Since I don’t heat my home with fuel oil, or read by oil lamps, the Wind Turbines will not decrease my usage of oil. In addition, when the wind doesn’t make the 300′ long blades of the turbines spin more than 30 – 35%(?) of the time, we still require other sources of energy such as coal/hydro/nuclear plants for the other 70% of the time that they don’t create energy. Wind Farms are very unreliable and inconsistent forms of energy. A poor return on our investment of higher taxes, higher utility rates, “carbon footprint” and use of natural resources to create, transport, install, dismantle, and dispose of the 500′ high turbines. Wind energy allows our government to get “warm fuzzies” and get us a pat on the back from other countries (although they really want more money from us, not green energy), but the technology is outdated and inefficient.

  3. Linette Van Camp says:

    Dear MJ obviously you are an easy sell on this snake oil that is currently being passed around several townships in michigan. How much “real” research have you done personally about the wind energy? Oh the green part of it sounds so “nice” but the only green in Wind is the dollars that are lining some pockets of a few fat cats at our expense. I don’t like paying for something twice and when my electric bill shows I am paying for it and then my gov is subsidising with my tax dollars that certainly sounds like we are paying for it twice. Where are you reading that Oil is producing all this electricity? I mean thats what were talking about here electricity! Please stop drinking the kool aid of Al Gore and the greenies. These same people who want us to be concerned about fossil fuel will use so much more of it in their lifetimes than us.. yet I don’t hear them saying they are taking the horse and buggy to capital hill!

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