This is the Thanks They Get

Riga adopted a strong ordinance that protected residents, especially those that were non-participant parcel holders in the industrial wind farm development project. Protection came by lengthening the distance between residences and property lines where turbines could be placed. The newly adopted amendments also restricted noise levels to 40 decibels at night, 45 decibels during the day and allowed some corrective measures for recourse in the event of radio and television signal interference.

For taking time and carefully considering the issue, the Riga Township Board received a proper letter of thanks from a grateful, home-grown coalition of dedicated neighbors that invested a great deal of time and finances to tell the board what they believed was the right thing to do. 

Dear Riga Township Board,

On behalf of the Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition, and all area residents concerned for the well-being of their family, we express our deep gratitude and appreciation for adopting an ordinance that first and foremost protects the health and safety of residents.

Going forward we will tirelessly continue to support area township trustees in developing responsible siting regulations that protect the health, safety and welfare of our communities.

Thank you!

Your friends and neighbors in the IICC

This thank-you letter was well deserved and submitting it was an honorable gesture. IICC also deserves thanks for accomplishing some phenomenal work any first class organization could only hope to acheive…great job IICC! Thanks for fighting for my rights too.

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4 Responses to This is the Thanks They Get

  1. Bill says:

    The IICC letter was an honest thank you to the township board. But greed and accompanied by an ex ? Obama organizers have taken the action of trying to have this hard work by all derailed by filing a petition to have ordinance voted onion hopes of being able to at the very least dilute if not eliminate all the protections that this ordinance gives the residents.
    Thanks! Joyce Thomson and Jpe Cupka

    • Robin says:

      Thanks for your information Bill! I can only hope that people think this through and DO NOT SIGN A PETITION against the township board’s ordinances. One neighbor does not have the right to infringe on another neighbor’s rights…I don’t care how much they get paid to do it. It’s just plain wrong.

  2. Steve says:

    I fail to see the danger in putting up wind turbines in a county where the unemployment rate in the last 4 years has been as high as 17%. Who would own the wind turbines? Who would be employed to maintain them? Where would the money generated from this go?

    Despite my research I can find very few instances where wind turbines presented a great danger (except in the case of poorly manufactured and maintained ones). In Germany, where wind turbines are used more than any other country, their unemployment rate as of May of this year is 2.5% lower than the United States (5.7% vs. 8.2%).

    I’m not saying unemployment rate has a direct correlation with alternative fuels, but what I am saying is maybe its time to start looking at alternatives to fossil fuels – where supplies are limited and the refining process does quite a number on the environment.

    • Robin says:

      Steve, because you fail to see the danger, or your research doesn’t show any ill effects, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The unemployment rate would be minutely affected by industrial wind farms erected in the County, given the fact that so few permanent jobs are generated. Since we are forced to pay the developers, we’re paying extremely bloated wages for any jobs produced. Billions of our taxpayer dollars is the impetus behind this venture. If not for government (yours and mine) funding, wind Farms would not have been implemented.

      Wind farms are not green, they use coal and other fossil fuels for production, transportation and operation. Wind is not a viable alternative energy source.

      If government left the private market alone, private research and development would have and will come up with alternatives. Government intervention is only putting us into a box. Government decides they want regulations (because that’s what they do) with unrealistic milestones met within unrealistic deadlines so there is no other choice but implement their own waiting-in-the-wings solutions.

      The developers own the turbines, the developers hire the maintenance crew and the energy produced is sold to the energy companies and added to the grid. Personal turbines to run individual parcels makes more sense if the investment was affordable. If it doesn’t make economic sense on a personal level, why would it make sense on a mass county wide level?

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