Is Ogden Smarter Than Riga?

For all the Riga residents that have fought for rights and an accountable Township Supervisor, there is a silver lining, and you should feel accomplishment as this letter to the Riga Warriors said it so eloquently…

It is not that Ogden people are smarter. Ogden had a more defined conflict of interest, supported by the fact that Goetz and Gentz had signed land lease contracts with a wind company combined with all their shenanigans. This gave us stronger leverage in swaying the vote to yes.

Even with this specific conflict of interest, the margin of passage was a lot closer than rational logic would have expected. A friend of mine who is a Township Supervisor told me it is extremely difficult to recall any township officials regardless of the reason or logic. Residents have a hard time with these types of decisions and usually will lean to maintaining status quo..

You folks in Riga need to hold your heads up high and be proud of your leadership. You have lead the battle since the beginning, established a very strong ordinance regulating wind energy in your township, and have set the bar extremely high for the rest of us. Your hard work has promoted awareness of this major issue to many surrounding communities and we are eternally grateful. Our positions are strengthened because of your efforts and never tiring focus on this issue.

Be alert and remain strong. There are still problems being thrown at us all constantly by the wind developers who are only interested in making their money. They care nothing about the people.

With my deepest respect and sincere thanks to all of you


It was a narrow defeat by only 19 votes. You have stood up and presented a great fight. You have spent many hours trying to get the message out. You have spent your own funds and resources against big developers and government. You have sent a message loud and clear that you expect/demand to be represented. It would be difficult for Jefferee Simon not to hear this warning. It would be ill-advised to ignore it.

Riga Ballots Cast:             555

Voting Yes to Recall Simon: 268
Voting No to Recall:              287

Ogden Ballots  Cast:        458

Voting Yes to Recall Goetz:  253
Voting No to Recall:               203

Voting Yes to Recall Gentz: 251
Voting No to Recall:              204

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