An Important History Lesson

For anyone who has the courage to learn the truth about their Nation from someone who has one of the largest collections of original documents and letters of our Forefathers:

Historic Crisis. Historic Response.

For a beautiful and inspiring account of how we started and your role, please read this –

Here’s a little tease of the publication;

The Root Determines the Fruit

America’s unparalleled success as a nation is the result of God blessing us with the Bible in the hands of the common man, the example and wisdom of the Christian thinkers and martyrs of Europe, and the Patriot Pastors in the Colonies who taught the Biblical principles of nation building for 150 years before our founding generation.

Our great political documents, free enterprise system, legal system and educational system were direct products of applied Biblical truth over time. Progressively, however, over the 19th and 20th centuries, these foundations have been eroded.

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