Open Letter to Lenawee County Commissioners

Dear County Commissioners,

Since none of our County Commissioners showed up for our “Town Hall” meeting, I’d like to let you know that I am opposed to the 0.28 millage increase proposed by the LEDC for economic development and here’s why.

In the November 2010 elections, a wave of new politicians were elected into office all over the country…specifically, to address the fiscal catastrophe the nation is facing.

Unfortunately in Michigan, the LEDC was a casualty of a more responsible budget, hence funding was cut.

If we vote to increase our millage, we would be undermining the wishes of the voting majority. I also don’t agree with the concept of the proposal, it’s not good business or smart to hand out incentives, grants, subsidies and tax abatements.

You are picking both select businesses and select markets as winners…you are forcing unsustainable markets du jour…creating false markets. That’s how bubbles are created and why they bust.

I believe the solution is to stop subsidizing and focus on the real reasons companies and corporations would choose Lenawee County over other Counties. A “right to work state,” lower taxes, lower fees, lower cost of living and fewer regulations — a fighting chance to make a business profitable. Since we don’t have these real incentives in place, I’d request our local politicians join the electorate and start lobbying the State for these changes.

If only there were a system in place, where you could represent us and become part of the solution…

Communities need to stop scrambling all over each other for the almighty grant and look earnestly at the lottery system that makes us compete for our money back. If state and federal governments take so much they can operate a lottery, they are indeed taking too much.

Subsidize all of us instead, give us back our tax money for all the fluff and focus on the basics – your constitutional obligations, like roads and infrastructure for an instance. I’m not afraid to be the first community to wean ourselves off this out of control spending spiral and be a shining example of autonomy and initiative for others.

Most Sincerely,
Robin Soff

Oh, and ps,

  • We are already funding the LEDC apart from proposal 1 (the millage increase), they are tax exempt – we pay for that. On top of that, Blissfield also pays $5,000.00 per year membership fee, what does every other community and the County pay on top of that? We pay for that too.
  • Taking money from property owners and giving it to corporations or select businesses is corporate welfare. We’ve been paying that as well.
  • If economic development worked, how did we get here? It’s been tried and failed for a half century.


I hope we have the wisdom to break the cycle somewhere between liberty and abundance, but closer to liberty…

“From bondage to spiritual faith;
 from spiritual faith to great courage;
 from courage to liberty;
 from liberty to abundance;
 from abundance to selfishness;
 from selfishness to apathy;
 from apathy to dependence;
 from dependency back again into bondage.”

 ~Alexander Fraser Tytler

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