Blissfield Wind Meeting Today


As you may or may not be aware, Great Lakes Wind / Exelon is hosting an Open House today at the Blissfield American Legion from 5 – 8. They will purportedly unveil the layout of their proposed industrial wind complex in Ogden and Palmyra Townships.

That precise information was requested by Riga Township residents and the IICC for nearly two (2) years, but GLW / Exelon repeatedly indicated that they could not provide that information to Riga Township residents because there was no way to determine where the industrial wind turbines would be located until the Riga Township Board passed a zoning ordinance amendment.

Amazingly, now that their project is in serious jeopardy, GLW / Exelon will be announcing the location of their proposed turbines in Ogden and Palmyra Townships today – despite the fact that no ordinances have been passed in either township! It appears that GLW / Exelon may have been withholding information from the Riga Township residents.

As always, members of the ever vigilant IICC will be present at GLW / Exelon’s Open House today, asking the tough questions that need to be answered. Come enjoy the ensuing fireworks!

Joshua J. Nolan
Director – IICC, Inc.

Image: seaskylab /

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4 Responses to Blissfield Wind Meeting Today

  1. Linette Van Camp says:

    What an awesome night and what an awesome group of dedicated people in the IICC. Thanks to all who came out and held signs to protest against this whole debacle that we call wind turbines.

  2. Riga Resident says:

    The Michigan legislature is currently considering eliminating the personal property tax. The affects could be catastrophic for Riga and Blissfield. With unemployment of over 11% in Lenawee County responsible local voices need to be heard for the sake of our communities. Area residents would be surprised how much money the personal property tax contributes to this community. The one bright spot in all this economic gloom is the opportunity of wind. If the governor follows through with eliminating the personal property tax then the proposed area wind farms have offered a PILOT program which means a signed contract that pays the township money in leu of taxes. We can argue and nitpick over this issue but the clock is ticking and our options are few. Again I would hope some community leaders realize the gravity of our situation and speak out about this. Don’t allow a minority to control the destiny of this area.

    • Robin says:

      I certainly appreciate your contribution Riga Resident but, with all due respect, scaling back or eliminating the personal property tax will have the opposite effect of catastrophic. Bill Ford Jr., Executive Chairman of the Ford Motor Co. was recently quoted saying Michigan is at a “competitive disadvantage” to other Midwestern states because of the personal property tax.

      “These are taxes that we pay on machinery or equipment,” he said. “Michigan’s reliance on this property tax places an additional burden on anybody who’s thinking about investing in this state.”

      Certainly, there will have to be some clean up of excessive spending elsewhere in local budgets but the proposed tax cuts will encourage employment with job creation in Michigan. Your thinking is exactly what drove business and corporations out of the State in favor of more business friendly environments. There’s more commentary here:

      Please explain how wind is an economic opportunity when taxpayers heavily subsidize the initiative for developers to turn around and give our money to the Townships in lieu of taxes. Isn’t that just a shell game?

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