A Horse’s What?

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, protesters lined up in front of the Hathaway House and across the street at the Legion on US223. Great Lakes Wind in concert with Exelon made a last-ditch effort to pitch their case with an informational open house about industrial wind farming in the region. Picketers took to the street with some messages of their own.

The Hathaway House was hosting their Farmer’s Market when Art Weeber lost his composure and hollered at another business person across the highway saying she should be ashamed of herself, he then proceeded to add insult to injury by calling her a “horse’s a$$”. Weeber is lucky he wasn’t arrested for profanity. For the last 102 years it has been illegal in Michigan to “use any indecent, immoral, obscene, vulgar or insulting language in the presence or hearing of any woman or child.”. In 1999 a Michigan Man Swears by His Right to Use Profanity.

Offensive language is of course used to be offensive, it’s substantially more offensive coming from a business leader of the community, but coming from a business leader that’s also a Village Trustee is entirely disturbing.

One could assume Art Weeber would likely be annoyed about a demonstration in front of his place of business; however, it goes much deeper than that.

Blissfield’s Neutrality on the Wind Farm Issue

Earlier this year, I was informed at a Village Council meeting that Blissfield was taking a neutral position on the Wind Farm issue.

Imagine my astonishment when Councilman Weeber showed up to speak and cheer in favor of an Industrial Wind Farm (on several occasions) in Riga and Palmyra. Councilman Weeber, along with Councilman A. Ray Jones and Councilman Brown have actively campaigned for less restrictive setbacks and sound levels that favored the developers.

Those same Councilmen disregarded time and research done by Blissfield’s Planning Commission as the committee brought forward a suggested ” one mile” setback for turbines in townships that are adjacent to Blissfield Village limits. Brown, Weeber and A. Ray Jones decided to cut the recommended distance in half and passed a “one half” mile setback for our community.

Weeber, Brown and A. Ray Jones also collected signatures on form letters that were delivered to the Riga Township Board, supporting the developers mission. Weeber even saw it fitting to ask his restaurant patrons to sign letters of support.

A rare opportunity to grow the local economy? Are they aware this is heavily funded by taxpayers, do they mean we could possibly recoup some of our investment or they could? Perhaps all the temporary construction workers would dine at the Hathaway House, The Stables or take in a murder mystery on the Dinner Train. Maybe they could shop at George and Kay’s Blissful Living before their dining reservations. Yeah, that sounds like how all the taxpayers would benefit.

Although, you would have to ignore the fact that our energy costs are skyrocketing due to the effort in the meantime. We could also ignore all the drawbacks (47 potential risks) and just focus on what we could gain (9 potential benefits). Did Blissfield Councilmen ignore what was included in their meeting packet? Click on the documents to read them clearly.

I’ve got one more major drawback for you; the rising costs of energy inflates the prices of everything that’s associated with energy. Everything that uses fossil fuel energy to produce or transport or heat is affected, including food. Imagine all the agricultural land already consumed by the fossil fuel industry – gas lines, power lines, power stations etc. Now we are further eating up agricultural land to host massive turbines instead of food crops. In the middle of a recession we are lowering our capacity to produce food that is dramatically rising in price. Farmers can harvest wind but it’s not edible.

Who should be ashamed? Shame on all the politician’s that can afford to ride the recession and have also pushed to compound hardship for the rest of the population.

America’s Wind Basket – produced by wind bags, based on manufactured information, backed up by flawed science, now…that really blows.

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60 Responses to A Horse’s What?

  1. Linette Van Camp says:

    Hats off for your commentary! It is so clear to you and I as we will not profit in our pockets from this fiasco of a project. Those who have $ to gain are blinded by just that! So sad when we see people put profits ahead of real human beings. Health, safety and welfare of residents should come first! As far as Mr Weeber goes this same man had the audacity to approach me at my grandchildrens soccer game in the spring and throw in my face about “how nice it was going to be to look across the childrens soccer fields and see those big turbines turning” when he knows that I am NOT of the same “liberal” mindset as he. How unappropriate Mr Weeber to bring this up at this time. I too would have thought a business man and council man would have had more tack and presence of mind than to try and air our differences at a childrens soccer game. But any time he would like to have an Adult debate with me I am game!

    • Robin says:

      I’m glad you agree Linette, we not only don’t profit, we are paying dearly for this fiasco with no clear end in sight. It sounds like Art Weeber was awed by his incredible power while laughing to himself when he rubbed your face in it. I don’t doubt he knew you were big enough not to engage at that time. What Art is missing is some common sense and leadership skills; however, I’d pay for tickets to see that debate. Food banks could use the proceeds.

  2. mj says:

    What a sad day this is when all we can picture is our ability to punish someone else for such a forward thinking idea further than we can see a way to pull our community in the 21st century. ANY business that benefits in Blissfield is a part of the community. And here in this blog these community leaders are called out as if they are malicious outsiders only interested in lining their own pockets.

    I am ashamed of Blissfield for the way the community has responded to this clean, abundant, free resource. I am ashamed of a community that allows demagoguery and fantasy propel a decision that could move forward such a important idea so desperately needed by so many–an idea that could keep our environment clean and free us from the tyranny of foreign terrorism funding oil. And more than anything I’m ashamed to see such an arrogant slight of hand in this blog aimed more at personal insult than actual fact.

    Perhaps some should take a moment to speak with the people who live beneath the giant wind farm on the rolling farmland just east of San Francisco where cows graze contentedly over the green hills and flocks of sea birds catch the updrafts to float on the breeze and the sky is azure blue. Or perhaps someone should visit the windmills that dot the southern coast of Wales where flocks of sheep wander craggy cliffs and hawks spy eagle-eyed from high above their whirring blades.

    Blissfield, you are being held back by a small group of frightened people who no more understand what they protest than the people who once refused the new-fangled horseless carriage.

    I was excited to be even a small part of a community that engaged in such a forward thinking important project. Alas, that appears to have been only a dream

    • Linette Van Camp says:

      Dear MJ the picture you paint is so dreamlike.. nothing like life or the real truth in living too close to 500′ tall INDUSTRIAL Wind turbines. The only Tyranny is that our current Goverment is telling us we HAVE to have a % of our energy from a “green source”.. and oh by the way you must Overpay for this “green energy”. Basically cramming it down our throats at OUR cost! Wind… like oil, gas, and coal are all free and god given but the cost to harvest is where we need to be concerned. It is like the $100,000.00 toilet seat! If I were to say that our county commissioners must buy an Orange toilet seat and I am the only one who makes them so they can only buy it from me and the cost is $100,000. would you be up in arms over this cost? I think so! This is the same thing here.. You obviously have not read about the devastation that Wind turbines do to Birds and bats as you have them soaring and gliding gracefully through the same air space. Why did the countries most reknown bat expert Dr Kurta say the Wind Turbines are devasting to bats? He is the expert.. not me not you?

      • Linette Van Camp says:

        Dear Mj I don’t think I personally insulted Mr Weeber. I only stated the facts as they happened to me personally. Mr Weeber insulted himself by lacking the tack to not present this conversation at a childrens soccer game when he knows full well what my opinion was of this wind debacle. He was trying to instigate or insult “me” so you have this backwards but I will not take offense from you or Mr Weeber. So you know I have visited several wind farms and am very much aware that the picture you present and real life are not the same.

    • Robin says:

      MJ, apparently your dream resides in California, go west and follow your dreams. On the other hand, If you want a wind turbine, put one up on your property but, don’t make me pay for it, and don’t put it next to my house. You could probably start seeing some savings in about twenty or so years.
      A couple of things here about fantasy:
      “forward thinking/pull our community in the 21st century” The technology is regressive MJ, windmills have been in the US since the 1800’s and there’s evidence of using this technology and using wind as a source of power as early as the 11th century (tall ships).
      “only interested in lining their own pockets/clean, abundant, free resource” Green corruption and economic folly in the USA: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/09/obama_green_jobs_con_job_and_the_ill_wind_that_blows_from_spain.html
      The Economic Impact of Renewable Energy Policy in Scotland and the UK – http://www.windturbinesyndrome.com/news/2011/for-every-green-job-created-3-7-jobs-are-lost-united-kingdom/
      How about analysis in Spain: http://www.windturbinesyndrome.com/news/2010/economist-demonstrates-that-wind-energy-is-economically-counter-productive/
      “free us from the tyranny of foreign terrorism ” We should have been and still should drill for our own, in the meantime we can buy all our oil from Canada.
      “the people who once refused the new-fangled horseless carriage.” Wasn’t that new-fangled horseless carriage’s exhaust the reason we are regressing back to ancient technology…you can’t argue in favor of both sides of the issue.
      “this blog aimed more at personal insult than actual fact.” You glossed over the facts and you ignored the documentation that backs those facts up. I didn’t see any facts or documentation that uphold your fantasies MJ.

      I am very proud of Blissfield, Riga and Ogden for not laying down and blindly taking whatever gets thrown at them. Our communities are filled with independent thinkers, intelligent and brave enough to present opposition. I’m proud to see determination and perseverance when blatant tactics to shut them up are deflected with wisdom and maturity. Yes, I’m very proud of my community where the majority know the difference between right and wrong, armed with a strong moral compass and the ability to think something through. It is at the very least courage you have witnessed, not fear.

      You’re right about one thing though, community leaders interested in lining their own pockets, are indeed called out on this blog.

  3. Linette Van Camp says:

    I too am saddened by the reaction in this communtiy. When outsiders can literally “sneak in” and go after officials to sell their snake oils and product behind the backs of other residents who will be affected by this. When neighbors won’t even be concerned for the health, safety and welfare of their neighbors and can only think to line their pockets.. It sickens and saddens me. What is wrong with an ordinance of setbacks and sound levels that would protect residents?? Leaseholders can have the option to sign off and have them right up next to their back door if thats the rights they want to relinquish. But atleast have criteria in to protect residents who do not want the side effects of sound, flicker and view. I myself like to sleep at nights.. Cant think of the last time I told my husband “you know its just too quiet here and I can’t sleep”. I see that Mj only signed initials.. Perhaps your a leaseholder yourself and thats why your opinion is what it is? You see I have NOTHING to gain so my opinion is not being influenced by $$$$$$ like so many others.

  4. Riga Resident says:

    Robin says,
    ” I’ve got one more major drawback for you; the rising costs of energy inflates the prices of everything that’s associated with energy. Everything that uses fossil fuel energy to produce or transport or heat is affected, including food. Imagine all the agricultural land already consumed by the fossil fuel industry – gas lines, power lines, power stations etc. Now we are further eating up agricultural land to host massive turbines instead of food crops. In the middle of a recession we are lowering our capacity to produce food that is dramatically rising in price. Farmers can harvest wind but it’s not edible.”

    Boy is that some kind of logic! Robin I don’t know you but this kind of thinking really is out there! I mean where is this ever said or written. Rising energy costs make wind more competitive not less and as for taking valuable farmland one only needs to look to Sylvania Ohio and what real estate developers have done there. I mean does any of Riga’s residents what a Sylvania Township here? With its upside down property values and its high real estate taxes caused by no real balance in its economic development. Well many in the “Opposition Movement” are affiliated and derive their livelihood off of exploiting farmland. So Robin you need to think this thing out rationally. Weeber, Brown and A. Ray Jones have the best interest of Blissfield in mind when they bravely support wind in the region. Please look at that glass as half full!

    • Linette Van Camp says:

      So then its acceptable for me to want what Mr Weeber suggested in a set back of 1/2 mile from the village? Thats all I am asking for! The only green about wind energy is the money that a few will make be it developers with all the subsidies or the farmers so why would I want this? Wind is not sustainable we all know that we still need coal fired or nuclear plants because wind is just not dependable.

    • Robin says:

      C’mon Riga Resident, it’s simple logic and simple math. If it’s not written anywhere else, it’s written now. At the best of times, taking an entire fossil energy dependant nation and try to convert it over to “green” energy (in the midst of a recession, no less), is an expensive venture. We can’t manufacture more farmland so when you keep subtracting it, it gets smaller. I didn’t even mention ethanol. Higher fuel prices affect food prices. If it costs more to grow and transport produce, somebody has to absorb those costs. All the business that make a profit (including energy companies) will pass on inflated costs to the consumer, they can’t afford to eat it, they have expenses and employees to pay. Everybody along that chain of productivity has to raise his or her rates because the cost of doing business just went up. You now have to pay more for everything, because the end user is you. Every business in the United States is dependent on fossil fuel (even wind and solar). Every business in the United States is paying more for everything since Obama/Gore attack on fossil fuels with manmade global warming allegations, Copenhagen Climate Conference, Cap and Trade, a moratorium on offshore drilling, cutting oil subsidies, excessive regulations, EPA impositions, green lobbyists, environmentalists, brainwashed individuals, etc. Sounds like a grand plan to make wind and solar (that’s been crammed down our throats) more competitive, but it still doesn’t make it more viable. They strangle fossil fuels with one hand a squeeze us into wind and solar on with the other. Oh, and then there is this: http://www.mackinac.org/7769

      There you go RR, I just thought it through again.

      I don’t know what happened in Sylvania you’re referring to. Our mortgages and property values are upside down here. What has that got to do with food and energy prices…or windfarms? You’ll have to provide me with more information regarding that point.

      I don’t know anyone in the “opposition movement” that derive their livelihood off of exploiting farmland, can you again provide more detail.

    • Tom says:

      If I may interject myself into this conversation. RR is all for embracing the promises of wind energy, but when RR is challenged to defend his side of the position, they link to two activist sites that show the evils of fossil fuel and coal-fired power plants. Nothing to show how installation of highly-subsidized wind turbines will somehow not make us still depend on evil fossil fuels and coal-fired power plants as a back-up. They offer nothing to show that this will give the public back a return on its investment. They show no concerns for the potential problems of not having safe setbacks.

      RR, I hope you did have some concern for your neighbors before you made the decision, and just not concerns for the annual check.

  5. Linette says:

    Robin I am sure you can fill them with all kinds of data and web sites but it sounds like:

    A. they are being blinded by the money

    B. They really don’t understand about Wind, the mindset that its “free”

    = You can lead them to knowledge but you can’t make them think!

    • Robin says:

      While it’s true, greed or the love of money can be blinding, I find that those afflicted are usually in denial anyway. You can’t rationalize with irrational. I don’t know if this is the case with Riga Resident or MJ, it would be interesting to find out if supporters of the wind farms have signed leases or someone close to them have. On the other hand, your point B also has merit. I can imagine a utopic, ethereal vision of windmills without regard to the costs and adverse effects is possible too. Both scenarios are dangerous, hence, I bet you would still choose to discuss/debate the pros and cons even if you are wasting breath on one person, your words could lead somebody else to knowledge that will think.

      You are at least leading them to knowledge. Thanks!

  6. Riga Resident says:

    Robin did you read my post? This is not a partisan issue. This is what is best for our little piece of America. I don’t care about Rush Limbaugh talking points, I care about Riga and the surrounding communities. To squabble about theoretical think tank produced blather does no one in this community any good. Your incessant nagging of the make believe looks suspect if not self-defaming. The economy has changed. No more can we depend on manufacturing to support us in a middle-class lifestyle. Do you not have empathy for all those in Lenawee County looking for work? We have to embrace this window of opportunity for our sons and daughters sake. The leaders of Blissfield know the score. They live with the reality of a depressed economy. They know what is brewing in the Lansing and Washington pipeline. We can’t be like Sylvania and complain about a water tower project because it blocks their sunset. This is silly and unproductive. Wake up! Wise up!

    • Robin says:

      RR, I read your post, did you read mine? I can’t help it if you choose to look at this from an emotional perspective. I’m sorry you can’t be bothered with facts. The economy hasn’t changed – it’s been on a downward spiral for years. Subsidies to renewables have increased 186% in the last three Obama years: http://www.instituteforenergyresearch.org/2011/08/03/eia-releases-new-subsidy-report-subsidies-for-renewables-increase-186-percent/ You’re paying for that. The current energy sector is going the same way as manufacturing has…the same way the auto industry has been crippled. Your political leaders are responsible for all of that and you’re paying the consequences for that too. No, this is not a partisan issue, it’s a National issue that both Democrat and Republican houses have their share of blame. Just as both Democrats and Republicans like you and me are footing the bill.

      Do you dare sit down and figure how many jobs would be gained if we drilled for our own oil? If we announced we would start drilling tomorrow our petroleum prices would drop immediately and over a million jobs would be created within a year, not including the ancillary jobs. Would you prefer to do the same things and expect different results?

      Cut the bull with your talking points and think tank blather…I have my own thought process. Enough to debate you about the fundamentals, which you’re conveniently missing.

      In Oregon they installed 338 wind turbines and threw around 1.2 billion in federal, state and local subsidies, the project produced 35 permanent jobs. That’s $34 million per permanent position when all federal and state subsidies were tallied. It’s not clear if those jobs have any link to the $30 million in proposed tax credits from the State of Oregon.

      I believe it’s ridiculous and naive to talk about wind energy being viable, especially in Michigan. The structures had to be massive because the wind wasn’t good enough at lower levels. We’re not talking the great plains here. Furthermore, If you cared as much as you say, you wouldn’t be selling your soul for what you think are few jobs. What is actually happening is you’re being talked into taking money out of your left pocket, putting it into your right and you think you’re winning. Unless you’ve signed a lease…you’re losing.

  7. Riga Resident says:

    So Robin if taking on Washington is your answer to Lenawee’s money woes have at it. Start your own Occupy Blissfield and bring justice to its streets. I and others look at the issue from a more somber mature view, happy to make the small changes that affect the world we live in.

    As far as job creation directly, yes less than a dozen permanent jobs created but indirectly that is a whole different story! $23 million infusion over 20 years can make a huge difference. Many wind farms have also experienced an increase in tourism. So who knows where something like this could lead. Anyone who lives in Blissfield should embrace this project because there is no downside for its residents.

    Finally life is unfair Robin. What goes on in far away places are beyond our control. We can only affect positive change here. Take advantage of the one and only large growth project to come our way for years to come. Be a little more positive its good for your health and can add years to your life. That goes for you too Linette!

    • Robin says:

      RR, life is unfair and happy to make the small changes that affect the world we live in. We agree on these 2 points, if you’re looking for agreement on the infusion of cash to Lenawee – show me the numbers and supply me with the links to this analysis.

      • Robin says:

        RR, as for my logic and thinking you claim is really out there, I’ve found information we can learn from Mason County, Michigan. This excerpt is provided by Tom Gantert’s article entitled – Stimulus Giveaways and Higher Electric Bills Pay for ‘Green Energy’ in Michigan – he writes, “Critics of wind energy projects say government subsidies such as the $72 million that Lake Winds will receive are necessary because the power source itself is too expensive.

        “Lake Winds and other mandated ‘renewable’ power will simply make energy more expensive for everyone,” said Pat Michaels, a senior fellow in environmental studies at the Cato Institute, in an email. “Wind and solar are particularly poor producers of energy, consuming large tracts of land and producing very little dependable power.”

        A large tract of land wind energy consumes in Mason County is 9,300 acres. Read more here: http://www.michigancapitolconfidential.com/15391

  8. Linette Van Camp says:

    @Riga Resident I do not know you as you hide behind a post name but you certainly do NOT know me! I am the most positive person there is. My glass is never half full… my glass is at the top and flowing over. You cannot meet a more positive person in your life!
    So glad your concerned for my health with it comes to attitude and only wish you were that concerned for my health when it comes to living too close to industrial wind turbines! Your sign name says Riga Resident so you must have been delivered the dvd of the people from dekalb who are living a miserable life now next to that monster? Did you watch the video to have discernment? Did you think these were actors???? Or just plain liars??? As far as reading the posts you certainly did NOT read mine regarding the inflated cost of this project. At at time when we all know the economy is in the dump you think its wise to spend taxpayers dollars on something that produces so little energy, is that what I am hearing from you? Any business person or even head of household knows you have to figure costs into your purchase and then decide if its worthy of the cost do you agree? Well this is not cost effective its that plain and simple! 1 million per turbine in subsidies for something that produces so little energy and is not viable. Thats taxpayers dollars.. you and me…

    What is wrong with coal. We now have clean energy efficient coal fired plants. Actually the state of Michigan recently turned down an application to build a new coal fired plant up north as they stated we just do not need the energy?? This came out of most recent prospectus from an energy company that I have stock in. We have an abundace of coal under this country, like natural gas and oil.. I have a problem with a government that will not drill for oil in Alaska because it could effect the caribou and animals there but do not have a problem setting an industrial wind turbine too close to my house! Last but not least all I am saying is to have safe set backs and if residents like you want them stuffed up your backside go ahead and sign a waver to have them put as close as you want.. this protectks your rights and protecks mine too!… Oh yeah Riga did that with a full yes vote from its board and now the windies are trying to change it… So who is not listening now!

  9. Riga Resident says:

    Rose Bud Linette:
    Yes I actually spoke with your video star from DeKalb. Seems one of his major beefs is that the wind company won’t buy him out for his asking price. See he grew up in his area and went an built a McMansion in an area of vastly lower priced homes. Well even Jermaine knows that you won’t get the big money when the neighboring homes are but a spec in size to your Taj Mahal. So I imagine he’s disgruntled as would anyone who got caught up in the phony housing boom. Now that’s not to say that he may have an issue with not liking the new area development but this is the risk one takes when living in a agricultural zoned area. Their ain’t no home owners association to protect your rights to have all the houses painted blue! If one wants this type of living then well there’s Sylvania. But to be, from what I see, the only major complainant in DeKalb makes me suspicious. So goes the propaganda wars!

    As for coal, coal is dirty, coal is polluting. Mercury pollution for coal burning emissions are making the American people a bunch of dullards from the affects of mercury toxic affects. http://content.usatoday.com/communities/greenhouse/post/2011/10/great-lakes-mercury-pollution-pose-risks/1

    Then there is the CO2 build up that is affecting our environment because NIMBYs such as yourselves have closed your mind to the evidence of climate change. http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/campaigns/climate-change/coal/ I’m not going to blather on probably be a waste of my time but for those who just happened to view this blog….take note….your children’s future is at hand economically and health wise.

    But I can only affect change in my neck of the woods. These things I’ve said are great talking points but in the end its Riga and Blissfield that’s going to be affected my misinformed citizenry. Remember this when to go out to get your mail and look at the roads around you. They are falling apart and if the Wind Farms don’t fix them then YOU will be funding their fix. So ask yourself can I afford yet more taxes? Riga vote NO November 8th.

    • Linette Van Camp says:

      The only misinformed person is you Riga Resident! Just so happens that there are plenty of new coal companies that are very safe and don’t pollute. Oh and do I need to mention that they are sooooo much more cost effective than Wind Turbines! Wisconsin Engery has several. I am guessing that your hang up is Sylvania for some reason as you keep pointing it out to me and cannot seem to stay on task with us here in Michigan. As far as the roads go there are plenty of counties and townships with bad roads does that mean the only way to fix roads is get a Industrial wind turbine stuff up next to your house. Bedford for example has miles of bad roads but I don’t think they will put turbines in there so oh my god how will they fix their roads! Get serious will you! I am not sure how your getting your pocket greased in this whole fiasco but this whole wind issue comes down to MONEY!!!! Why on Earth would anyone want to pay more for something than what its worth! The cost to harvest this free wind is not cost effective! Vote YES in Riga to proteck residents RIGHTS! Riga your board voted this Ordinance in don’t let a few greedy people overturn your boards decision! Its up to you Riga to save your township by voting yes! By the way RR you just encouraged me to write another check to the IICC!

      • Linette Van Camp says:

        @RR so your saying the folks from dekalb are liars and photo shopped their video?

        If this is your mentality then I may have to move on.. sometimes you just can’t fix stupid!

    • Robin says:

      RR, You’re not doing too well against Linette but, I do notice you weaving and bobbing; that’s more than I got. I wasn’t even answered. I’m looking forward to learning how much County, local and State dollars are going into subsidizing wind energy in our back yard. It’s important to know how much each of those (10 maybe less) new permanent jobs infused into a Lenawee economy will actually cost us. This is an opportunity to inform the citizenry! Do you even know?

      Alternatively, if money payments to farmers=economic benefit, then why don’t you support the Riga ordinance which would require EVEN MORE money going from the developer’s pockets to residents as they buy up the easements to build their turbines. More is better right?

    • Linette Van Camp says:

      Rose bud? What is this about?

  10. Linette Van Camp says:

    RR so you know I would rather pay to fix my roads than to pay an outrageous subsidy for wind that will not reduce my electric bill and go into developers and greedy neighbors pockets. * By the way if your into over paying for something I have a few of those $100,000.00 toilet seats left if you want to buy one!

    *Reference my post 10/20/2011 at 3:40 pm

  11. Riga Resident says:

    Girls one at a time here! Robin the jobs issue I addressed in my previous post. Linette did you know that since the Michigan economy is on the rocks so goes the township economies. In particular Bedford that has a Nov. 8th millage for road repair. This will soon be playing in our own townships and guess who will be paying? Both of you are fixated on farmers vs residential enough already!

    FYI the Riga Resident lives in Riga neither of you do so why are you so involved in my township? It almost seems like a ban of Taliban have descended on our region traveling from township to township disrupting local governments that are not asking for your help. How do you justify this? Do you know your meddling has cost Riga residents thousands! Riga residents don’t disrupt governments in Blissfield, Ogden, or Palmyra. We feel their business is of no concern of ours. Don’t you have better use of your time than this?

    • Linette Van Camp says:

      No I do not have anything better to do with my time and the money Aunt Flossie left me! Like I said I would rather pay more in taxes to go directly to a road project then be beholden to an Industrial Wind Farm. I never mentioned the word farmer your the one who put that out there. I have the utmost respect for farmers but not when they prostitue their land at the sake of their neighbors health all for money. I come to your township to give support to fellow residents and am welcomed by many…. no encouraged by many to come to your meetings. When Wind Developers come in and are not truthful, deceiving the public then why shouldn’t we come forward to educate the public. And we are doing a fine job! Unlike your unwelcomed attendance at my township on election day this past August! The only ones costing Riga more money is the greedy people who want to open the Ordinance back up and cost the poor taxpayers of Riga more money when the board has already voted on what they feel protecks the health, safety and welfare of its residents.

      • Robin says:

        I’m with you Linette, I can’t think of anything better to spend my time on than stand up for the taxpayers and fight corruption. As far as our road condition goes; if not the roads, where do they spend the allotted funds to maintain roads? Wind subsidies? This is a random number but, for every hundred thousand in incentives, do the developers spend a grand on road repairs? I would rather a straight out tax for a straight up purpose so I know what we are spending where and why – transparency.

        In Michigan, 19 cents per gallon gas tax along with vehicle registration fees help pay for our road maintenance (not including 13 cents for diesel). That’s the 6th highest State tax for gasoline. http://www.api.org/statistics/fueltaxes/ rated 2nd for the worst roads. Our total State plus Federal excise tax is 63.0 (again 6th highest). Politicians and taxpayers alike grumble about our crumbling roads and infrastructure…even though funds were created to effectively deal with it; they raid the funds and use it for other purposes at will. Look for yourself:
        2004 House Bill 6074: Retain motor fuel “regulatory fee” http://www.michiganvotes.org/2004-HB-6074

        This wind issue has many tentacles reaching into numerous cans of worms. Somebody has to challenge the shell games going on here, if not the citizenry, then who? Blind faith our leaders will lead?

        On the November 8 ballot, VOTE YES TO PROTECT RIGA, and lets start cleaning things up!

    • Robin says:

      RR, you did not answer my question in your last comment to Linette. I want to know how much subsidies are being stacked for our Industrial Wind Farm Project.

      Did you know Michigan’s economy is tanking, and everyone down the line from Governor Granholm to the Village Mayor could have minimized it or prevented it?

      My husband grew up on a farm in Riga, RR. His father and grandfather built the house and his mother still lives there. I’d say that’s an invested interest. We’ve got DDA board members that live in other taxing jurisdictions and like to gin up the spending in Blissfield because it benefits the business they operate in Blissfield. You can feel what you like but, if it’s not illegal, there’s nothing you can do about it. Be a little more positive its good for your health and can add years to your life.

  12. Josh Kevon Josh Germaine van Martisbinns says:

    RR said: “Yes I actually spoke with your video star from DeKalb. Seems one of his major beefs is that the wind company won’t buy him out for his asking price. See he grew up in his area and went an built a McMansion in an area of vastly lower priced homes. ”

    Riga Resident: Your comment here has been forwarded to the Hulthen family. It is a flat contradiction of everything Dave Hulthen said to me when he was here this spring. I am sure he and his attorney will take a look at your statements here very closely. Maybe you should retract your comment before you end up with another WSPD moment?

  13. Linette Van Camp says:

    Wow you sure quieted Riga Resident up!

  14. Riga Resident says:

    More intimidation yada yada yada can’t have a civil conversation without some extremist butting in. Now I suppose your going to steal my signs!

  15. Linette Van Camp says:

    Does Riga Resident know what intimidation means? At what point were you intimidated? At what point did an extremist butt in? This is a civil conversation I thought! Atleast until you started stating false truths. I am guessing your intimidation comes from within you howling air!

  16. Riga INFORMED Resident says:

    Just heard this morning’s news that the price of gas is going up 25 cents per gallon due to the price of Ethanol used in gasoline is going up. Seems like burning our food may not be such a good idea after all? Another “green” idea gone wrong! Another highly subsidized product! Just like the new “wind turbine” project will come back and cost us more that it saves!

  17. Linette Van Camp says:

    Can you add “Green” Solyndra Solar fiasco to this please!

  18. Linette Van Camp says:

    Your right WHY does all this crap have to be subsidised? I don’t remember Alexandra Graham Bell, Ford or Thomas Edison reaping and raping subsidies. Build something that is good and self sustaining. Why always rush to spend the darn money and prop everything up!

    • Robin says:

      Yes, add Solyndra if someone needs a glaring example of cronyism, which, by the way has nothing to do with capitalism. We also find out about the Solyndra on wheels…rewind to 2009 – VP Joe Biden proudly announced a $529 million loan from the Department of Energy to the start-up electric car company called Fisker as a bright new path to thousands of American manufacturing jobs. Fast forward – two years after the loan was announced, the company’s manufacturing jobs have been outsourced (or in-sourced rather) to Finland. And…the mega flashy car is (surprise) not so green, unless they use pixie dust in the battery; http://www.forbes.com/sites/warrenmeyer/2011/10/20/update-fisker-karma-electric-car-gets-worse-mileage-than-an-suv/. The good news is – socialism isn’t for the socialists and the uber rich celebrities can drive around in the style they have become accustomed to while still pretending they are saving the planet.

  19. Riga INFORMED Resident says:

    I’d like to respond to RR on his comments on taking up valuable farmland & “one only needs to look at Sylvania, Ohio & what real estate developers have done there”. The farmers who owned that land made a TON of money selling to those “developers”, some land was used to build schools, parks, and yes, homes. What do you live in? A tent? Someone used to farm where you live too!

    • Robin says:

      Good point Informed!

    • Riga Resident says:

      That is not the issue. The issue is the model used in Sylvania. Currently there is an imbalance between residential and business. This causes high taxes on the residential community for its lack of economic development. Sylvania was built on the housing boom that as all of us knows is done and probably never to return. Now the community is burdened with homeowners who are up side down in their homes owing more than their worth. This has happened all across the country. So claims of property devaluation are skewed and cannot be attributed to anyone factor other than the collapse of the phony housing boom. Our country will not return to prosperity until we create middle class jobs that support families that can support housing. America has little options going forward. We can dream of times gone past but this is but a pipe dream as globalization has reduced us to a hyper competitve low wage country.

      • Linette Van Camp says:

        @RR Wow cheer up bud! Dont be so negative! The housing market like the stock market will come back. It always does it always has. In time it will come full circle. So we can clarify this tho I would tell you that most people are in an upside down mortgage as the market peaked like never before and then crashed when “liberals” Clinton, Barney Frank and Dodd thought and believed that “eveyone should own a home”… they lowered all the criteria and pushed programs to get “everyone” in home ownership… Well we know now that everyone cannot be responsible enough to own a home.. Living above their means and low credit scores do not compute to making a monthy mortgage payment on time! I do NOT understand your mentality and thinking as you talk about the collapse … yet your willing to throw MILLIONS at something that is so propped up and subsidised? Where is the common sense thinking there?

        If you think America has little options and is in such colapse then perhaps we can count on your moving to perhaps another country.. maybe one with a more socialist government! Cradle to grave and take care of you.. make all your choices and spend your money cause your not smart enough to do that! Where no personal accountability is needed.

      • Robin says:

        RR, Linette has pretty much spelled out the reason for the housing bubble that of course burst. The government (instead of free market principles) mucked with the housing market and basically created a false market…they’re doing the same thing with wind and solar energy (and many other things). When a nation has lost it’s way and the things they are doing is making the situation worse, it’s time to get back to basics…the fundamentals.

        I would rather the government cease and desist so the market has a fighting chance to recover. Capitalism and free market principles work, the problem has been our legislators are busy legislating us to death and that’s killing the economy. Couple that with excessive spending (including massive waste fraud and abuse), record deficits and pushing faux markets where only a few benefit…it’s killing an entire Republic.

        Are you kidding? Do you believe wind farms are the answer for the middle class?

        • Riga Resident says:

          I don’t know where you get your information but I suspect Fox New is a big contributor. The America economy has changed, its become globalized meaning we are in direct competition with communist countries like China. To say the housing market will return as it always has is naive of global forces that have changed all of our standards of living. Its already happened look around! If you think some global industry will come to Lenawee County and drop a few thousand middle class jobs here, good luck. Times have changed and the sooner all of you get your collective heads out of the sand (being nice!) the sooner we can realize that anything (economically) that comes our way could be a blessing if we’re not to picky!

          Well my time in the Emerald City has come to an end. Its time to use the ruby slippers and return to Kansas. Of course everything said on blogs is always the opinion of the writer using his first amendment right of free speech. Its been nice talking to all of you. So good day to all!

          • Robin says:

            Don’t snipe and run RR, you’ve got a few questions to answer. Was your statement about the Dekalb video star a false statement? Global forces were not the cause of our busted housing market. You don’t compete with a communist country by becoming communist. Please explain the economic boon proposed by wind farms. How does Riga gain $23 million in tax revenue with a wind farm? How exactly does Ogden more than double it’s tax base with a Blissfield wind energy project? How are these economic opportunities?

  20. Josh Kevon Josh Germaine van Martisbinns says:

    Every property value study that shows a loss of value attributable to proximity to turbines has taken into account the macro and local valuation effects. It is not new or difficult. Paired sales analysis is the best means to accomplish this in which case both properties would be in the same “macro” window. So to persistently claim that the studies are showing residential value losses because the whole market went down is to be entirely ignorant of property valuation in the first place. And as long as there is population growth the long term trend for housing prices will be positive. But that can be hindered locally by intrusion of large industrial developments into rural or residential areas. But a local example eludes me…………..

    But back to what really matters: will RR retract his statements regarding the Hulthen’s?

  21. Jeremy Sell says:

    I’m a native of Blissfield and have resided in the area my entire life. I’m not a big property owner or a local business owner. I don’t look forward to any immediate personal gain from wind turbines. And yet, I support the wind projects.

    I find it telling that your “benefit/risk” analysis was compiled by a partisan group opposed to wind energy. Of course they “found” more risks than benefits.

    Your argument against diverting agricultural land to wind energy generation are immaterial. 100, 1,000, or even 10,000 acres of local agricultural land are a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent of total global food production. Contrary to some local farmers’ beliefs, we aren’t single-handedly supplying the majority (or even a significant amount) of the world’s food needs. On top of that, using land to create energy isn’t less important than using it to create food. Both have monetary values, and each can be traded for the other. If a person can make more money using their land to create energy than food, more power to them. They can then use their surplus of income to buy the food they need, and then some.

    The facts are simple: As we deplete fossil fuel reserves, they become more difficult and expensive to locate and extract. They are finite resources. Because of this, costs to consumers are necessarily increasing. We need to exploit new energy sources before we face the reality of $10+/gallon gas, natural gas, etc. Subsidies are helping to drive the exploration for new energy. While it costs taxpayers now, it will benefit everyone in the long term by securing new, more vast, and ultimately less expensive energy sources. We are stewards of the world, of our resources, of our children, and of our future. We can put our heads in the sand and pretend there isn’t a problem, or we can put on our big-boy pants, recognize the writing on the wall, and do something about it.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks for weighing in Jeremy. My benefit/risk analysis has indeed come from many different sources. I contend the majority of my information and in fact, what I lean most heavily on is not even from theory or analysis thereof, but through people that have first hand experience. I believe you are talking about an Ogden Citizens Committee that came up with the benefits/risk list. What makes you say they are partisan. Is your view partisan?

      What part of continual subtraction of agricultural land having a negative impact on an agricultural commodity is so difficult to understand. I was more concerned about America’s ability to feed itself than a global production; however many other countries have subtracted agricultural resources for wind production as well. Not to mention, farmers at the township meetings were asking what the difference is between harvesting wind as opposed to harvesting food. The answer is quite simple, you cannot eat wind and sustain the same vital nutrient intake. Although, it may make a good argument for weight loss. Joking aside, at some point you tip the balance, too many people, not enough food. It’s easy to add more people to the equation but you cannot add more land.

      Our food supply is significantly more important than our energy supply. We can survive without energy much more readily than we can survive without food.

      Putting on our big-boy-pants doesn’t mean we force extravagant amounts of money (that we are borrowing from China) into something that’s less viable, less efficient and more expensive. It’s possible for someone to make more money growing turbines than growing food if the government forces everybody to pay more than it’s worth and the money gets funneled to a select few. Some facts are simple: we are depleting a finite resource but that’s not why our energy costs are going up. Our energy prices are going up because of a concerted effort to force the viability of wind and solar. If those were such wonderful ideas, don’t you think some private sector entrepreneur would have been all over it before now?

      We have 300 years supply of coal, we have 300 years supply of natural gas and we haven’t explored for the purpose of drilling our own oil for a long time. I expect the reason for that is the stewards of our natural resources would rather save them than use them. I expect too much misinformation about co2 has perpetuated an unhealthy fear. Bottom line is, we don’t have to do anything about our current energy issues in the middle of a world economic crisis except drill and use the technology we currently have already invested in.

      Also too, subtracting agricultural land for non agricultural use is not the only thing that threatens our food supply. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44841097/ns/us_news-security/t/us-food-supply-threatened-foreign-insects-diseases-got-us-post/#.TqmXLXIWdv8 And, what do you say about the long-time movement that believes something needs to be done about population control…for the same reasons I oppose wind farms replacing our food supply? What do you say about the world food shortage people have been warning about since 2007? In 1909 the US population was 90.49 million, in 2009 the US population was 307.484 million (maybe this resource will please you) – http://www.ers.usda.gov/Data/FoodConsumption/FoodAvailSpreadsheets.htm#pop

    • Linette Van Camp says:

      @ Jeremy you said “I don’t look forward to any immediate personal gain from wind turbines.”
      Immediate is the key word as I can only assume that your parents or grandparents are lease signers for turbines.. IN my book that says it all! Your not unbiased if this is the case.

  22. Linette Van Camp says:

    @RR so your saying I would be better off watching your channel CNN (communists news network) to hear all the doom and gloom that you love? Sorry but I BELIEVE IN AMERICA! She has been down this road before and will rise up again!

  23. Linette Van Camp says:

    If you want to be green and believe in that Rhetoric so be it then go to consumers and sign up for a $1.50 a month “donation” to their green progam just to say you are.. I for one know how to spend my money responsibly and don’t need the “liberals or the gov” telling me. Wind is a farce just like all the other green liberal solutions like ethanol plants and solar… Open your eyes and do some research yourself! We need to drill here and now!

  24. Linette Van Camp says:

    Did your mother never tell you to be weary of strangers! Dont take the candy as they will lure you into something bad! If you cannot figure out that the wind developers are deceiving their leaseholders then perhaps your not researching and watching the news. Did the wind companies tell some of the big farmers in the southern portion of Lenawee county that they will NOT be getting turbines because they are too close to Toledo Express Airport and cannot get FAA approval? Yet these lease signers are out there helping the windies get their approval by the populus? When some of these farmers find out that they are not getting the turbines and $ they were promised I am thinking they will not be happy they were deceived! I was told by a wind developer personally that he thinks some farmers will be chasing him with pitchforks! So who is the deceiver now!

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