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Ballot Language for Proposal 1:

Shall the 15 mill limitation on General Ad Valorem taxes within the County of Lenawee imposed under Article IX, Section 6 of the Michigan Constitution be increased by .28 mills ($.28 per $1,000 of taxable value) for a period of four (4) years, 2011 through 2014 inclusive, for the purpose of providing services to promote economic development and job creation in Lenawee County and shall the County levy such millage for the said purpose during such period, which increase shall raise in the first year of levy an estimated $882,964.

Everything you wanted to know about the LEDC financials, but didn’t know who to ask. Below is a list of all the financials for the LEDC (Lenawee Economic Development Corporation) from 2009 to current.

LEDC_P&L2009 -Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Income, Transactions by Account

LEDC_P&L2010 -Profit and Loss Statement. Balance Sheet, Income, Transactions by Account






I recommend not only voting on November 8, but voting NO, we shall not disregard the Michigan Constitution and increase Michigan’s debt ceiling! We want our legislators to stop playing games, focus on the real problems and work within their allotted budget!

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12 Responses to The LEDC Scoop

  1. says:

    You’re Canadian, right? That is why you merely “recommend” a no vote.

  2. says:

    If you are Canadian, are you recommending this vote because you are funded by the Economic Developers Council of Ontario (EDCO) to ensure that Lenawee cannot compete with Canadian Economic Development? That is what I have heard.

    • Robin says:

      I have a business in Michigan, I live in Michigan, I own a home in Michigan and I am invested in Michigan. I don’t agree with Socialism (I have first hand experience to draw from). Economic development does not work, if you can find any evidence that it does, please send it to me. In the meantime, find a little more respect for your Founding Fathers and appreciate all they have given you. The United States of America is the last bastion of liberty and freedom in the world…and that’s something I’m magnanimously willing to fight and die for. I hope you will too.

      “The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.”


  3. says:

    Oh, and one more thing. What ever way the Proposal 1 vote goes, it will have absolutely no effect whatsoever on the Michigan Constitution. Maybe you should study up on that. Michigan has a balanced budget amendment and cannot increase its debt ceiling! So, to recap:
    1. Proposal One only effects Lenawee County
    2. Michigan’s Constitution contains a balanced budget amendment–no way to increase the debt ceiling, which is, of course:
    3. A FEDERAL issue (neither local or state).

    Not sure how Canada does it, but combining three levels of information into one statement isn’t the way we do it.

    • Robin says:

      Tiredofstupidyou, In my humble opinion, proposal 1 is unconstitutional, economic development is unconstitutional (according to both state and federal constitutions). It’s taxation without representation and doesn’t resemble anything our framers had in mind when they drafted the constitution.

      Again, if you can provide proof that economic development works, please forward it to me.

      If you believe in free market enterprise, capitalism and the ingenuity of the American people, we don’t need concerted economic development. If government stopped strangling business with costly regulations, high fees and taxes our business sector would be profitable and provide plenty jobs. If you were a corporation looking to move from a particular state, the reason most likely would be the cost of doing business. You’d be concerned with long and short term expenses that would improve your bottom line. Unless of course, you’re a less intelligent bargain hunter/shopper and looking only at the size of the incentive package or just playing one county or state against another to increase your incentive package. Taking money from me to give to someone else is socialism.

      Michigan and Lenawee County already have everything else desirable for success of any business venture according to the LEDC and their crony network. We currently have a skilled workforce, access to training, quality schools, quality transportation, natural resources and further surrounded by beautiful landscapes and lots of unparalleled water and shoreline, with an extensive array of leisure pursuits and activities available. We don’t need marketing, we just need to be more accountable to the business environment and eliminate the things that are standing in the way of reasonable profit. The word will travel fast when we’ve struck the right balance. Great plans and places sell themselves.

      Let’s not forget that what has unfortunately become the status quo as well as what they are attempting here (mill increase) is micromanaging the economy. You don’t rob from the poor and give to the rich. Case in point; The Poletown court justified destroying an entire neighborhood and condemning the homes of 4,200 people, as well as numerous businesses, churches, and schools, so the land could be transferred to General Motors for the construction of a new factory. General Motors has now morphed into Government Motors.

      Yes, we have issues and we have a say about what’s happening in our own neighborhoods. We didn’t have to go down the road of the federal government following the European models, we are a sovereign state. If the rest of the country wants to bury themselves in debt, unemployment and burst bubbles, they have the independent right to do so. We didn’t have to blindly follow them over the cliff. Hud, MSHDA, MEDC, LEDC, TIF’s, Brownfield’s, Department of Human Services and the like have been paving the way for this mess, they are all wrought with waste, fraud and abuse. Let’s eliminate the unconstitutional threats to Michigan. We can take care of our poor and needy at local levels – where they are best known. Furthermore, we should be keeping more of our tax dollars at the local level so we can afford to take care of our own.

      “Michigan’s Constitution contains a balanced budget amendment” How’s that working out for us, did someone construe that amendment to only be applicable on paper? Have you checked out Michigan’s debt lately?

  4. voiceofreason says:

    And all of these years I have thought only cold air came from Canada

  5. applesofgoldprov2511 says:

    I read this information you gathered before voting day. I appreciated your time and research on the matter. Thank you for a great deal of effort.

    • Robin says:

      Thank-you Apples, I appreciate you making the effort to read it before the election. Thankfully, I had help compiling the information and am not an island. I couldn’t help but notice there’s the “government” version of sugar and spice and everything nice, when they try to sell us something. On the other hand there’s the taxpayer version that looks more like snails.

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