100 Reasons to Vote Conservative

Every time we might like the government to tax the corporations, we are asking them to tax us. Corporations view taxes as an expense like paying the electric bill. When they price an item for sale, they include all their expenses, including taxes.

All user fees and permits are listed as being considered a tax. This Is not an all inclusive, exhausted list, I’m sure you can think of more. This list is courtesy of http://godfatherpolitics.com/942/47-different-taxes-we-pay/

1. Ad Valorem Tax
2. Building Permit Tax
3. Commercial Driver’s License Tax
4. Cigarette Tax
5. Corporate Income Tax
6. Dog License Tax
7. Excise Taxes
8. Federal Income Tax
9. Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
10. Fishing License Tax
11. Food License Tax
12. Fuel Permit Tax
13. Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)
14. Gross Receipts Tax
15. Hotel/Motel Tax
16. Hunting License Tax
17. Inheritance Tax
18. Inventory Tax
19. Liquor Tax
20. Luxury Taxes
21. Marriage License Tax
22. Medicare Tax
23. Personal Property Tax
24. Property Tax
25. Real Estate Tax
26. Rental Car Tax
27. Service Charge Tax
28. Social Security Tax
29. Road Usage Tax
30. Sales Tax
31. Recreational Vehicle Tax
32. School Tax
33. State Income Tax
34. State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
35. Telephone Federal Excise Tax
36. Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
37. Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes
38. Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
39. Telephone Recurring and Non-recurring Charges Tax
40. Telephone State and Local Tax
41. Telephone Usage Charge Tax
42. Utility Taxes
43. Vehicle License Registration Tax
44. Vehicle Sales Tax
45. Watercraft Registration Tax
46. Well Permit Tax
47. Workers Compensation Tax
48. Storm water removal tax… (that’s a new EPA tax).
49. Medical devise taxes (your artificial leg is being taxed now thanks to ObamaCare)
50. Concealed weapon Tax
51. Firearm Transfer Tax
52. Background Check Fee
53. Capital gains Tax
54. Gift tax
55. Leaving the state Tax
56. Passport fees permits and licenses
57. Occupational Privilege Tax
58. Home burglar alarm tax
59. Business Tax
60. Cable bill Taxes
61. Tanning tax (clearly a racist tax, based on the color of ones skin)
62. Internet Usage Tax being weighed in California
63. National park Tax
64. Rail and air fare Taxes
65. Inflation Tax
66. Climate Tax
67. Home Sale Tax in Obamacare. 3.8%
68. Wetlands/watershed Tax
69. Horse Tax
70. Live entertainment Tax
71. Advertising Tax
72. Carbon Tax- added tax on top of gas taxes and any fuel/
73. Import Taxes
74. Export Taxes
75. Fat Tax – airlines
76. Duty Tax
77. Real Estate transfer Tax
78. Federal Reserve lending Fee
79. Restaurant/Food Tax
80. Stump Tax on trees
81. Pension Windfall Tax
82. Funeral service Tax
83. Per Capita Tax
84. Estate Tax
85. Hospital district Tax
86. Water district Tax
87. Weed control district Tax
88. Tire recycling Fee
89. Off Highway User Tax
90. Irrigation ditch maintenance Tax
91. Flush Tax – septic field
92. AMT Tax
93. Sewer Tax
94. Social Security Tax
95. View Tax
96. City wage Tax
97. State Franchise Tax
98. Marriage penalty Tax
99. Disposal Fees
100. Hidden Taxes

The new IRS tax form is simplified: “How much did you make last year? Send it in.”

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