Kitten Found

I am apologizing to all the subscribers right up front for receiving this post (especially if you don’t live in Blissfield). I had to do this, my narrative of the story was really grim and disturbing – I’m almost positive some little girl, stricken with a rare disease like polio just got this kitty for Christmas then it inadvertently got out and somehow emerged in my backyard.

If you have lost, or know someone who is missing this kitten, please email

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7 Responses to Kitten Found

  1. cuttnburn says:

    enter it in the primaries, looks much smarter than obama! the catch phrase, hope and change the litter? MEOWWW!!!

  2. cuttnburn says:

    did anyone claim sylvester yet? FFFFSSSS!

    • Robin says:

      No bites on the kitten yet. and I don’t think there were enough signatures collected for the Virginia primaries. Maybe we could do a write in vote campaign. The kitten shows leadership, both my dogs are minding their “P’s & Q’s”!

  3. cuttnburn says:

    let the Conservative FeLine debate the libs on the telegram? looks pretty smart, might have a unfair advantage? might bury them?

  4. Robin says:

    Update: The kitten has now been given to a good home and my dogs thank me…back to normal around here for them. I miss our conversations and always checking where I’m going to step next, oddly enough.

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