What a Worker Bee Doesn’t Know…

I never condoned everything Bush did, he expanded government and he spent too much. I do get the impression from the left with their incessant harping against Bush and the Republicans it never occurred to them to look in the mirror. Clinton was not squeaky-clean, neither is Obama.

Democrat and Republican leaders are the show, constantly digging graves and pushing their opponents into them, leaving the proletariat to squabble about who is most right. That stuff keeps politicos engulfed and amused…

…and distracted.


Most of us have simply picked a side like you would a sports team and continue to cheer blindly no matter what happens.

Yet, only a few are suspicious and some even questioning whether or not we’ve all been fed public consumption cupcakes and taken on a secret ride – the kind of ride nobody would candidly say anything about. Mainly because, you wouldn’t go on that secret ride if they told you where you were going and why they were taking you there.

A ride you are dearly paying for, in more ways than just financial.

You know the dangers of the “watching the left hand while the right one does the dirty work” trick. You’ve heard that the hand is quicker than the eye (obviously, because you can’t see it). You’ve been warned about smoke and mirrors all your life, and “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” It’s all out there, and the tried and true trickery is being used, but somehow you think that kind of foul play could only infect my politics or party (as long as I represent the other guy). You  may even go so far as refuse to entertain the idea anybody can pull anything over on you.

You’re too smart for that, you’re much too well-informed for that to happen. Or, you know something is amiss and you don’t like it but feel you have no choice but ride along.

Does it not bother you that they, not you, nor “we the people” are in control – they are steering. they are divisive and coincidentally, we are all divided a little differently than we think. We don’t have a left and right country. We seem to be consumed with all the right and left minutia – division and detraction tactics. We’re actually divided up and down. They are the ruling class – the establishment – the politicians. We are everybody else at the bottom. They’ve cultivated the illusion that our left/right is our disunity.

What the worker bees don’t know is we are the proletariat worker bees and the bee eaters are the bourgeoisie with a plan.

They’ve gained this power flower by flower. It was a slow process but worth the wait because every pollen producer taken out of our camp contributes to the growing pile in theirs. We even pay ourselves to steal pollen for them. The longer they have that control, the more adept they get at growing and keeping that control secured. The longer we’re without control, the weaker we, by nature become (you systematically lose force to push back with). Is this not how dominance begets submission, and what’s typically referred as the road to serfdom?

After subservience is firmly imbedded, there are no choices left but ride that bus to the very bottom. The bottom is total oppression, lying in wait for generations, until some miracle uprising occurs to free us…if it ever does. Republicans and Democrats alike would be in the darkened depths of a tyrannical induced squalor – together – justifiably sharing the misery we failed to avert. Does this sound cozy?

At some point (much too late I suspect) the workers will at least be able to see clearly it started with our Federal Government (the bee eaters) gaining control while the States control weakened. Politicians gained power while the workers dutifully paid the price of admission to watch ourselves lose. Such is the nature of hindsight.

At some point (much too late I suspect) the workers will at least be able to see clearly it started with our Federal Government (the bourgeoisie bee eaters) gaining control while the States control weakened. Politicians gained power while the workers dutifully paid the price of admission to watch ourselves lose. Such is the nature of hindsight.

Worker-bees, we’re not going to replace a republic with a dictatorship, we’re already in transition, we already have a bunch of little dictators running around implementing the changes. The implementors are all the government paid minions more commonly known as public servants.

Solution: Replace the incumbents that are supporting the hierarchical status quo next November. Keep replacing them until they stop eating the bees.

Supporting Evidence: “To ensure that the federal government did not go further than the prescribed powers they enumerated the legislative powers of the government to a few distinct areas (Article 1, Section 8). But they went a step further, to emphasize the point to the federal government and to put to rest some resistance within the states, that federal government would not stay confined, they added the Tenth Amendment stating: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, not prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Now I ask of you; with the enormity of our federal government, with its massive spending, size, and laws that reaches into every aspect of every citizen’s life, is our government today one of limited power? I think the answer is a blatant no.”

The preceding excerpt was from an article written by Michael LeMieux and forwarded from a respected truth seeker in Adrian Michigan.

Image: Worakit Sirijinda / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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2 Responses to What a Worker Bee Doesn’t Know…

  1. cuttnburn says:

    a great story! now lets pray enough bee’s wake up and take back our republic? though ifear it may be to late, nonetheless, i’m not giving up no matter what! it’s about time the bee keepers got stung for their arrogance?

    • Robin says:

      It’s not too late, all we have to do is clear the smoke they’ve been fumigating us with. America has extraordinary resilience, and, we have constitutional law on our side. God bless our Republic! Oh, a few beekeepers getting stung here and there is a good thing too. Arrogance – bad.

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