A Call for Ole Time Town Hall Meetings

This is a draft letter to the County Commissioners, sent to me from a concerned citizen in Adrian. If you agree that Town Hall meetings are in order – copy and edit the letter below or write your very own and send it to Mr. Tuckerman for district 7 or to another Commissioner that represents you (districts and contact information also listed below for Lenawee County). Many think it’s time these people get together with the people they represent to respectfully get much-needed guidance from their constituents and to share a little/lot more information.

Something like this in Adrian, only a bigger turn-out – Informal meetings with Commissioners kick off

Dear Mr./Ms. Commissioner,

As a concerned citizen, I feel it’s my responsibility to attend monthly town hall meetings to discuss the issues facing Lenawee County today. The people of your district have ideas to help solve these problems and I would implore you to utilize these ideas.

Citizen Action Committees have been used right here in Lenawee County in the past and have proven to be successful in resolving issues facing elected officials. One recent case in point would be from the Tecumseh Board of Education.

I ask that you begin holding old-fashioned town hall meetings in the district allowing your neighbors to:
1) Meet with you face-to-face;
2) Bring forth ideas that may or may not be beneficial to the board of commissioners;
3) Be informed of the issues facing you as an elected official and fellow taxpayer;
4) Better understand the decisions made by the board of commissioners that directly
affect and cause friction among us.

Thanks for advancing Lenawee.

Insert your name and address here.

2011 Board of Commissioners

2nd Wed.@1:30 P.M.
4th Thurs. @ 7:00 P.M. (as necessitated/at the call of the Chair)
Commissioners’ Chambers located in the Old County Courthouse

District 1: City of Tecumseh, Tecumseh Township
David Stimpson, Commissioner since 2005
Tecumseh, MI 49286
Email comm.stimpson@lenawee.mi.us
Phone number (517) 423-0999

District 2:  Woodstock Township, Cambridge Township, Rome Township
Edwin “Jack” Branch, Commissioner since 2003
Onsted, MI 49265
Email comm.branch@lenawee.mi.us
Phone (517) 467-7363

District 3: Rollin Township, Hudson Township, Medina Township, the City of Hudson, and the City of Morenci
Robert Hall, III, Commissioner since 1999
Hudson, MI 49247
Email comm.hall@lenawee.mi.us
Phone (517) 448-8800

District 4:  Dover Township, Madison Charter Township, Seneca Township (excluding City of Morenci), Fairfield Township
Cletus Smith, Commissioner since 2011
Madison Township, MI
Email comm.smith@lenawee.mi.us
Phone 517-920-4208

District 5: Eastside City of Adrian
Karol “KZ” Bolton, Commissioner since 2002
Adrian, MI 49221
Email comm.bolton@lenawee.mi.us
Phone (517) 265-5376

District 6: Westside City of Adrian (Voting District 4, 5, and 6)
Don Welch, Commissioner since 2009
Adrian, MI 49221
Email comm.welch@lenawee.mi.us
Phone 517-920-0008

District 7: Palmyra Township, Blissfield Township, Deerfield Township, Ogden Township, and Riga Township
John Tuckerman, Commissioner since 2003
Blissfield, MI 49228
Email comm.tuckerman@lenawee.mi.us
Phone (517) 486-4159

District 8: Eastside of Adrian Township (excluding the city), Raisin Township, and Ridgeway Township
Ralph Tillotson, Commissioner since 1997
Adrian, MI 49221
Phone (517) 263-1804
Fax (517) 263-2945
Email c/o rebecca.borton@lenawee.mi.us

District 9:  Westside of Adrian Township (excluding the city), Franklin Township, Clinton Township, and Macon Township
Chris Wittenbach, Commissioner since 2011
Clinton, MI
Email comm.wittenbach@lenawee.mi.us
Phone 517-456-7322

Pay attention to the several years each Commissioner has served and ask yourself if you are better off today than 5 years ago. If your answer is No, please consider running for office in opposition to these incumbents.

More County contact information here: http://www.lenawee.mi.us/contact-us

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6 Responses to A Call for Ole Time Town Hall Meetings


    Ya, I agree! I’d like to know why they “lent” LEDC $90K with no written agreement how it was supposed to be paid back!!! Can you name ONE bank that would do that?? Hey, why don’t we all go to the Lenawee County Commissioners and ask for some money. Looks like they’re giving out our hard earned (even harder in this economy) TAX PAYER MONEY!! John Tuckerman and others need to look us in the eye at a TOWN HALL MEETING and tell us WHY! Better yet, lets vote these scoundrals out of office in November!! Anyone want to run, I’ll support them!

    • Robin says:

      Good job Just Watching, good questions, all of which there are no credible/honorable answers for. Our government are really venture capitalists investing our money, socializing the risk and privatizing the gains. Beware incumbents, I too am going to support any non-politician that has a grasp on spending someone else’s money judiciously.

  2. concerned citizen. says:

    Hey Robin,

    Could you please tell us about Debbie Royal and the Royal Expressions Gang? We want to hear all about it. Did you ever meet her? Because we did and she has blown my best friend’s wedding! I am not happy about it. She really hurt the bride’s feelings. Could you please rewrite a blog about her? Because we do not want to look into the old ones. We were told that if we wanted any information about her, to go to your website. We are not from the area and would appreciate your help.

    Thank you.

    A concerned citizen.

    • Robin says:

      Hi concerned citizen, I have met Debbie Royal, she was on our DDA board as her husband was overseeing the board when he was the Village President. They owned two pieces of property downtown and was working on securing for themselves a fifth and sixth grant of taxpayer’s money in the span of two years. Debbie resigned from the DDA board shortly after her husband lost the election for president in 2010 and he applied for her position the same day she resigned. Jae Guetschow is now the Chair of our DDA, I’m suspecting he’s been working his way back up the ranks. They are members of a small clique that insist on controlling and making decisions for the Village, seemingly for crony reasons.

      I have a huge problem with public officials sitting on our boards with their hands out. I can only report what I’ve researched. I never had personal or business dealings with Debbie Royal, so that’s all I can tell you. I empathize with you and your best friend’s wedding ordeal and I’m sorry to hear those special memories were blown by the florist. Have you tried to resolve the issue with Debbie?

      • concerned citizen says:

        We never met her before. We are not from the area. But our friends that were getting married are some of our best friends. Debbie has pretty much hurt their feelings with the way she has handled business with them. Only to make matters somewhat ridiculous, she has not owned up to the responsibility of her actions.I doubt that I would ever want to meet her. There are some other friends of ours that are from the area that you are from, so we asked them about her, they mentioned that there was a blog online where we could what what kind of a person she is. They were saying that your blogs paint a clear picture of her character. I feel for you that you need to be in a town, walk past her, or even be in the same room as her. Do you ever go to her shop or even walk into each other? Please accept our apologies if we are bringing up something that you do not like to talk about.

        • Robin says:

          I would hope a business owner would consider their customers are the ones who sign their paychecks, without customers, you have no business. This is the beauty of the free market system, customers vote with their dollars to keep a business afloat or not. If Debbie messed up, I would also hope she is big enough to own up to it and make amends. That’s called customer service. Rarely do you lose only one customer when you deserve to lose one. Credibility is so hard to gain and so easy to loose, it doesn’t make good business sense.

          It’s not that I mind discussing the topic, I just don’t have any information regarding the issue. I don’t patronize her store and am not affected if I walk past her or end up in the same room as her. I actually signed up for a committee she chaired and she resigned after one meeting with me in it. Wherever you go there will always be difficult people to deal with and great people to deal with. Blissfield is full of great people and I’ve never run into any problems doing business with anybody here. Maybe I choose good?

          You are welcome to post your friends story and let people decide for themselves if they want to continue doing business with Royal Expressions, and if we get really lucky, Debbie can come on here and defend her actions or inaction.

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