Liberal Left’s Tolerance and Humanity

Controversy has struck Adrian. The Adrian College, a liberal arts institution in the United Methodist tradition is committed to the pursuit of truth and dignity of all people. Through active and creative learning in a supportive community, students are challenged to achieve excellence in their academic, personal, and professional lives, and to contribute to a more socially just society.

Earlier in the year a committee presented the administration with a list of people to speak for this years commencement. Pat Boone was third on the list, the first two picks couldn’t make it and Pat Boone accepted.

Then the uproar began. In response to the objections of Mr. Boone speaking, on April 16, “faculty members passed a resolution recommending the college rescind the invitation to Boone based on his statements about gay rights — including one comparing gay rights activists to terrorists — and his statements saying President Obama was not born in the U.S. and is not a Christian, which Obama has said is his faith.

The faculty say Boone’s statements are in conflict with the mission statement and other policies of the college.

Safe Place, a gay-straight alliance student group, also has circulated a petition saying Boone should not be the speaker.” according to the Daily Telegram in Adrian, Michigan.

Was singer Pat Boone’s squeaky clean image as a solid Christian throughout his Hollywood career, too clean for the Methodist run College? Well…that and conflating what Boone wrote in 2008 denouncing the violence and hate from those in opposition to proposal 8 in California.

One of Boone’s statements in the article (in question) he wrote entitled, “Hate is Hate, in India or America

“Slavery was abolished, blacks and women obtained the rights to vote, and these true rights were not obtained by threats and violent demonstrations and civil disruption (though these things did occur, of course), but by due process, congressional deliberations and appropriate ratification. This was democracy in action, not mob rule. As noted journalist Thomas Sowell has said, there never was “a right to win.” In America, at least the America we’ve known till now, rights are earned and won in a deliberative, legal way – at the polls.”

Apparently, it’s not cool to believe what the Bible says…it’s not cool to be Christian...and, you can’t have Christian views, even if you’re speaking at a Christian establishment. Apparently, the mini-hordes of pro-gays want “special rights” and if you believe in upholding traditional marriage between one man and one woman, you’re a bigot, a homophobe and sometimes even fascist.

The Christian Examiner wrote a piece documenting some of the incidents that proposal 8 opposers (pro-gay marriage) perpetrated in response to the passage of prop. 8.

“Amidst all this lawlessness, harassment, trampling of civil rights and now domestic terrorism, one thing stands out: the deafening silence of our elected officials,” said Frank Schubert, co-campaign manager for Proposition 8. “Not a single elected leader has spoken out against what is happening. Where is Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger while churches are being attacked? And where is Senator Dianne Feinstein while people are losing their jobs and grandmothers are being bullied by an angry mob?”

The following are some of the examples of the violence, vandalism and personal attacks that have been reported against Proposition 8 supporters.

• A Bash Back chapter in Olympia, Wash., bragged that they targeted a Mormon church where they glued their door locks and sprawled anarchist messages in spray paint “over their boring veneer.”

“The Mormon church (just like most churches) is a cesspool of filth,” the group wrote in a statement flaunting its attack. “It is a breeding ground for oppression of all sorts and needs to be confronted, attacked, subverted and destroyed.”

The message went on to warn, “Dissolve completely or be destroyed.”

• Mormon temples in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, as well as the Knights of Columbus headquarters in New Haven, Conn., were sent suspicious looking white powder, reminiscent of the 2001 anthrax attacks and scares.

• At least eight Mormon buildings in Salt Lake have been vandalized with spray-painted epithets criticizing the church’s support of Proposition 8.

• A group of young Christians with the Justice House of Prayer— meeting on a sidewalk for their weekly prayer session in San Francisco’s Castro district—had to be escorted out of the area by police, some in riot gear, as an angry mob turned on them shouting, “Shame on You,” blowing whistles and screaming profanities.

• Marjorie Christoffersen, daughter of the owners of the Los Angeles restaurant El Coyote, left town after hundreds of protesters targeted her parent’s eatery because she made a personal $100 contribution to the Yes on 8 fund. Police in riot gear were called to restore order. Gay rights activists also began a campaign to post negative restaurant reviews online. The restaurant employs several gays and lesbians who said they were taken aback by the protests.

• A Palm Springs news crew captured an unruly protest group ripping an oversized cross from a woman’s hands and then stomping on it. A reporter trying to interview the woman, Phyllis Burgess, about the incident had to move the woman to safety as the crowd encircled them while shouting.

• Numerous blog sites reported that gay African-American men were the subject of racial slurs while trying to join the crowd in an anti-Proposition 8 protest. The men were targeted because exit polls showed a large amount of African-Americans supported Proposition 8. In one case a black man was warned to stay out of West Hollywood “if they knew what was best for them.”

• The artistic director of a Sacramento theater was forced to resign his post after donors, ticket holders and others protested outside the theater because the man, Scott Eckern, a 25-year employee of the venue donated $1,000 in his personal money to the Yes on 8 campaign. In a separate case reported at press time, the director for the Los Angeles Film Festival resigned under pressure from gay activists for donating $1,500 to Yes on 8. Richard Raddon, who tried unsuccessfully to resign several days earlier but was blocked by his supportive festival board, resubmitted his resignation when the berating calls and e-mails failed to cease.

• Vandals converted a Yes on 8 sign into a swastika at a church in Riverside.

• A Carlsbad man was arrested Nov. 3 for punching two elderly neighbors in the face after they confronted him about trespassing on their property to place a No on 8 sign in front of their Yes on 8 sign.

• On election morning, a Carlsbad jogger was also attacked and bitten by a dog when he tried to stop two men from stealing a Yes on 8 sign. Several weeks ago police in that same city arrested at least two people for stealing Yes on 8 signs.

• In Fresno, a prominent pastor, who had campaigned publicly for Proposition 8, received credible death threats that also targeted the mayor, another traditional marriage supporter. The threats were deemed credible enough for the police department to assign officers to protect the men. The church was also targeted for vandalism.

• In Modesto, a Protect Marriage volunteer received 16 stitches under his eye after a man tried to steal his Yes on 8 signs outside a local church where he was waiting to distribute them after Mass.

• A week before the election, a San Jose couple, who posted a Yes on 8 sign in their front lawn, discovered that someone spray-painted “No on 8” on their car, their garage and the garage of their neighbor.

• Also in San Jose, vandals painted the back window of an SUV with the words “Bigot Live Here,” with an arrow pointing to a house boasting a Yes on 8 sign.

• In other areas of the state, cars were keyed, signs defaced and a block was thrown through the window of an elderly couple who displayed a Yes on 8 sign in their yard.”

Amidst all this lawlessness, harassment, trampling of civil rights and now domestic terrorism, one other thing stands out: The gay-special rights movement is demanding equality and tolerance by force — using bigotry, intolerance and inequality.

Support us or deal with the intimidation, harassment, blacklisting and/or violence (terrorism).

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9 Responses to Liberal Left’s Tolerance and Humanity

  1. cuttnburn says:

    more of the liberal lefts communistic takeover of our religious and educational systems!

    • Robin says:

      Right cuttnburn, as well as the systematic takeover of our judicial and constitutional systems. Where in the Constitution does it grant the most feared group wins? Gives a whole new meaning to the word “homophobe” where gays and gay sympathizers are going to target you for being pro-law. Prior to reading this…I had to wonder how accurate the “homophobe” pejorative was — who was afraid of gays?

  2. cuttnburn says:

    they forget that their plan fails when people, or straight folks no longer fear them or the stigmas they try to attach to us non believers! same for the promoters of the embracing of the muslim beliefs in our churches and society! GOD BLESS OUR REPUBLIC!!

  3. Thevoiceofreason says:

    Establishment Clause, First Amendment

  4. Thevoiceofreason says:

    Being gay is not a choice. Did you choose not to be? If it is not a choice, then it’s God’s will–at least that is what I’ve been taught.

    I think your son should be very thankful that he is not gay, as it is evident that he would no longer have a loving mother.

    • Robin says:

      This may come as a shock to you, but my son would have a loving mother no matter which way he decided to conduct his life. I can assure you that at some point he has decided to act on immoral, unbecoming or dangerous thoughts. The purpose of “free will” is to allow us the freedom to choose…a civil society dictates we do not have the right to infringe on someone else’s right. Both have consequences for choosing wrong. Both have rewards for choosing right. As parents its our duty to guide and teach our children to effectively interact with the world. If our children decide to go against our teachings, we don’t withdraw our love (unless you’re a self-centered, clueless idiot and didn’t have an ounce of love for the child in the first place). My love is not conditional, my approval/agreement is.

  5. It’s nice to know how you REALLY feel about my son… Shame on you! God created ALL PEOPLES to be equals. Gays/Lesbians/Transgenders do not CHOOSE this sexuality, they ARE born this way. YOU C H O O S E to smoke/not smoke, eat/not eat, exercise/not exercise, etc., WHY ON EARTH would you think people would CHOOSE to live a lifestyle being criticized?

    • Robin says:

      Sherrie, your first statement is incorrect, it is an emotional response, not a logical one. You know neither how I feel about your son or your son’s lifestyle, the two are separate and not equal. I cannot reconcile the “act” of homosexuality with biblical scripture. Obviously you can, given your inclusion of God into your response.

      Furthermore, your son is not defined by his sexual preference alone. Humans are complex, multifaceted beings, your son is much more than just gay. He is extremely likeable with many desirable and commendable characteristics. I like him very much.

      Yes God created all men equal. He also gave us free will and based on our choices, circumstance, attitudes etc, we do not end up equal. Some of us end up with more or less peace, more or less financial stability, more or less love for one another…and the list goes on. Many of us choose lifestyles that invite criticism. Smokers choose to smoke, knowing they will be criticized. My guess is self centered instant gratification.

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