Stick To Your Guns…And Bibles

A big round of applause goes out to the parents of youth that have taught critical thinking skills. For those that have taught their children the difference between right and wrong through role modeling and allowing natural consequences to teach lessons, my hat’s off to you!

However, in the face of an extra helping of adversity than the parenting role normally has to navigate, medals should be handed out to Christian parents that had the good sense to teach their children to walk out on a speaker that bullies and mocks Christians.

Gay Activist Dan Savage abused God (he’s a big boy and can take care of himself), religion and half his audience members at the National High School Journalism Conference last week.

Ann Barhardt has an extremely interesting perspective that delves into the marxist intent of infiltrating the Catholic Church to defile it from within. Her column titled, “On the Communist-Homosexualist Infiltration” lays it all out. I can’t discount this theory because of the plausibility factor, a clandestine long-term solution to hijack social structure. It happens everywhere else. In all truthfulness, I can’t see how the liberal agenda could advance itself without first ousting God and religion.

Barnhardt writes, “We have been taught to suppress our attraction to beauty, and to embrace things that are intrinsically disordered, ugly and fundamentally repellant. Remember the 45 goals of Communism that I posted a while back? Let’s look at numbers 23 and 26:

23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural and healthy.”

These two goals are tied together. The promotion of ugliness was not merely limited to the art galleries and new construction architecture. It also applied to the art of the human body, in the forms of clothing and hairstyles, specifically in the pushing of androgyny – making women look like men and men look like women. Now it is beyond mere looks. According to Marxists, women must now ACT like men, and men must ACT like women. Nowhere is this perversion more pronounced than among the priests and nuns in the Church today. As a result, the pews are empty, and those that are in the pews are grossly, grossly ignorant of the faith. What man would want to go to Mass if the priest is a flaming, effete homosexual? Who wants to go to Mass and CRINGE at the priest’s comportment, behavior and affectations? Who wants to be around nuns who wear their hair in six dollar crewcuts, wear men’s clothes, carry themselves like men, and are saturated with utter contempt for not just men, but the Church itself? How is any of that ATTRACTIVE or EDIFYING? It isn’t. It is viscerally repellant. And that is exactly why the Communists recruited homosexuals into the clergy.

The priests, whether they are homosexual or merely influenced by the Marxist-homosexualist milieu, are actively doing everything they can to drain every last bit of masculinity out of the Church. Behind them is a truly pathetic wall of lesbian nuns who hate both authentic masculinity and authentic femininity with every fiber of their beings. Considering that there are only two genders, and that these lesbian nuns hate both of them, this means that these nuns, deep down, hate humanity itself, as well as the Creator of humanity, hence their pro-abortion and Marxist totalitarian radicalism. They view themselves as a superior “third gender” destined to take over the Church, and eventually society itself, because no man who acts like a man, and no woman who acts like a woman, is capable or worthy of self-determination in their warped view.”

With a hard-hitting campaign against religion from the left of the political spectrum, it’s refreshing to see views like Barnhardts written in web-land. We have to vigilantly correct others massaging the minds of our young armed with distorted truth, especially in a school situation where they are a captive audience. The young people who gathered up their strength to exit from a public speech took courage, decisiveness and conviction. There is hope for these generations who are in line to lead this country. Pat yourselves on the back parents, and give your sons and daughters a couple of healthy hugs, let them know others are proud of them too.

An important thing to remember about gay activists on an anti-bullying movement is; many kids and young adults that are not gay get bullied (as the video shows). NOBODY deserves to be bullied, and bullying is just wrong.

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8 Responses to Stick To Your Guns…And Bibles

  1. solutions777 says:

    It is sad that the writer did not learn critical thinking skills and concise writing.

    Censorship is evil.

    • Robin says:

      Which writer are you referring to? The writer who wrote this post, the writer of Dan Savage’s speech or the writer have taken an excerpt from?
      Who is condoning censorship?


  3. cuttnburn says:

    looks like we have a non responder? shocking!

    • Robin says:

      Sometimes snipers don’t read the actual column, and in this case I think it was a mistake…we are actually on the same page judging from their blog. I don’t agree with censorship but that doesn’t give license for someone to be abusive (Savage). As far as thinking and writing skills — if I were an expert, I’d be making a ton of money teaching those skills.

      Unfortunately, I’m not…I’m always too low on cash.

  4. Wow, I am utterly appalled! Judge not lest ye be judged?

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