Putting Racism in Perspective

When Christopher Columbus met the Natives living on the land in the ‘New World,’ did the Natives tell these explorers, “Get off our land, we were here first…look around, do you see any survivors to tell you any different?”

Has anyone ever thought the ‘North American Indians’ were warriors and staved off intrusion until the last wave of immigrants because they were too numerous to deal with?

The simple fact remains, we don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t know they were in America first, and they didn’t just sprout from the ground like an indigenous plant either. American Indians came from somewhere. We all came from somewhere on this earth, we are a red, white, black, yellow and brown world. We have all squatted and fought for land ownership rights somewhere, at some point.

The ‘Clovis first theory’ is still and always was only a theory. Clovis Gestapo have been furiously trying to defend this theory, even as more and more evidence mounts against it. Here’s a great article that depicts the resistance regarding new finds and theories.

“No one is seriously questioning that they came from Siberia across the Bering Straits, when Asia and America were connected there by a land bridge. It is generally assumed that early people could not have reached America across the oceans and that clear evidence of early people in North America was probably lost during glaciation. But the new evidence is winning converts. ”Frankly, the sites in South America are driving us to a critical turning point in American archeology,” said Alan L. Bryan, an anthropologist at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, who has found evidence at the Brazilian site persuasive. Limit Termed ‘Untenable’ The dating of the first signs of human habitation at 11,500 years is based on stone projectile points, carefully flaked on both sides to form sharp edges and used either as darts or spearheads. They were found in the 1920’s near the towns of Folsom and Clovis in New Mexico. Similar points were soon identified at sites throughout North America, and other stone weapons were discovered as far south as Patagonia. The Clovis people thus came to be thought of as the paleoindians, ancestors of the people encountered by Columbus. ‘There Is No Consensus’ A number of influential archeologists are resisting the growing challenge to the Clovis people’s primacy. They caution that the sites yielding earlier dates must be examined more carefully to be accepted as genuine pre-Clovis encampments. One particular concern, they say, is the problem of being able to determine if the stone and bone objects, crude by Clovis standards, are actually the work of humans and not the result of natural erosion in streams or landslides.”

This excerpt was part of an article Published: May 30, 1989, from the New York Times, read more here.

In an article published February 3, 2012, National Geographic says, ”Native Americans originated from a small mountainous region in southern Siberia, new genetic research shows. The work is the most targeted study yet to suggest a genetic “homeland” for North America’s indigenous peoples, according to the authors.

New DNA analysis of ethnic groups living in the Altay Mountains (see map) revealed a unique genetic mutation that also occurs in modern-day northern Native Americans.”

The Woolly Mammoth Migrated

Is the woolly mammoth the rightful owner of North American land?

Hendrik Poinar, associate professor in the departments of Anthropology, and Pathology & Molecular Medicine at McMaster University with Régis Debruyne, a postdoctoral research fellow in Poinar’s lab, spent three years before 2008, collecting and sampling mammoths over much of their former range in Siberia and North America, extracting DNA and meticulously piecing together, comparing and overlapping hundreds of mammoth specimen using the second largest ancient DNA dataset available.

“Migrations over Beringia [the land bridge that once spanned the Bering Strait] were rare; it served as a filter to keep eastern and western groups or populations of woollies apart, says Poinar. “However, it now appears that mammoths established themselves in North America much earlier than presumed, then migrated back to Siberia, and eventually replaced all pre-existing haplotypes of mammoths.”

Special Status Groups…Why?

The white man got land the same way every other Nation in history (including Natives) got their land. They squatted and battled for it. Where I grew up in North America, the Iroquois Indians slaughtered the Hurons. Tribes often slaughtered or ran other tribes off to gain land rights. When war was declared, little mattered who was there first, what determined who owned the land was who stood last.

Our ancestors had the same goals their ancestors did, our ancestors eventually won the land. Why are we playing pay-back centuries later? Is it because the Indians refused to assimilate and meld into one society? Do we give special status to those that will not cooperate with the law of the land? Have we taught noncooperation by rewarding it? Yes, I believe we have.

Let’s not forget we are still paying for the slavery guilt of Black Americans, in fact, President Barack Hussein Obama signed Executive Order 13583, titled, “A Coordinated Government-Wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce.”

What we’ve really been doing is pitting one group against the other. Blacks want to be treated equal with the same opportunity as anyone else, not like tokens or a deficient group that need extra helpings. Most humans will take as long as something is given, most again will continue to take at their own detriment, even if servitude is the result.

Carl Horowitz writes in an article about Obama’s Executive Order, “One notices words such as “efficiency” and “accountability” didn’t make the cut. That’s because over its four decades, “diversity” from the start has been about the allocation of economic rewards through force and guilt. The result most likely will be a federal bureaucracy committed more fully to racial payback.

Throughout history, our society has been littered with great men and women. Not all had white skin (they all had skin), but they all had other things in common. They all had perseverance, they all stood out by their contributions (by what they gave to society, not for what they took). They were all judged in history by the content of their character…and of course, they were all human.

Ending Racism Starts Here

Ethnic groups have wailed about equality, they just want to be treated as equals with equal opportunity as “whites.” Instead of perpetuating racism by giving more to selected groups, let’s cut racial tension and give equally to each and every different group that comprises the United States of America’s melting pot. The absolute success of diversity in this Nation has been the art of assimilation. We have a majority culture with a majority language flavored by customs of other nations and the only way one group doesn’t get pitted against another group is if newcomers do as the Romans do, when in Rome. Here, they should do as the Americans do, when in America — fit in, speak the language and become one of us. No special perks should be expected, and no special perks should be offered for being different.

Moreover, groups that demand special status and make every effort to stand out from the rest of us, perpetuates racism. Demands and government kowtowing — that’s one two-way street that has to be shut down, not expanded.

What Does Equality Look Like?

No special governments within our government system. Every group should be subjected to the same government system under the absolute law of the land — The United States Constitution. No payouts or stipends or treaties or land grants. No affirmative action or diversity campaigns or programs. If we’re all equal, we should all be treated the exact same, with the exact same opportunity — no stacked decks, favoritism or guaranteed outcomes for anyone. No discrimination based on heritage, creed or race; however, discrimination laws are already on the books.

It’s time for everybody to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country!

Sounds right and fair to me.

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3 Responses to Putting Racism in Perspective

  1. cuttnburn says:

    i think it’s very ironic and sad that the first slave owner in america was anthony johnson a former indentured servant and a black man himself! i wonder if he belonged to the naacp? hypocrisy is alive and well is it not?

    • Robin says:

      Very interesting cuttnburn, I did not know! I read on Wikipedia a bit on Johnson…”In 1622, he almost lost his life due to a Powhatan Indian attack on his farm. The Powhatans, who were native to Virginia, were upset at the advance of the tobacco planters on their business and planned an attack on Good Friday. Of the fifty-seven men on the farm where Johnson worked, fifty-two died during the attack. In 1622, 30 Native Americans attacked Jamestown to avenge the death of one of their leaders.”

      Hypocrisy is indeed alive and well. Thanks for your historic contribution.

  2. Robin says:

    Here’s a relevant addendum to this post:
    The Purpose of Laws and Constitutions:101

    ”The rule of law requires that people should be governed by accepted rules, rather than by the arbitrary decisions of rulers. These rules should be general and abstract, known and certain, and apply equally to all individuals.

    Constitutional governments are based on a previous commitment to freedom under the rule of law. The essential attribute of constitutionalism is A LEGAL LIMITATION ON GOVERNMENT. Under constitutionalism, rulers are not above the law, government power is divided with laws enacted by one body and administered by another, and an independent judiciary exists to ensure laws are administered objectively. An efficient and effective constitution allows government to function to protect the lives and liberties of citizens without violating the rights of some to provide gains to others.

    Non-statist customary and privately produced laws continue to exist today. Members of many voluntary associations prefer to operate under rules of their own choice and making rather than relying on those of a coercive government.”
    Read More: http://www.quebecoislibre.org/000902-11.htm

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