Michigan’s Proposal 3

SHARE this post if you’re voting NO on Proposal 3 (a.k.a. “25 x 25”), which would cost Michigan families and businesses at least $12 billion.

Michigan’s Constitution is for limiting the powers of Government, not expanding them.

Study: Proposal 3 Would Result in Lost Jobs, Higher Costs

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3 Responses to Michigan’s Proposal 3


    I just received my Michigan Country Lines magazine put out by my electric provider, Midwest Energy Cooperative, September 2012 issue and on the cover in bold red letters CLEAR CHOICE:
    VOTE NO ON 25 X 2012 pg. 11. The article says CHOOSE REASONABLE – VOTE NO ON 25 X 2025. “The costs of constructing the renewable resources that would be required by the new proposal are expected to exceed $12 billion. This figure does not include the costs of additional high-voltage transmission lines that would be needed to move this renewable energy to the marketplace, or in the case of wind power, the new natural gas generating plants that would need to be built in Michigan to “back up” this new, INTERMITTENT WIND SUPPLY” Most importantly, the Michigan Constitution is NOT the place to enact energy policy. This is the Michigan Legislature’s job. “Former Michigan Attorney General Frank Kelley recently wrote a guest editorial that appeared in the Detroit Free Press in which he stated, “The Constituation is not to be used for passing independent laws for enriching special inerest groups by granting them controlled power. Take it from me, “25 by 25 is a power grab, and against our interest. IT SHOULD BE OPPOSED BY EVERY THOUGHTFUL CITIZEN”. Read the entire article!

  2. Robin says:

    For much more information about Proposal 3 (25 X 25), visit http://iiccusa.org/ and read, read, read!

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