My name is Robin, I was inspired to write about the inroads, roadblocks and analytics of my experiences working and learning about local politics (including social) in the community. This blog is a journey of discovery and expressly written to benefit those that live and work in and around Blissfield, Michigan. 

Our challenges are probably not unique from an Anytown, USA perspective, but a few things are broken in the foundation of our Village. We are not too big to fix it and we are the ones to take responsibility, I hope the community joins me in identifying the obstacles that prevent proper restructuring so together we may build a weight-bearing plan that succeeds, fostering renewed hope for our future.

Together we can create the dream we had for ourselves, our lives and leave a stable legacy for the generations we may never meet. To have a collective voice, discussions must first take place as understanding and agreement of the problem is key to the profitability of action.

If you have an opinion for or against the topics and views discussed here, please leave a comment. Your email address will be collected the first time you comment but will not be used for any other purpose, your privacy and anonymity is extremely important to me. Read about my very first experience applying for a government position. Thanks for visiting!

If you have suggestions, post ideas or would like to submit your own article, please feel free to email me: robin@mipii.com.


5 Responses to About

  1. JT says:

    On my blog, I Love that you started out complaining about “Rhetorical Recklessness” and ended with a link to Michelle Malkin….

    John Tully

    • Robin says:

      I may have not been entirely clear my friend…the left flank were the ones that had issues with rhetorical recklessness – all of a sudden no less! Although, most were calling it “violent rhetoric” I was only pointing out the hypocrisy and cherry picking without looking at their own recklessness. Michelle Malkin put a nice little list together in the article I linked to; she even followed it up with another “Get Righty” exposé. I subscribe to rhetoric and passionate debate and resent the “call for civility” only when it serves their purpose, something they didn’t or had any intentions of adhering to.

  2. Frank says:

    Your evaluation of local governments is spot on and it’s a disease found throughout the Country.
    Serendipity led me to your site which only re-affirms my long lasting opinion about my own local officials.

    • Robin says:

      Sorry to hear about your affirmations Frank; however, I’m really glad to hear from you. Come to think of it…you are affirming how widespread this disease is, doesn’t sound good (for those paying the bill). I’m all for actively changing the climate while all is not lost though. At the very least, I’ll be going down fighting.

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