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    Hey, how about that spiffy new fire truck! Price goes up everytime I read the newspaper!
    Getting closer to a mil,– oh maybe by next week! Did you know that the same sales person sold Riga their $70K ambulance! Hey, that is one silver tongued salesman! If we had 3 buildings burn in Blissfield year, we’d improve the down town and make it look soooo much better and cost a hell of a lot less. When buildings are selling for around $45 – 50K how many could we replace for $700K?? And how many of our fire men are willing to climb that 100′ ladder?

  2. Robin says:

    I’m thinking, since we just gave our fire department a raise to go with their new trucks (to build morale you know), they just might be more willing to hike up that steep and wobbly ladder. On second thought, maybe the raise was bribery to hang out at the top of that ladder. Imagine buying a brand new ladder truck that nobody is willing to use…I somehow don’t feel any safer, fire may still raze our downtown.

    Add the bribery to the overall cost of those trucks!

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