Lenawee County Election

Of course I’m endorsing Ray Soff for County Commissioner in District 7. Lenawee can certainly make good use of Ray’s analytical skills. He’s a whiz with numbers and very pragmatic. He’s also my wonderful husband (full disclosure).

Ray is running for John Tuckerman’s seat. I think Lenawee County constituents would like to have more money in their pockets and less of their money going to government. We need our government funding to work harder and smarter because we need some relief.

Relief is an ambiguous term (like hope and change), the term would mean different things to different people –politicians like those malleable words. Ray doesn’t. Ray would use those words and terms to describe something in the most conservative way.

As far as Ray is concerned, “Relief” means lower taxes and reduced regulations. Not just for a few chosen winners…for everybody!

This is how I know; the following is a letter written to the Editor of the Adrian Telegram on October 19/2012. The letter didn’t get printed, it was overlooked, ended up in a spam box or got lost in a deluge of letters for the upcoming election.

On Oct 19, 2012, at 12:56 PM, Joshua Soff wrote:

Integrity Does Matter and Right is Right. Vote Ray Soff for County Commissioner

I want to thank my dad Ray Soff,  for something he did for me that at the time I didn’t appreciate very much at all. Not to go into any of the specifics of my actions as a youth, but I want to let the voters of Lenawee County know that when faced with tough decisions, my Dad will do the right thing.

When I was 16 years old, just 2 months before my 17th birthday, I was engaging in activities that could have landed me in jail for several years. Michigan can prosecute a 17-year-old as an adult. My dad tried everything he could think of to deter my actions. Grounding me didn’t work, and taking things away from me didn’t stop me either. He knew that he was not convincing me to correct my ways with his words or punishments, so he did the one thing that changed my life for the better. He made the toughest and hardest decision any parent could have made. My father called the police on me and had me arrested.  Yes, you read that right; my dad had me arrested.  I went to juvenile detention for a couple of days and got to see first hand where I would end up if I continued on my path of self-destruction. That was a very tough thing to put me through, but what he did was, make me responsible for my actions. He allowed me to see just where I was headed. That was a great wake up call for me and forced me to re-think what I was doing and the direction that I was heading in.

As a result, today I have 2 beautiful children, an amazing fiancée, a beautiful home of my own, a great job and a future that isn’t held hostage by my past. I’m not sure where that other direction would have lead me, but I am certain i wouldn’t be in as great of a place as I am right now. Thank you Dad for caring that much! You knew it wouldn’t make us best friends then, but you knew it would make us best friends now.

Joshua R. Soff
Superior Twp., MI

Thanks Josh for trying to give a real-life example of who Ray Soff is. It was pertinent background information for the voters of Lenawee to base a decision on.

Ray will remember who works for whom. Government Officials work for us, we pay their salaries. Ray Soff will work for you!

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