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  1. Logan says:

    Does any one know who the “genius(s)” is behind the idea of eliminating the parking on S. Lane for a “cafe” experience? Can’t they do that on their sidewalk without taking away the parking for everyone else. Established businesses rely on that parking. Last I knew it was illegal to impede business. It’s bad enough when the car shows close down the parking. Is there a way to stop this new assault, or is it, AGAIN, going to be something railroaded through by a small group at the expense of the other businesses. I also heard they want to serve beer and/or wine if they can get a license. We already have some individuals that have been drinking urinating along the street because they don’t seem to know how to use a bathroom. “Cafe” drinking will certainly add to that ambiance. I, for one, am tired of a small group of people deciding what’s best for the rest of us and making us finance it.

    • Robin says:

      I don’t know the “genius(s)” who is/are behind the idea, they’ve been discussing cafe seating at the Design Committee. As far as I know it’s still in the conceptualization stage and they’re still exploring ideas. However, I don’t much appreciate the urination/ghetto visual or the olfactory assault that ensues with that kind of activity. Thanks for that mental imagery…yuck!

      It wasn’t me at any rate, I’m on the committee but was wondering myself how they were going to pull off the whole cafe thing with what we’ve got to work with, we have fairly narrow sidewalks. For the car shows, It would be better to close the street down after the business close plus another half hour to repectively clean the street from undesirable cars to drive in and line up the new ones. Instead of dragging customers from the shops to go and move their vehicle.

      Let’s hope they’re turning a new leaf and get input and blessings from the people that actually own the businesses they’re impacting, I’ve got a good feeling they would do that.

      • Sandy Meeks says:

        Is the cafe’ seating info coming from Council? I haven’t heard or read it yet. Is it something that would be continuous or for just an occasional event? I would hope that something like this would include comments from all the other businesses which would be impacted by decreased parking. Remember, one parking space equates to $10,000 to $15,000 in sales annually ! (Documented in Michigan Main Street publication, though I can’t cite it now)

        • Robin says:

          They’ve been talking about cafe seating for awhile, before I got to the design committee meeting, nothing is set in stone yet. We sure don’t need to lose any more parking. There’s been a continuous confiscation of available parking for a long while now. It started with the 4 lane truck route downtown, confiscating all the curb parking from the US223 businesses. Then, the sidewalks were widened and one side of S. Lane Street became parallel parking, reducing the number of spots to half of what the previous angle parking accommodated. The bump-outs took out another 6 spots. I hope the cafe seating scenario doesn’t delete any more parking.

          The information as the plans move along is on google docs, here’s is the latest agenda;

  2. Concerned Taxpayer says:

    A while back the village sent a notice to the downtown businesses that “sandwich boards” had to be placed next to the buildings of the downtown businesses. They stated there were complaints coming from pedestrians that they were in the way. Has anyone noticed how far out the sandwich board is in the back of Blissful Living. I don’t think it’s even on their property. If the signs are in the way of pedestrians, how will they maneuver around the sidewalk cafe?

    But then, were those notices sent to every building, or just select ones like a previous notice sent to only certain businesses demanding window repairs.

    We have to give credit to the Antique and Gift Shops for continuing to operate in spite of our local government and special treatment given others.

    • Robin says:

      That’s pretty funny you mention that Concerned, I was in that parking lot last week and noticed Blissful living’s sign was in the middle of the sidewalk, in front of the Township Office and wondered how they were getting away with it. Then I remembered, like Charlie Sheen, their addicted to winning! Got away with that one…WINNING! Took the special pill…duh, WINNING!

      Sandwich boards have more maneuverability than table and chairs do.
      Just think of the businesses we could keep with a friendly business environment, all this stuff has got to be adding up for them, thanks for helping me make my case. Believe me; I do give the Antique shops and all the businesses that battle discrimination above an beyond the normal struggles credit. Got to like their mettle.

  3. Logan says:

    I know I’m supposed to stay in my CAVE, but I have a question. When we, the taxpayers, through our village government (with other “friends”) bought the old canning factory, there were several items left there that now seem to be missing. I know that there were people asking to buy these articles. Where did the proceeds from these items go. I haven’t seen any accounting for the village income from the sales of the articles. Did I miss something? Surely, these things did not end up only in the hands of the purchasing “friends” when taxpayers also owned them. In addition I would like to know if these purchasing “friends” are paying their percentage of the taxes and expenses for the cannery property or will that be deducted from proceeds when the property is sold. I’m sure its not their intent for taxpayers to foot the expenses at 100% since they are only “helping “the village out.

  4. BG says:

    I was just reading a interesting article. It states The Cannery land is going to be turned into a technology park. Here is the paragraph I found. I guess Blissfield will have their incubator business after all. Too bad we have to read it in the newspapers. I wonder if the partners will be working there. Lets see the partners are George Brown which is on the council, Farver and Blissfield Industrial Properties. I copied and paste the paragraph below. This is in a April, 2011 article I found.
    Robinson added that Lenawee has a wide variety of brownfield sites. Some currently undergoing work include the location of a former grocery story and butcher shop in Morenci, which will be taken over by a Subway restaurant, and the former location of a cannery in Blissfield, which will be turned into a technology park

    • BG says:

      I am sorry the article about the technology park is from Nov. 2010. I looked at the wrong date. Netherless is was still stated that it will be turned into a technology park. Date recorded really does not matter.

  5. applesofgoldprov2511 says:

    Would any Lenawee readers care to respond to their experience with Frontier phone, Internet service and televison packages? We are considering going into a two year commitment, but would like to hear what you have to say for pro and con? (I’m not sure this is allowed on this Blog….Robin is it okay that I asked?) I have studied some reviews, however I liked to hear from local folks on the matter. Thank you.

    • Robin says:

      Absolutely it’s okay to ask! I personally only have DSL with Frontier. They have less downtime than Cassnet or D&P Cable, we’re very happy with their service. We haven’t checked D&P’s speed in a while but feel Frontier is a bit faster (although, we’re still looking for more speed). I hope this helps.

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