Michiganders Unite Against ObamaCare

It is not too late to petition Gov. Rick Snyder to resist the federal government’s push to set up a Michigan Health Care Exchange as the next step in bringing ObamaCare to Michigan.

This is Why You Should:

Exchange is the “Centerpiece” of Obamacare . On Aug 22, 2012 Governor Rick
Snyder confirmed plans to install Obamacareʼs “centerpiece”, a federally-run health exchange which will be used to register compliance with the PPACA mandate to purchase health insurance, share private data with the IRS, endanger small business
with new penalties (up to $3,000/employee), and force people into Medicaid.

State Will Pay Millions of Dollars. The cost of a state-based Exchange is estimated at $10 million to $100 million each year (Estimates for a Minnesota exchange are $40M to $80M/year). Politico Pulse reports that federal officials are planning to “work out arrangements” for running an exchange in a state (Aug 15). Thus, States will have to pay the feds. At least 28 states are refusing to install this new federal bureaucracy.

Exchange is a “Federal Takeover Center.” The Exchange is a government established entity that must follow the federal Obamacare law and federal regulations (>13,000 pages so far). For example, only certain types of health plans are allowed (no major medical plans), private data collected becomes government data (income,
medical, employment, insurance status), and health plans allowed in the Exchange must offer all services determined by federal officials to be “essential benefits.”

Exchange will Enforce Mandate to Buy Insurance. The IRS will use the Exchange to enforce the requirement that everyone purchase government-approved health insurance or pay a penalty-tax to the IRS. According to expert testimony, 700 pages of Obamacare are a re-write of IRS code to allow extensive, real-time data-sharing with the IRS. The IRS will use this access to track individual compliance with the mandate.

The Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom is providing support for this initiative.
Please go to www.CCHFreedom.org, click on the “VIEW PETITIONS” button (near the right side), and then click on “MICHIGAN Petition – Oppose Snyder’s Plan for Federal Exchange (ObamaCare)” to get the on-line petition.

Or, you can bring up the petition page directly by going here: www.cchfreedom.org/form.php/19
Fill out the form at the bottom, click “PREVIEW” and then (after checking your form) click “SUBMIT.”

We urge you to forward this information to all who are like-minded and ask them to sign the petition.

To be even more proactive, please consider printing out the petition found here:

www.cchfreedom.org/files/files/PetitiontoMichiganRickSnyder2.pdf .

We can gather written signatures (with associated zip codes for each signature) on attached pages and mail the petition to:

161 St. Anthony Ave. Ste 923
St. Paul, MN 55103

The organization will forward the written petitions they receive to Gov. Snyder.

We urge you to act aggressively on this petition initiative.  Gov. Snyder must be made aware that there are a great many Michigan residents who are opposed to this effort to smooth the way for ObamaCare to be implemented in our state.

Let’s flood the governor’s office with our objections to this unconstitutional attack on our freedom!

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3 Responses to Michiganders Unite Against ObamaCare

  1. Obama care is the very good policy for US people but senior citizens are not satisfied by this plan because private companies are providing many benefits when compare with Obama care.

    • Robin says:

      Government regulation has created the Insurance industry monster into what it is today — that’s what needs to be fixed. Governments next “fix” attempt is throwing the baby out with the bath water. Instead of recognizing the errors of their ways, they are actually eliminating the entire health insurance industry. I witnessed the very same thing happen in Canada. Cubans and every other socialist takeover witnessed the very same thing.

      Imagine the government running health insurance the way they run everything else. Consider the bloat, cost explosion, fraud, unaccountability, lack of vision, inability to adapt…etc. Think about Amtrack, the United States Postal Services, Education…how about Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid headed towards insolvency? The government’s survival is not dependent on sound business practices, it depends on how successful they are at selling snake oil (we pay for their marketing too).

      The more government gets involved, the more it ends up costing us and we continually pay for diminishing quality.

  2. rederic says:

    obama care is not just about senior citizens,it is about being forced
    into a contract with a gov agency,and fined if you cannot afford to have it
    it is all about breaking the backs of every american by forcing a mandate on them
    that is unconstitutional
    it is about increasing our debt as a person and as an individual
    america can not afford another debt,especially seeing it will add another 40 grand of debt
    on everyones back
    it is about our elected officials voting on a package they did not read,one bill they do not have to adhere to,seeing they opted out of using it( we are paupers,serfs and slaves to our own gov
    this bill should have went the way of the dodo when obama stated it was a new tax,after saying it wasn’t(the wrong house voted and implemented this,when bills,and money originate in another house<it is how our laws and our gov is supposed to work
    IT IS ANOTHER TAX,placed upon more taxes(we as a nation already pay an upwards of half our wealth in taxes
    our gov is set up to do the will of the people,it is not run that way,more doctors will close their doors,and we will get to go see practitioners and nurses
    medicar wichigan,you must work for an agency of the gov to state it like that,as you are wrong
    america is not the land of entitlements,where others work for others grabs
    why should i have to work more hours for another not to?
    have you read that bill in its entirety? i have,and it is just another power grab and money snatch
    by the fed gov,it will be no better than the Social security that is full of IOU"s as that money has been stolen to pay down our debt to banksters and illegal wars
    here is how that health care will be used go to the dr,tell him/her whats wrong,the dr looks on his computer screen for a list of symptoms and prescribes their cure off the monitor
    this database will then be used to spy on you to make sure you comply with the dr,that database
    will be sent to 3rd parties to monitor,your health will no longer be between you and the dr
    the fed gov has the people in place who will make sure you are following the orders of their
    if you cannot afford this insurance the IRS is their to steal more money to help pay for others
    and you get a fine out of it
    oh,and by the way the IRS has absolutely no authority over anyone's life,it is not a fed
    agency,nor is it ran for the purpose of Americans,they are ran by foreign entities
    but for what,?you ask ,the same ones who set up the federal reserve(also not a fed controlled agency) to pay for an imaginary was debt,yes,these 2 are ran by bankers out of britian
    and we as a nation are tied to them at gun point if need be

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