Michiganders Unite Against ObamaCare

It is not too late to petition Gov. Rick Snyder to resist the federal government’s push to set up a Michigan Health Care Exchange as the next step in bringing ObamaCare to Michigan.

This is Why You Should:

Exchange is the “Centerpiece” of Obamacare . On Aug 22, 2012 Governor Rick
Snyder confirmed plans to install Obamacareʼs “centerpiece”, a federally-run health exchange which will be used to register compliance with the PPACA mandate to purchase health insurance, share private data with the IRS, endanger small business
with new penalties (up to $3,000/employee), and force people into Medicaid.

State Will Pay Millions of Dollars. The cost of a state-based Exchange is estimated at $10 million to $100 million each year (Estimates for a Minnesota exchange are $40M to $80M/year). Politico Pulse reports that federal officials are planning to “work out arrangements” for running an exchange in a state (Aug 15). Thus, States will have to pay the feds. At least 28 states are refusing to install this new federal bureaucracy.

Exchange is a “Federal Takeover Center.” The Exchange is a government established entity that must follow the federal Obamacare law and federal regulations (>13,000 pages so far). For example, only certain types of health plans are allowed (no major medical plans), private data collected becomes government data (income,
medical, employment, insurance status), and health plans allowed in the Exchange must offer all services determined by federal officials to be “essential benefits.”

Exchange will Enforce Mandate to Buy Insurance. The IRS will use the Exchange to enforce the requirement that everyone purchase government-approved health insurance or pay a penalty-tax to the IRS. According to expert testimony, 700 pages of Obamacare are a re-write of IRS code to allow extensive, real-time data-sharing with the IRS. The IRS will use this access to track individual compliance with the mandate.

The Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom is providing support for this initiative.
Please go to www.CCHFreedom.org, click on the “VIEW PETITIONS” button (near the right side), and then click on “MICHIGAN Petition – Oppose Snyder’s Plan for Federal Exchange (ObamaCare)” to get the on-line petition.

Or, you can bring up the petition page directly by going here: www.cchfreedom.org/form.php/19
Fill out the form at the bottom, click “PREVIEW” and then (after checking your form) click “SUBMIT.”

We urge you to forward this information to all who are like-minded and ask them to sign the petition.

To be even more proactive, please consider printing out the petition found here:

www.cchfreedom.org/files/files/PetitiontoMichiganRickSnyder2.pdf .

We can gather written signatures (with associated zip codes for each signature) on attached pages and mail the petition to:

161 St. Anthony Ave. Ste 923
St. Paul, MN 55103

The organization will forward the written petitions they receive to Gov. Snyder.

We urge you to act aggressively on this petition initiative.  Gov. Snyder must be made aware that there are a great many Michigan residents who are opposed to this effort to smooth the way for ObamaCare to be implemented in our state.

Let’s flood the governor’s office with our objections to this unconstitutional attack on our freedom!

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